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Sports Quad - Does Not Mean Racing

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Sports Quad - Does Not Mean Racing
Sports Quad - Does Not Mean Racing

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Any sports equipment is essentially just a semi-finished product. “Quadrics” are no exception: to drive faster, more comfortable and safer, you still need to “put your hands on them”. Many tuning parts, assemblies and kits can be ordered from catalogs. Most of them are for suspension - so that everyone can adjust the ATV to the features of the track, as well as their own requests and riding style. For trips through the forest you need some characteristics of the suspension, along the cross track - others, for pokatushek on asphalt - the third.

First of all, you need a steering damper - without it, and do not stutter about driving safety. It is necessary to take care of increasing the "range" of the wheels, or, as they say, ruts. Knowledgeable people claim that manufacturers produce “narrow gauge” equipment for reasons that the machine takes up minimal space during transportation. What can I say … On a sports ATV with standard equipment, you can only learn to get under way and ride at the speed of a pedestrian. When you want to catch a breeze or take part in races, you will have to install the front suspension arms more authentically.

There are three types: the shortest ones (we will not take into account the ones installed at the factory) - they are suitable for country cross-country racing, rally-raids, driving through the forest and, finally, just tourism. Here the limitation is the width of the paths trodden by deer, wild boars or local residents, hurrying to the train. And in country-cross, the race takes place on a motorcycle track. For cross-country tracks, the track can be made a little wider. The longest levers are set for high-speed racing on asphalt or ground. Long levers are, first of all, the stability of the device in turns. And yet, increasing the length of the lever, we increase the suspension travel, which is especially convenient when driving on the road. But you need to remember: an excessively large track affects the handling of the quad. The minimum extension of the track is 50 mm, the maximum is 100 mm. It would seem that it’s only 5 centimeters, but, believe me, they bring a tremendous effect.

The next stage of tuning is the installation of long-stroke shock absorbers. As a rule, on levers, especially the longest ones, there are several points for attaching shock absorbers. Install them - immediately there will be many suspension settings. You can fix the shock absorber closer to the swing axis of the lever and use the springs harder, or you can rearrange its lower eye to the end of the lever, but with a soft spring. In my opinion, the optimal measure for the location of the lower end of the shock absorber is a third of the length of the lever from the wheel. But there are situations in which you have to deviate from this rule.

If the owner of the ATV is not able to pay for the necessary funds for tuning (by no means scanty), you can bring the device in stages. But always the first step is to replace the leverage. The next is the replacement of shock absorbers. With this approach, it is necessary to observe one feature - use only those parts that are unified by standard mounts. There are a lot of them on sale, and there is always plenty to choose from. Well, for those who are able to pay so much to assemble the “supersport” option and order unique parts, you may have to digest the mounts on the levers and on the frame.

Installation of long levers entails a series of alterations. It will take long brake hoses and, of course, elongated tie rods (come with levers). It is better to replace the ball bearings of the front suspension with reinforced ones - standard ones with “emergency” loads will not last long.

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