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… Since you can’t drive foreign cars, we buy a VAZ - our hero decided. And immediately to the doctor. Good doctor, he is the manager of a tuning studio, on the move offers options. Either we pump muscles - we charge the engine, modify the box, strengthen the suspension and brakes, or in the beauty parlor - we tighten the interior with leather, paint the body with expensive paint “with effect”, put beautiful wheels, good “music”.

“Which option is more preferable to you?” “Each dish is exactly enough to feel its taste and not get enough ahead of time,” the client said originally. The manager caught it.

They took up the matter without delay. The schedule of work included chip tuning and finalization of the intake and exhaust. While the programmers pressed the buttons, the disputed guys with wrenches installed the Ulter exhaust system.

At the inlet, a receiver and a Pro.Sport filter were fitted. Formed a noble sound and increase in strength. A lock was built into the box, they put the main pair 4.1 and a short-speed gearshift mechanism. Clutch, of course, cermet.

The car's handling is also a concern for the owner - he wanted the absolute obedience of a “girlfriend of life”. The result: an additional support for the steering rack, upper support ST220, reinforced anti-roll bar, strut front struts PPT. And also progressive-coil springs and Koni Sport shock absorbers. They also conjured with brakes: the front under 14 inches, the rear - disc, under 13. The stylistics of the modifications - "civilian sport".

Then cosmetologists took up the matter. Absolute tinting (including the windshield) cost a lot of money, but completely paid off - even in bright sunshine you can’t make out what is being done in the cabin. Modified rear arches allowed the installation of 15-inch wheels. There were mirrors with electric, heated and turn signals, power windows with a booster. Chromed handles shone in the doorway. In the headlights - xenon and strobe lights, taillights - in the style of Lexus from Pro.Sport. Cool! Adds neon bottom lights. And - attention! - special signal.

In the cabin there are pedals “Torgmash”, a Type-R steering wheel from Pro.Sport, a tuning link of the gear lever, an instrument panel with LED illumination and a converted dashboard. There is also electronics - a remote engine start system, a Hi-End music system (the huge speakers in the front doors are especially mesmerizing) and a liquid crystal monitor mounted instead of the central part of the cabin air duct. The loading slot of the DVD player is hidden above the Alpine radio: it turns out to be a “two-single system”, the lower part of which is “fed” by CD-ROMs, the upper part is DVD.

And now let's try to compare this “Ladushka” with a foreign car worth $ 30, 000. Where exactly did this figure come from, no need to explain? The twelfth, according to the proud owner, wins with a confident margin. She is full of luxuries. “Music” is beyond competition, and spare parts are cheaper (however, can we talk about prices for spare parts here?).

Cons too. There is no air conditioning, pillows, ABS, power steering and stabilization system. But most importantly - the car does not attract attention, despite the magical transformation.

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