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Abruptly Bullfighting

Video: Abruptly Bullfighting
Video: Bullfight Madrid 2023, February
Abruptly Bullfighting
Abruptly Bullfighting

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Freestyle - sports or shows? Why ask: since competitions are held, then - sports! More precisely - motorsport … But also the show. He is able to arrange only motorcyclists of extra class.

All serious competitions in which professionals participate are held within the framework of IFMA - the International Freestyle Association. Usually in stadiums. Most commonly used are 250cc 2-stroke cross-country vehicles. Having dispersed, motorcyclists take off from a wooden platform and demonstrate all kinds of tricks in the air. From some of their names, the faint-hearted spectator will feel lame: for example, “Kiss of Death”, “Dead Man”, “Coffin”, “Heart Attack”, etc. But almost everyone has the word Graviti: motorcyclists strive to overcome gravity. Tricks are rated on a 100-point scale. Refereeing is carried out in the same way as, for example, in acrobatics, gymnastics, figure skating: several referees give their marks, after which the arithmetic mean value is displayed.

Freestyle is home to the USA. Mike Metzger is considered the inventor of most basic tricks. The reigning world champion is Kenny Bartram. Both are representatives of an American school. We must pay tribute to the "Yankees": they have no equal in jigitovka on a motorcycle. Freestyle is also popular in Europe today - there have been several competitions in the framework of X-Games ("Extreme Games").

The first X-Games were held in 2001 in the Spanish city of Valencia. Competitions were held in the bullring. (The bulls were lucky - freestyle delayed their public killing.) All tickets were sold out in a matter of hours. Then the winner was Mad Mike (aka Mike Metzger), he commented on his triumph with the phrase: "The Bull won." I meant, of course, myself. The second time the X-Games were held in Madrid in 2002, the next year again in Valencia. In both “games” Kenny Bartram won.

The fourth battle took place in the capital of Spain. Flying motorcyclists have added an element of novelty to the image of Las Ventas - the country's oldest bullfighting arena. The eight best athletes in the world demonstrated their homework, did not skimp on spectacular and dangerous tricks, and 23 thousand fans encouraged the athletes. The winner was the American Travis Pastrana, who shocked not only the audience, but also the jury members who had seen in their lifetime. Second and third places were taken by his compatriots no less well-known in this field - Nate Adams and Ronnie Renner.

It is known about the winner that he is 21 years old, and for the first time the guy got on a 50-cc Honda in four years. Without exaggeration, one can call a prodigy. Everything that he does comes out brilliantly: he graduated from high school three years ahead of schedule, despite the fact that he trained for 2-3 hours every day, because he also participates in the US national motocross championships.

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