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Self Restyling

Video: Self Restyling
Video: Замена масла в двигателе, инструкция для чайников. Volvo 2023, February
Self Restyling
Self Restyling

During trips around Moscow, it sometimes seems that there are more alternative tuning optics for the G8 and Nines than the regular one: headlights and lanterns in the styles of Lexus, Altezza, BMW M3 and others like them catch your eye as often as posters new movies. An alternative is one of the fashion trends, it just so happened. The "tenth" series also does not lag behind the old-timers. Only the owners of the “fourteenth” and “fifteenth” are so far aloof - there are not so many of them yet. However, these will soon be included in the topic: Pro.Sport company began production of an “alternative” for the Lada 114 and 115 models. Also, by the way, for the Chevrolet Niva. But there’s a special conversation about this new product, but for now …

So, we opened a large box with headlights and a small one with turn signals. They fished out and read aloud a brief and intelligible instruction in the style of "one-two-three - took off - carefully wiped the seats with rags - set them up." Everything seemed extremely simple. However, I still had to tinker a bit. At the whim of the Togliatti designers, the self-tapping screws securing the lower trim of the headlights are located at such an angle that not even the shortest screwdriver can get close. Do not remove the bumper … I had to dismantle the turn signals first, and then the headlights, after removing the battery and the washer reservoir. And cunningly twisting the arm, twist the side screws. Inaccessible left in their places. The case began to argue.

The headlights in the kit, as expected, are already prepared for installation: in place of the light bulbs are connectors, and the hydraulic corrector hole is carefully covered with a plastic plug. So there were no more problems.

After assembly, they paused a bit, trying to get used to the new look of the car. The effect was felt. But the cold man drove, and we went to the workshop to adjust the light. This is a mandatory procedure following the installation of new headlights. We believed it was more accurate to entrust the operation to specialists than to independently arrange a perfectly flat area, draw a screen and carefully configure the optics.

The masters fumbled for a good half an hour, alternately adjusting the right and then the left headlight. Having rolled out of boxing, the car took a fresh look at the space. Yes, and he was transformed! If you do not focus on the headlights and do not look at each of them point-blank, it becomes clear: from the face our “tag” looks at least no worse than modern “Koreans”. In principle, the headlights are the same: a transparent plastic cap, and below it are individual optical elements on white chrome. And turn signals in the same style, with an orange light bulb. Glorious thing! And our miserable user seemed to be completely perked up, talking about replacing rims …

To be honest, the standard optics of the “fourteenth” and “fifteenth” cars have long gone out of fashion. Replacing the headlights, we got a stylish, more modern look, and a good quality light. Better than regular, subjective sensations. The presence of lens optical elements made us think about the next stage of the upgrade - xenon. By the way, Pro.Sport also offers such an option. But for now, we are traveling with ordinary halogens.

The cost of a set of alternative headlights Pro.Sport - about $ 150. And the effect - you see for yourself - on all 500. The car has become clearly more interesting. Why do not such headlights put on the conveyor ?! The factory workers, apparently, do not follow fashion. After all, we could take advantage of the experience of our Western colleagues! Replaced optics, called it restyling - attracted a new portion of buyers. Everyone is happy.

But this, of course, is talk in favor of the poor. We will do restyling on our own, we do not want to wait.

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