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Suppose that in an accident there is a complete and final death of the vehicle. How much should the insurance company pay the culprit of the accident? Article 63, paragraph “a” of the Rules of Compulsory Insurance states: “In the event of the complete loss of property of the injured party, the damage shall be determined in the amount of the actual value of the property on the day the insured event occurs. "Full loss also means cases where the cost of restoration of damaged property is equal to or exceeds its pre-accident cost." Everything is clear! But insurers are afraid of such clarity, and they strive to replace it with their own logic, however, also not without meaning.

Most often, when the vehicle is completely destroyed, SK pays the full cost minus the value of the remaining balances. They explain this as follows: they say, we will pay the full amount to you, and then you will sell the remaining balance and you will be fabulously rich. Apparently, they are haunted by a similar scheme that was used in the payment of risk damage. There was another option - the full amount, but the remains pass into the ownership of the insurer.

Hmm, but the law doesn’t say anything about any remains! This can only mean one thing: the owner can do anything with his rumpled iron, and all references to unjustified enrichment are completely groundless. Maybe there is a small logical problem here, but what do we care ?! We are not asked when they give out 120 thousand rubles for a brand new BMW …

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