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Note that this is far from the first “Japanese woman” remade by him, and he modified his entire fleet of vehicles himself, without the participation of tuning studios. Although he did not refuse the help of friends-masters.

People who are tempted by quality tuning will probably pay attention to something like this Integra, rather than a BMW in a complete set of kit from Hamann. The latter has already been seen, here he is in the store. A bunch of money, and he is yours. Another thing is much more interesting - the original idea, painstaking work, new bright elements.

At first glance, the bright red Honda makes it clear that the car is unique. The kit is not single, but not from one set. Aero kit - a plastic "hodgepodge", but last but not least, cooked deliciously. Bumpers of the Japanese company Bomex. The wing and side mirrors remained standard, while the sills and wheels are from Mugen, the “court” tuning studio Honda. The Bomex body kit also contains more elaborate and seemingly more effective wing and thresholds, but … why use a ready-made recipe when a chef’s fantasy is raging in your head ?! It’s important not to oversalt.

Exterior, however, is far from the main quality of the car. Any hondolyub will certainly get interested in under the hood.

However, to add strength to the “aspirated” Honda, and so outstanding 111 hp. per liter of working volume is at least problematic. Therefore, they are usually limited to replacing the exhaust, filter and engine control unit. But Ivan himself is a skilled minder. He installed new pistons and connecting rods, lightweight valves, bore and polished the cylinder head channels.

The next step is the transmission. The estimated engine power after refinement was approximately 230–235 hp. Under the updated engine, you need to pick up the box. The maximum speed in the standard TypeR-ovsky version was off scale at 240 km / h. Therefore, a few kilometers per hour can be neglected for the benefit of dynamics. Ivan installed gears with shorter gears, a hard differential lock, a lightweight flywheel and a ceramic-metal clutch. The result was not long in coming: in the initial state, Honda accelerated to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds, now - almost a second faster.

The standard suspension was arranged by the master in many respects - we will pay tribute to the Japanese. It was only necessary to replace excessively soft shock absorbers (Ivan put up racks with height adjustment). Two pairs of brake discs also remained in place, only calipers changed to more powerful.

The interior was enlivened by the bright red Recaro armchairs. And the rest is an absolute standard. This can be considered the lowest bow Yancharuk Japanese designers: the driver in the cabin is cozy and comfortable.

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