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Kodo is Japanese onomatopia * for the poetic expression of the beat of a human heart. And indeed, it knocks: ko-do, ko-do …


And recently, the word was used in the thriving Japanese Battle of the Twins (V-twin races) to denote the incomparable thundering sound from the exhaust pipes of a 2-cylinder sport bike. Co-do, co-do, co-do … Listen … Isn’t it that the bestial roar of the 90-degree Ducati or Suzuki V-engine or the stunning Harley XR750 drum roll moving towards the first corner in American racing overwhelms the space? earthen track … Juicy word … Now it was adopted by Yamaha to indicate the thundering beating of the "iron heart" of the new MT-01 bike.

For many, it became unconditionally the main object of attention of the Intermot exhibition last fall. The new motorcycle has been put into production, and this year the first 8, 000 copies should appear, which will go along the roads of Europe, Australia, Oceania and Japan - all over the biker world, except for the USA and Canada. Do not ask why - here, it seems to me, political motives have interfered.

For the first time, the bike was presented to the public at a show in Tokyo in 1999 as one of the most interesting creations of Yamaha GK Design. Enthusiastic viewers suggested that this exhibition was just a show: they say, we can do it anyway! Spectators and experts hid a caustic grin: so he will never enter production! I believe that the motorcycle on the podium should have shown in which direction the descendants of the legendary, but aged idol - V-Max will develop. However, the European representative of Yamaha differently ordered this development. It took him a couple of years to persuade the company's board to launch the model in mass production. Conceived at first as a business card for designers and designers of the company, the Warrior 1670cc 8-valve sport cruiser, designed for the US market, laid the mechanical foundation for the motorcycle.


I had the opportunity to spend two days in the blessed area for motorcyclists called South Africa and drive more than 500 km on the MT-01, during the test admiring the picturesque surroundings of Cape Town. And knowing the device, I realized how much the Yankees are losing.

Forget the comparison with Warrior: the MT-01 differs from the extended cruiser, like the V8 Maserati Spyder (purebred sports car) from the V8 Ford Mustang (never a sports car - its useless imitation). Let both motorcycles have the same engine, but the MT-01 is an absolute sport bike, and not an apparatus for moving from a traffic light to a traffic light, which, if you really need it, will be able to turn it in half with a sin. And certainly he is not a descendant of the drag-custom V-Max, kak koe-who (and indeed many) believed. This is a beast-machine with the energy of an overcoming photon beam, which behaves on the road like V-Max'y never dreamed of. Amazing handling! It is unsurpassedly balanced - this is thanks to the fork and brakes from R1 and the cast aluminum seamless chassis (in two parts) with a long cast aluminum pendulum … But first, let's look at it together - we won’t refuse this pleasure.

A proud “face” with two stylish round headlights (the one that is larger is the low beam, and the one that is smaller is the high beam). Kayaba 43mm inverted fork. The rear tire (190 / 50-17, Metzeler) is able to bite into the coating so that it provides an outstanding roll angle and to the last drop realizes the torque potential of the heroic motor, and the maximum torque is 3750 rpm. At these speeds, an incredible 150 Nm will be taken out of the turn to the sounds of slightly muffled thunder from thick titanium silencers located on both sides of the modest passenger seat. But it is for completeness of appearance lines: the two of them do not ride this bike, even the passenger side steps are not provided in the list of options. Even the episode when one of the Yamaha guests decided to drive “second number” to the base and burned her foot on the muffler did not touch the designers’s soul.


Suppose that the MT-01 has the same long-stroke 1670 cc engine as the Warrior, but its power is 10% higher compared to the source (90 hp at 4750 rpm). The almost sports exhaust system with a large pipe diameter (2-in-2), the reconfigured Mitsubishi electronic fuel injection system with one nozzle per cylinder, and the twin 40-mm Mikuni throttle bodies helped in building up the forces. A cast aluminum oil tank with a dry oil pan is located at the bottom left of the engine crankcase - here it does not heat up and at the same time “aggravates” the motorcycle's style. The light long-stroke crankshaft has a light flywheel - its mass is significantly reduced compared to Warrior. This provides an easy pickup, exacerbates the reaction of the motor to the manipulation of the gas handle. The main gear is chain, it is on the right - instead of the belt on the left, as on Warrior. Therefore, there is no longer a need for a cumbersome transfer case, which is why the MT-01 won both in weight and in compactness.

In the exhaust system of motorcycles, in the first of the 2-cylinder bikes, an EXUP valve is installed - to increase torque. The designers had to poke around - their brains were smoking to prove: the catalytic converter (installed here so that the MT-01 meets Euro III standards) did not “strangle” the engine. Indeed, each time you turn the throttle, a rumor excites a distinct drum roll from the exhaust pipe. Ko-do! Ko-do! Ko-do!..


Yamaha took advantage of the results of Buell research on suspensions - a fully adjustable shock absorber is horizontally mounted on the motorcycle under the engine. The adjustable 43 mm inverted Kayaba fork from R1 is located at an angle of 25 ° and with a reach of 103 mm. Two 320-mm Fujico front brake discs with Sumitomo 4-piston brackets and wheels from the same R1 emphasize the clearly sporting inclinations of the MT-01. And the color of the lining is also consistent with the character: the motorcycle, it is stated, will be silver or black. (But the one I rode on is super: metallic purple, this is clearly visible in the light of the bright sun.)

The one-piece steel steering wheel mounted on 90 mm brackets is slightly shifted backwards - so, indeed, it is convenient for the driver. Landing - neither increase nor decrease: you stretch forward only slightly. By the standards of sportbikes, the seat is soft. For this reason: the rear shock absorber is set to "very hard." And perhaps this is in order to withstand excessive compression from significant torque with sharp acceleration. However, according to Yamaha designers, the wheel travel is 117 mm, and on the bumpy roads that abound in Cape Town's surroundings, the large mass of the motorcycle helps the shock absorber cope with bumps, only because the bike does not jump like a goat.

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