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Salon Of Egoists


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Salon Of Egoists
Salon Of Egoists

“Today in Detroit opens one of the most prestigious and largest automobile shows in the world; tickets can be purchased …”The evolution of the car in North America goes in its own way, unlike other ways. Neither the increase in fuel prices, nor the seemingly impossible environmental requirements are not able to force selfish Americans to abandon the once conquered and change to small cars. At the NAIAS 2005 showroom, all-terrain vehicles ruled the ball: conceptual and serial, full of technical innovations and amazing design.


“Ladies and gentlemen, all-terrain vehicle of 2005 …“Ford Escape Hybrid!”- President of the Ford department Steve Lyons did not hide his joy at the ceremony of presenting the prestigious title. Over the past few months, the company has sold more than 4, 000 of these machines, and the plan for the current year is more than 20, 000! Perhaps Escape illustrates the trends of today's US market like no other. Profitability? Perhaps, but not at all costs! Democratic driver freedoms must remain untouched. “When we started developing the Escape Hybrid, we focused on pleasant handling, spaciousness, comfort and ease of maintenance combined with significantly lower gas mileage and emissions,” explains Mary Ann Wright, Director of Ford's Mobile Technology and Hybrid Programs “. This is only the beginning: in the next three years, Ford promises to release five hybrid and hydrogen models on the road.

Surprises should be expected from other brands: in America, the creation of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers was announced. In addition to Ford, it included eight companies: Mazda, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Toyota. In the coming years, the Alliance intends to invest billions of dollars in the creation of clean diesel engines, benzo-electric hybrids and hydrogen-powered engines, as well as fuel cells. Practically at every stand of the mentioned companies one could touch a “living” example of high technologies. Of course, in an all-terrain guise.

Here is the presentation of General Motors: under the powerful guitar chords the scene went … a chassis without a driver and no body at all. Turning elegantly on stage, the skateboard froze in the spotlights. A microphone appeared in the hands of Vice President Larie Burns: “The goal of GM is to create an affordable fuel cell system comparable in efficiency to modern internal combustion engines.” On its basis, a car with almost any body can be built, and a flat platform with a height of about 30 cm provides unprecedented freedom for linkers. To convince the crowd of journalists, polished business representatives and those who had run away from neighboring competitor stands, the “Sequel” appeared on the scene - an all-terrain concept based on the same “skate platform”. A massive 5-meter car runs at one gas station for more than 300 miles and accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 10 seconds!

If the Sequel is rather a distant future, then GMC-Graphite is almost a reality. On board an all-terrain vehicle, five travelers and a lot of cargo will comfortably accommodate. At the same time, the car is a quarter more economical than classmates. It is noteworthy that electric motors help … the 5.3-liter Vortek 300-horsepower eight-cylinder engine!

Toyota is also an ardent supporter of the hybrid car, which believes that sales of such cars will reach half of the total volume by 2025. If you look at the statistics of pre-orders for the Lexus RX 400h, you can believe the forecast - more than 11, 000 cars have already been booked!

Others are less optimistic about new trends. Or maybe they just wait for the competition to come up with the perfect “hybrid-hydrogen” formula? “We don’t want to rely on just one technology,” says Carlos Hosn, head of Nissan Motor, “but we are on the alert and ready.” I will not be surprised either by a swift breakthrough or by disappointment in the hybrid market.” It is for this reason that a fashionable theme could not overshadow the eternal interest in a typical feature of an American car - comfort.


“A home with all the amenities on wheels” is what a car is for an American. The interior of the conceptual six-door (!) Six-seater crossover “Infinity-Kuraza” resembles, rather, a chic office.

Once at the helm of the Suzuki Concept X, you feel like a pilot of an expensive private jet.

“An advanced, well-thought-out vehicle for the American family,” as Ford Vice President Jay Maze described it, made its debut under the name Ford Fairlane: a kingdom of leather with stainless steel frames, wide doors swinging open in different directions, no central racks …

Can an ordinary American family afford such a luxury? Probably someday, yes, but looking at the gloomy streets sprinkled with snow of the same Detroit, one does not really believe in it.

However, to the south there is sunny California and sparkling Hollywood stars, Miami with ocean beaches and crazy sunsets … For some inhabitants of paradise towns, expensive cars are more likely the norm. There are strong positions and European manufacturers. Of course, they could not ignore NAIAS: the Land Rover performed powerfully, rolling out the Range Rover Sport under the arches of the exhibition Cobo Hall and the updated Land Rover, code-named LR3, and Mercedes made a noisy premiere of " M-class."

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