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Twenty Two Inches Of Chrome


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Twenty Two Inches Of Chrome
Twenty Two Inches Of Chrome

Over the past two years, about a dozen articles have been published in various automobile magazines about his automobiles. Everything, as one, BMW, all modified according to individual recipes, all very effective. “Seven” E38, “five” E39, including the M5, E46 coupe, E36 compact open air three-wheeler - all as a selection, on large wheels, devoid of chrome. Cars were bought, modified and sold to buy others.

They looked much better than their peers - restrained, without showing off. Everything is strictly businesslike. At the same time, the style of improvements developed as the objects changed. The refinement method of the BMW X5 can be considered the most mature stage in the evolution of this style.

The volume of the X5 engine is not the largest in the line - 4.4 liters. The basic configuration includes 18th wheels and a softer suspension than versions 4.6 and 4.8. The size of the disks excited our hero so much that he could not sleep at night. Therefore, the first thing he equipped the car with “twenties” wheels from version 4.6. The disks differed not only in size, but also in the actual absence of a “shelf” of the rim, which made them seem even larger. By the way, the car was just perfect: straight, moderately thin beams, seats a little deeper than the outer rim, decent rubber (Pirelli 275/40).

Only then did they proceed to the car itself. We installed front and rear “skirts” from Hamann, threshold protection in the form of pipes (which is noteworthy, black, not chrome-plated), stiff springs that reduced clearance by 3 cm, the rear of the exhaust system, and front optics with white turn signals. The upper segment of the rear optics is painted in body color, the chrome “nostrils” of the radiator grille, too. Instead of BMW emblems, Hamann badges flaunt, even on the pedals and the parking brake handle.

The car began to play, found a charm, forcing to turn after her, which is what the owner wanted to achieve. However, after thinking a little, he decided that he was not paying enough attention to his car, and … decided to put it on Hamann 20-inch wheels. Long determined with a picture. First chose the design of PG3. I ordered the wheels and almost got it, but swept it at the last moment: the 20th is still not enough … The order was changed on the fly: there were no large PG3s - we found the 22-inch Universary, somewhat reminiscent of the multi-spoke wheels of the Alpina studio. But even these didn’t get to the car: the required large PG3s suddenly appeared - they eventually got into the X5 arches, along with 295/30 tires. Chromed, with a wide "shelf" - not wheels, but chariots! With them, the X5 became different. Absolutely.

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