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And I Left The Crocodile

Video: And I Left The Crocodile
Video: There was a Crocodile Song - Action Songs for Kids - Brain Breaks - Camp Songs - Kids Animal Songs 2023, February
And I Left The Crocodile
And I Left The Crocodile

Jet skis

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30 years ago, Cancun was a small Mexican fishing village with a handful of shabby boats along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Today it is a first-class resort with five-star hotels, and the latest models of jet skis have replaced the old boats. Which of the vacationers will not want to flirt with the azure wave with a breeze!..

It was this paradise that Yamaha Motor executives chose for the presentation of the 2005 model year jet ski.

Jet skis are currently experiencing difficult times: a limited range of applications, seasonal operation, high cost and difficulties with off-season storage - these problems pose many questions for development companies. Some give up: American Polaris from this year completely abandoned the production of water-motor equipment. But Japanese and Canadian companies are not giving up. The cunning Japanese have proven fighting ability in Cancun.

Sensation - Triple 4-Stroke VX110 Sport. At a single refueling a jetski is able to drive almost four hours without a break, and the cost of 100 hours of operation (gasoline plus oil) will be about $ 850. These figures are almost double the performance of similar competitor models.

For the first time in the history of production of jet skis, 4-stroke models in the 2005 Yamaha line dominate, although three years ago only 2-cycles were listed in the catalogs of the company. The fact is that when used in resort-beach conditions, ecological cleanliness, low noise and the economy of the 4-stroke tactics are gaining paramount importance today.

The Japanese provided nine aqua bikes to the testers, there wasn’t just the popular and superbly sold Super Jet 700 riser model and the 80-horsepower Wave Runner XL700 two-stroke - just because they were already familiar to everyone. And then, after last season, aqua bikes have not undergone absolutely no changes.

I managed to immediately saddle the 4-stroke 4-cylinder (five valves per cylinder, DOHC gas distribution system) FX Cruiser High Output, I squeezed out full throttle and, when I stopped a few minutes later, in order to look around, I was proudly alone far beyond the horizon. This is a car! The speed is gaining steadily, it enters the turn like a knife in oil, the seats are the top of luxury! Actually, this is the "trick" of a 3-seater cruiser. And what does fashionable coloring look like, spacious lockers, an ergonomically arranged dashboard, anti-noise screens built into the case, and a remote control that allows you to instantly turn off the engine or put it into "for beginners" mode.

When I waited for the main group, I realized: the solo intercepts are finished for today - you have to stick to the field to have time to experience and feel as many water bikes as possible in all modes. And the organizers deliberately drove us into the narrow aisles among the mangroves, where the unfriendly faces of crocodiles appeared periodically - you can’t fool around …

Russian colleagues focused on the main object of the Cancun performance - the bright red VX Sport. Equipped with an aquabike ascetically: the dashboard is rustic, the “chairs” are not at all “luxe,” but if you recall the operational orientation of the model, everything falls into place. For the same reasons, a 110-horsepower jet engine was created. Although, according to the first sensations, it is not as torquey as the previous model, but powerful enough and, as the designers promise, reliable in operation. This jetski is also equipped with a system for suppressing noise and vibration.

At the request of the US Department of Ecology, the noise of a jet ski compared to previous models is reduced by 70 percent. “Sport” is easily accelerated and maneuvers in various modes. It seems to me that this is the first Yamaha water bike designed to meet the requirements of a specific market segment. And the owners are unlikely to blame on a simple and reliable car. I do not think that it will find a special demand in the USA, but I am sure that soon we will see the VX at the rental points of our Black Sea resorts.

Already quite far into the sea (and we had gone ten kilometers from the booms), we managed to drive the GP1300R on a swivel 2-stroke. It is intended for more experienced cowboys - during sharp maneuvers, it jumps out from under the rider. A catalytic converter and a computer engine management system (YEMS) are installed on this short aquabike (it is half a meter away from the cruiser). It is curious that the cylinders (the same with the 155-horsepower XLT1200) are coated with ceramic, which saves fuel due to a more even temperature of the elements of the piston group. This innovation also increases motor resources.

I also sat behind the wheel of a 2-stroke 3-cylinder luxury (both inside and out) XLT1200. So you do not suspect me of exaggeration: in the United States, he is recognized as the best jet ski of the past year. Well, tell me, where else can you find the adjustment for five trim tabs and an almost airplane dashboard ?!

I drove on a push-pull yellowish GP800R. The hitch was that a wave rose at sea, and the "800th" is relatively short (2.93 m) and light (268 kg). Filled with 120 “horses”, he strove to overcome the majority of the distance at full throttle by air. Directories say: on this model, awards were won unmeasured.

- What fate awaits aquabike in the near future? - I am interested in one of the organizers of the Cancun test Nomura-san.

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