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A year ago, we talked about the first impressions of the Peugeot 206. The very thing that they bought in Lithuania from the "junkman". Time and the next 30 thousand kilometers already allow us to judge the economic feasibility of such a purchase.


Let me remind you of its background. This car once lived in France, but either the EuroNCAP stars were not well positioned for it, or the hostess sinned godlessly, but her life did not work out. Accident, landfill, car transporter moving to Lithuania, repair - and the second life in the magazine. That is, quite intensive operation without unnecessary expenses for anti-aging procedures like exquisite car cosmetics, expensive synthetic oils, original consumables and tuning crap. The main thing is that the machine should work, the more the better. Then, by the time the resource is exhausted, the cost per unit of run will be less. For example, with the commercial use of a car for a year, it travels 100-130 thousand km, for two, respectively, 200-260 thousand. No anti-icing preparations can completely penetrate the body in two years, and therefore additional anti-corrosion treatment can be eliminated. Nothing will happen with the battery, brake hoses, rubber seals do not crack from old age, even freon from the air conditioner does not have time to escape. In a word - saving.

Of course, a car purchased not for profit but for its own needs is not operated so intensively, but the pattern remains.

We note immediately: nothing that would go beyond our expectations did not happen to the machine. The paint on newly painted parts, with the exception of plastic ones, holds well. Everything that was hidden from view and could be repaired somehow was done. To the previous report, we add an unreliable restoration of the wiring - the unprotected contacts of the connectors are oxidized. For this reason, the heater fan has stopped working, the dipped beam of the right headlight has disappeared, the rear right “marker” has gone out. "Feet, " on the contrary, once shone for two hours in a row. However, compared with the purchase of an engine nozzle, these are trifles. For a new one they gave 4, 500 rubles - the native refused to the 50th thousand due to a broken coil.

If you go behind our Peugeot for some time, you notice that the right rear wheel is a bit overwhelmed inside, but this does not seem to affect the handling and wear of the tire. Probably, in that old accident, the axle also got. Nevertheless, the stand "collapse" at a solid car service stubbornly shows the norm. Well, we assume - optical illusion.

The main trouble of the reporting period, which cost, in addition to money, also gray hair, is a fire in the engine compartment. One night, when maneuvering in a parking lot, thick white smoke fell out from under the hood, and when the hood was opened, it blazed. It was summer - in the trunk, in addition to a fire extinguisher, they carried a supply of water for the glass washer. With this ammunition and a second fire-extinguisher of an accidental eyewitness, the flame was suppressed, and due to darkness the analysis of the incident was postponed until the morning. It turned out that the high-pressure power steering hose burst. He burst, as usual, in the most unfortunate place - opposite the exhaust manifold. After an instant, almost the entire supply of hydraulic oil flew out onto a red-hot pipe. Further - it is clear.

At the Peugeot service, they explained that this defect has long been known, the company even recalled cars at one time to replace parts for free. Well, and since our “206th” is not of such noble origin, there is neither a guarantee for it, nor an unfortunate hose. They did not wait a week or two until they brought it - the wisdom to merge two steel tubes with durite with a three-fold safety margin was not great. And then the company was found, specializing in such repairs - conspired with 800 rubles. Not cheap, of course, but they asked for 2000 for a new one, and that is when they will bring it.

Non-operational losses resulted in a set of decorative wheel covers, taken one night, and the glass of the front door - it was broken in broad daylight. The thief is a radio receiver.

Instead of branded caps at 55 euros per piece, they were completely “rootless” at 300 rubles per set, but they didn’t put them on for the winter - if they didn’t steal it, you would crush it on the icy snow on the side of the road.

On the eve of the cold weather, as luck would have it, water began to seep through the glue seam of the windshield into the cabin. Probably the repairmen didn’t paste it too carefully. The sealant, which was poured into the groove of the rubber edging on the outside, somehow eliminated the leak and, hopefully, will last. In the spring we will repair as it should. You see, by this time other restoration work will also be raiding.

Based on this experience of buying, repairing in Lithuania and operating a relatively fresh but used car, we again ask ourselves: was the game worth the candle? There is probably no definite answer. If you use the car for its intended purpose, then, as we see, the purchase is profitable. The costs of fixing repair flaws are not wasteful, the loss of a guarantee did not affect the costs either, but the purchase, even with all overhead costs (driving, customs, etc.), brought significant savings.

If you buy a car for image reasons - please contact an authorized dealer.


Power steering: the high pressure oil hose nearly caused a fire. Repair of a trivial part cost 800 (!) Rubles.

To increase the clearance between the front struts and the body, homemade gaskets from the conveyor belt were placed (they were not in the branded services at that time).

Repair paint on a plastic bumper began to peel off gradually, exposing the native blue color.

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