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Light Through Tears


Video: Light Through Tears

Video: Light Through Tears
Video: David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Through Tears 2023, December
Light Through Tears
Light Through Tears

On the other hand, it’s bad: you have to limit the brightness of the lamps so as not to blind the oncoming driver. The “European beam” scheme (it is also adopted in Russia) works differently. Under the dipped thread is a screen that covers the bottom of the reflector. As a result, a contrasting image of an asymmetric shape with a long “tongue” along the curb appears on the road. Obviously, bright light in this case is not a hindrance to the oncoming one. True, only if the beam does not go beyond the allotted line, that is, the headlights are correctly oriented. Adjust them in two mutually perpendicular planes on a specially marked screen. To check how they relate to this important matter at the service station, we visited several metropolitan services.


Of course, the headlights are exhibited at the factory. What would seem to be changing in operation? Over time, the rubber wore out, the springs got hooked - the headlights height above the road also decreased. And if the front and rear suspensions are "tired" unevenly, the optical axis of the headlamp will go into the sky or rest against asphalt. Sometimes they knock down the setting by putting, say, tires of an abnormal dimension or by placing spacers under the springs. What can we say about the fatigue or emergency deformation of the body when the installation places themselves “float away”. A defective lamp can also fail, because a curved bulb will not get into the focus of the headlight! In a word, checking and regulating the light is not only a technical inspection.


The adjustment itself does not present any difficulty. Alternately rotating a pair of tuning screws, combine the cut-off projection of the beam with the lines on the screen. True, the full-scale method requires a lot of space. It's not even the size of the screen - the light source should be 10 meters away from it. Given the length of the car itself, you will have to “freeze” fifteen meters of free space. It is possible to compress it with an optical device: a powerful lens projects an image onto a miniature screen located in focus - an exact copy of the “real” one. When measuring, the distance between the device and the headlight is only about half a meter. The floor must certainly be even: the longitudinal and transverse slope of the supporting surface cannot exceed 1%!

Of course, the headlights must be dry and clean, otherwise the screen will scatter diffused light. Before setting the headlight range control to “zero”, you need to make sure that it is working: it makes no sense to set up a faulty system. Tire pressure should be brought back to normal, but it cannot be aligned with the wheels, bleeding air. After all, on lowered tires, the headlights will be closer to the ground. And yet - during measurements, the driver must sit in the car - the usual loading of a car (the corrector will worry about other options).

Having prepared the car, you can take on the device. The first step is to orient it so that the optical axis is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the car. The sequence of actions depends on the design of the device. Sometimes they use leveling rods with spacers that form a rectangular frame abutting against the front wheels of the machine. In other devices, the rods play the role of spacers, simultaneously touching the centers of the headlight lenses. But the most compact device is a mirrored sight. This is a mirror fixed to the instrument rack with a horizontal line on a reflective surface. It should evenly touch the image of any paired body elements. For example, the centers of the support cups of the front struts.

After that, the device is oriented horizontally using the built-in level. To combine height, it is recommended to use a tape measure and a scale on the stand of the device, but you can do this by eye - the properties of the lens forgive an error of three centimeters.

Combining the optical axis of the headlamp and the device, enter the set size "e". This is the deviation of the cut-off line from the line, indicating the height of the center of the lamp above the road. The numerical value (each model has its own) is indicated on the sticker near the headlamp housing. So, 1.3% corresponds to a decrease in the beam of 13 cm for every 10 m. In fact, the picture in the device simply drops by the corresponding amount. After adjusting the low beam, proceed to the high beam. Here the light spot should rest against the center of the screen. In headlights with a single reflector, this happens automatically. If the main beam headlights are located separately, you will have to reconfigure the device.


This time, the metropolitan servicemen were offered the simplest, in our opinion, task - to adjust the headlights on the Lada-115. However, this service is not provided everywhere. It is especially strange that many body repair stations do not bother with such a trifle. Like, it’s our business to recreate the appearance, and let others correct the strabismus.

And the “others” have their own psychology: they could not understand at all what it means to set up optics “for oneself”. I had to change the legend: they say, "wrapped up" at the inspection. Did you feel the difference? In one case, the criterion will be the road, in the other - only a stamp in the diagnostic map.

In the "Likhoborsky" car service center, the place for adjustment is on the diagnostic site. His angle testified to a serious approach - at least one could count on a flat floor. The device turned out to be clean and was equipped with a sighting device. The master acted competently, except to watch the tire pressure was too lazy. Having paid 115 rubles for the work, the result was considered satisfactory. Alas, no one has reached such heights. As a rule, the car was driven into an empty seat and, rolling the device to the headlamp, they began a ritual. How, at the same time, it was possible to combine the optical axes (and was it possible?), We admit, we did not understand. Characteristically, not one of the six masters recognized the work of his predecessor. Mumbling under the nose of curses, each readjusted the light to his taste. There were especially distinguished ones. The staff in the psychedelic-style hangar in Keramichesky Direction offered to come at night (!) In order to make the adjustment “by eye”. And at one of the official dealers of VAZ, a car and a device were located on different banks of storm runoff. Their mutual slope was no less than 15 degrees! To raise the headlights to the “desired” level, the threads on the adjustment screws were barely enough. At the checkout we were asked to sign an acceptance certificate, according to which we had no complaints about the quality of services. A convenient thing - signed and took responsibility. And in order to comply with the trust shown, one thing remains - to learn the theory of the car!


Check the headlights regularly. In the service, for this purpose, a special section with a floor “below the level” is required. The device must be clean and complete - the absence of leveling rods or a sight reduces work efficiency to zero. It is advisable to make sure that the device, like any measuring instrument, has passed the next calibration.



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