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Life On The Six

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Life On The Six
Life On The Six

It all started with styling. Indeed, many buyers are satisfied with the capabilities of the new 6-series, but not its appearance … For the Grand Turismo coupe, it really is not too expressive. But the “six” easily changes with a little intervention from the tuners. And after that, it may well stand on a par with the imposing old woman-predecessor.

The Hamann aerodynamic package for the BMW 6 Coupe is valuable in harmony: it fits into the style created by factory artists and is not striking. And at the same time, he seems to erase the flaws made by like-minded Bangle. Look at the new silhouette - this one cannot but like it. The car looks much lower than the serial, although it's not just about the suspension. The front end has become more expressive thanks to the tuning spoiler. And finally, the back of the car looks like it should have looked from birth: three-dimensional forms, a noticeable diffuser under the bumper and an exhaust system of the 2x2 formula deliberately put on display. The diameter of each pipe is 76 mm. The sound is appropriate.

Under the red cover with the Hamann logo is hiding that first-class engine with all its sports shafts, pistons, rings … Nearby is a modified intake system and a reprogrammed Motronic. In the standard version, the base BMW 6 Coupe has 333 hp. Here - 412 hp They can be obtained at 6100 rpm, if the driver does not save earlier. There is something to be afraid of, because the possibilities of the car seem endless. Its maximum speed is 289 km / h. How many of us jumped for 250? The torque of 550 N * m appears at 3900 rpm. And how to use it?

Someone will definitely want to squeeze all the juice out of the car. And then you need powerful brakes, 356 mm discs with 8-piston calipers should be enough. At least to those who know what they are dealing with.

Hamann has prepared two versions of the suspension for their beloved customers. The first - with an understatement of 40 mm in front and 20 behind. But the car can still be pressed to the asphalt - 60 mm in front and 30 mm in the rear. This option is suitable, of course, not for everyone, because in addition to the springs, the kit includes extremely rigid shock absorbers.

Section tuning catalogs with wheels is always popular. Choosing wheels for the Hamann 645 Ci HM 5.2, you will have to strain your imagination - there are many disks. Diameter from 18 to 20 inches, different design. Like the demo? It has 20-inch Design PG3 wheels. Tires on the front axle - 245 / 35ZR20, on the rear - 275 / 30ZR20.

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