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Zaz-lanos: Gm And Customs Give The Go-ahead

Video: Zaz-lanos: Gm And Customs Give The Go-ahead
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Zaz-lanos: Gm And Customs Give The Go-ahead
Zaz-lanos: Gm And Customs Give The Go-ahead

At a press conference it was announced (and Mr. Riley confirmed this): GM agreed to supply Ukrainian Lanos to Russia. It will begin by the middle of 2005.


Cars "Daewoo Lanos" and "Sens" (the same "Lanos", but with a 1.3-liter Melitopol engine) are very popular in Ukraine. ZAZ collects them from imported car kits and in 2004 produced more than 40 thousand. Finished bodies are supplied by the Warsaw Daewoo FSO automobile plant. The Ukrainian share in the cost of these machines is obviously less than 50 percent, so they cannot be exported duty free to Russia.

Another thing - "Lanos II", which in December began to do at ZAZ. Its body is welded from individual elements on a special line. Coloring and assembly are also naturally theirs. Install a Melitopol power unit in such a body - and the 50% barrier is more than surpassed, the road to Russia is open! But this is not Lanos, it is Sens. With a Korean motor, the car does not reach the desired 50%. Therefore, ZAZ is expanding its production of licensed Daewoo engines. This year they will become a pass to Russia for Zaporizhzhya "Lanos". And the first sign will be “Sens” (ЗР, 2004, No. 6) - it has the “right of entry” to the Russian market right now.

Zaporizhzhya "Lanos" is slightly different from those that have been assembled for six years using the "screwdriver method" at the ZAZ subsidiary in Ilyichevsk. Although, perhaps, calling it “Lanos II” is not entirely correct: a slightly updated model hardly pulls on the second generation. The changes affected mainly the design of the tailgate: the taillights became more modern, the shape of the sidewalls in the place of pairing with the new rear bumper changed. Instead of a Daewoo nameplate, ZAZ flaunts, and the Daewoo emblem on the hood gave way to a Zazovsky one.

The car is available in three trim levels: S, SE and SX. The last two include air conditioning, power steering and front power windows, as well as 14-inch wheel disks, and in SX they are alloy. The SE has a driver airbag, while the SX has a passenger airbag. But the main advantage of the SX configuration is a more powerful engine (106 hp, 1600 cmz, 16 valves). In S and SE, it is an 86-horsepower one and a half liter with two valves per cylinder.

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