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The Traditional Survey "driving." Triumphs


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The Traditional Survey "driving." Triumphs
The Traditional Survey "driving." Triumphs

In the FIA ​​GT Championship, the crew of Alexei Vasilyev and Nikolai Fomenko finished three times in prize-winners, young Mikhail Aleshin became one of the leaders of the German Renault 2000 Formula Championship. We add to this such significant events for us: Ayrat Shaimiev won the European Cross Championship for the second time, and Sergey Shmakov excelled in the World Cup in rally-raids, where he won first place in the standings of cars with one-axis drive. And this is not to mention the competition in Russia with the winners of the first season of the LADA National Racing Series, the country's rally, cross-country and track racing championships.

The survey participants still put the success of Russians in the international arena at the forefront. It’s hard to get used to the great victories of Vladimir Chagin at the Dakar, and it is not surprising that last year’s laureate competed fiercely with Alexei Vasiliev, who was the first with a slight margin of points.

It is noteworthy that the top three survey leaders this year included exclusively professional athletes, for whom racing is not only a favorite pastime, but also the only job.


1. Alexey Vasiliev (Moscow, Yukos GT, ring / track) - 61;

2. Vladimir Chagin (Naberezhnye Chelny, KamAZ-Master, rally-raids) - 53;

3. Alexey Dudukalo (Moscow, LUKoil Racing, ring / track) - 24.


Born in 1972 in Moscow. At school he went in for karting and became a prize winner of the USSR Championship (1989). He achieved real success and recognition as a favorite of the public in the circuit races, becoming the champion of the country three times (1996, 1997, 2000). Then he began to speak in the FIA ​​GT championship, improving the results from year to year. In winter, he went to the ice of hippodromes, “keeping fit” with starts in track races. He won a number of victories, including in the race "All Stars" (2002). Results for the 2004 season: final sixth place in the standings of the N-GT of the FIA ​​GT championship and the winner of the FIA ​​GT championship in the team. Professional racer and sports engineer. Married, daughter Nastya. Hobbies - snowboarding.


With this award, the magazine now encourages beginners and the most promising pilots or those who marked a breakthrough in their racing career last season. The survey participants mentioned two dozen names of riders of different generations.

According to the results of the survey, the top three prize-winners are two representatives of Yekaterinburg in a company with a 16-year-old Muscovite - champion of the Rus formula Sergei Afanasyev. Businessman Alexander Dorosinsky, having taken up car racing just three years ago, quickly grew into a high-level rally driver, confirming this with the title of champion … of Estonia. And the winner, 25-year-old Kirill Ladygin, was seven times the country's go-kart champion and only last year for the first time got behind the wheel of a ring car. But how! In the Lada Revolution series, ahead of several formidable rivals, he won three of four stages and won. Incidentally, by the way, he also defended the go-kart title.


1. Kirill Ladygin (Yekaterinburg, Active-Pro Racing, ring / go-kart) - 67;

2. Alexander Dorosinsky (Yekaterinburg, rally) - 47;

3. Sergey Afanasyev (Moscow, LUKoil Racing, ring) - 37.


From year to year, new cars appear on the Russian racing arenas that attract a lot of attention. This is the fruit of the work of domestic designers, and foreign cars that have come to us "seriously and for a long time." Thanks to the new technique, races acquire new features, new facets. And it is clear that those who create sports cars deserve rewards.

During the survey, as many as 16 (!) Models were named, but fierce competition did not work. The victory for a clear advantage was won by a debutant car built specifically for circuit racing - Lada Revolution. Its authors are engineers of AvtoVAZ OJSC and Torgmash, a Togliatti company, but test racers and managers who paved the way for the new racing track were involved in the birth of a car that has no analogues in the past and present of Russian motorsport.


1. Lada Revolution (Tolyatti, AvtoVAZ / Torgmash, ring) - 70;

2–3. Honda Civic Type R (Moscow, Cart Motors / Racing Art, ring) - 17;

2–3. Lada 112 coupe (Tolyatti, AvtoVAZ, ring) - 17.




The people on whom the sports world of motors rests and whose efforts relentlessly move forward are the leaders of teams and racing projects, managers, designers, and organizers of races. Thanks to them, competitions are held, pilots rise to the podiums, win cups and medals, and many thousands of motorsports enthusiasts experience the joy of circuit racing, rallies, crosses. Among them are honored veteran pilots who pass on the experience to the young - the honor and glory of domestic motorsport.

The survey showed how timely this new nomination is: 22 journalists mentioned sports names. The leader group includes Sergey Krylov, coordinator of the Touring Light racing series, Yury Kim, patron and ideologist of the Rus formula, Sergey Safonov Sr., permanent champion of the country in the ZIL-130 class, Vladimir Buzlanov from the team of creators of Lada Revolution. We will also name Vladislav Nezvankin, one of those who embodied the idea of ​​the LADA National Racing Series, and Evgeny Malinovsky, manager of the most successful LUKoil Racing team (she won eight (!) Official titles last year).

And the winner of the survey, Sergey Uspensky, as in past years, is one in many persons - a racer, a team leader, businessman, administrator and organizer of races. The fact that, according to the results of the survey, he became a leader by a wide margin, played a role in his active work as vice president of the Russian Automobile Federation and the organizer of several races (track "All Stars", rally "Trophy Peno"). At the same time, Ouspensky did not forget to win another rally championship title!

The survey involved: RTR, the production center Russian Motor, NTV +, 7TV, Echo of Moscow, Radio Mayak, RosBusinessConsulting, RIA Novosti, Autosport, Auto Revue, F1 Racing, Autoworld”, “Stop Newspaper”, “5 Wheel”, “Klaxon”, “Cars”, “Wheels”, Autopanorama”, “Soviet Sport”, “Sport-Express”, RTR-spotr,, Avtosport,, Volzhsky Avtostroitel, Rally & Russia, High-Speed ​​Section, Driving, Driving-Region.


1996 - Sergey Alyasov (Tolyatti)

1997 - Mikhail Naryshkin (Moscow)

1998 - Sergey Baldykov (Izhevsk)

1999 - Sergey Uspensky (Moscow)

2000 - Mikhail Ukhov (Moscow)

2001 - Alexander Lvov (St. Petersburg)

2002 - Ayrat Shaimiev (Kazan)

2003 - Vladimir Chagin (Naberezhnye Chelny)


1. Sergey Uspensky (Moscow) - 73;

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