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With Sony In My Head


Video: With Sony In My Head

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: SONNY. - Outta My Head (Acoustic Version) 2023, January
With Sony In My Head
With Sony In My Head

The representative of the low-cost segment of the CDX-S2050 is extremely simple as far as this applies to Sony. The receiver (the only one in the line that does not “read” the MP3 format) uses Drive-S technology: it provides higher fidelity and lower power consumption, as well as reduces the number of crashes from road bumps. The built-in S-MOSFET amplifier has a power of 4x50 W, and in the Russian version with the EE index it is supplemented by a VHF tuner. The S2050 stands out by its design - the CD slot is originally inscribed in the general appearance of the front panel, black or silver.

The more advanced CDX-S2250 (S2250EE) model is compatible not only with the MP3 format, but also with the original Sony Atrac CD format with Russian ID3 Tag (and Connect ready will be available in Europe). The CDX-S3350 (S3350 EE) receivers boast a unique Motion Blade design: a drop-down shutter protects the drive from dust and dirt, and the display from damage.

Starting with the CDX-R6550, all receivers received a more advanced Motion Blade + Synchro Flip and a large display. The device, among other things, is compatible with Sony WALKMAN via Sony BUS, an automatic backlight brightness regulator and BBE MP codec are built into it.

In the CDX-R6750, as well as in the subsequent ones, the Drive-S HX chassis drive is improved, and the display is fluorescent. Another distinguishing feature is the three amplifier outputs.

СDX-F7750S / F7750 and СDX-M7850 can be attributed to the premium class: S-MOSFET amplifier 4x52 W and 24-bit Burr-Brown digital converter, the same three outputs to the amplifier; F7750S / F7750 has a SpaceProducer visualizer that converts the tempo and rhythm of music into three-dimensional graphic images. And the M7850 model is called upon to replace last year’s hit - the non-removable “black” panel of the M8800, having received a motorized panel with 0/10/20 / 30o tilt angles. New items should appear on the shelves in March this year. Estimated price of the model S2050 is $ 95, R6550 is $ 190, M7850 is $ 300.

The range of multimedia devices is waiting for much more revolutionary changes. The ringleader should be a DVD / CD / MP3-receiver MEX-R1 with a removable front panel. Drive-S and Synchro Flip technologies are also used here. It is equipped with a 4x50 W S-MOSFET amplifier and BBE MP audio codec. The features of the receiver include dual-zone signal reproduction (front / rear seats). MEX-R1 can be considered the initial stage in creating a full-fledged multimedia system in a car, followed by connecting a monitor and Navigator Box.

To do this, Sony offers a removable 6.5-inch monitor XMV-F65 with two-channel audio transmission to wireless headphones. Its advantage is a universal installation kit, which allows you to instantly change the installation location, whether it is a headrest or dashboard. In addition, there is a wireless monitor installation option using the MEX-R5WL and XMV-F65WL models.

Creating the MV700-HR DVD station, Sony clearly wanted to stand out, and first of all, with the appearance of the new product, which resembles both an elegant purse and a desktop photo frame. The filling is also impressive: a 7-inch monitor, a built-in DVD player that plays VCD and DivX formats, a Memory Stick (JPEG, MP3), an IR headphone output, a network adapter for connecting in stationary conditions (batteries for three hours of battery life are sold separately)) The station can be used not only in the car, but also, for example, in the office. The appearance of these devices on sale is scheduled for April. About prices: MEX-R1 - about $ 350, XMV-F65 - $ 390, MV700-HR - $ 500.

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