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The Trike That The Cop Built

Video: The Trike That The Cop Built
Video: Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools 2023, February
The Trike That The Cop Built
The Trike That The Cop Built

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A strange three-wheeled object was spotted last summer on the streets of Vladivostok. When it appeared, pedestrians frantically turned their heads, drivers hung to the waist from the windows of a car, trying to catch a glimpse of something flying yellow-faced. Motorcycle? Car? Go figure it out …

In biker circles, Sergey Cherkashin earned the nickname Kop thanks to the "yolk" - the yellow Honda CB750. To understand: such motorcycles were popular with Japanese and American cops. "Sybishki" also appear in the imperishable American cinema, well known to any biker under the name "Mad Max". But it was not the “yolk” that brought real glory to Sergey - he went down in the history of the automotive industry of the Far East as a biker who built the first trike in Vladivostok.

Until recently, he seemed to be quite satisfied with an old motorcycle friend. But it only seemed so. The construction of the "three" (colloquial), trike (international) or tricycle (in Russian) Cope conceived for a long time. True, he claims that the creation of the “three” was inspired by everything he saw self-made at the first Far Eastern international rally of motor-travelers “Face to the Ocean” (LKO), held in 2003 in Zolotari Bay near Nakhodka.

And Cope is convinced that without a trike in any decent motorcycle community, well, it's just not life. In Vladivostok, until now, there has not been a single tricycle. But is it really so possible! In a decent society, if they find out that you are out of a party without a trike, they will not be allowed to enter the threshold!..

In the process of thinking about how to gain a reputation as a decent biker, Cope and his friends drank an exorbitant amount of coffee (and other drinks) and smoked more than one pack of tobacco products. But when they imagined what it should be, they realized that they had banged huge amounts of time for drinking and smoking - it simply didn’t remain, because it was necessary to catch time by the day of the opening of LKO-2 and not a minute later! It was the strongest incentive to stop raving and fool around. "Tsypa" (as Kop affectionately called his brainchild when it was still in the bud of thoughts) was born very soon. Although a month before the start of the rally, the trike remotely resembled the final product. The “three-legged” chick became the sensation of the rally - he was awarded the title of Best in the “Coolest Trike” category. The creator was waiting for a surprise: his work was rewarded with a tour to Japan.

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