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Eska Will Not Give Up

Video: Eska Will Not Give Up
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Eska Will Not Give Up
Eska Will Not Give Up

- But the nature of the "eski" is completely different. She goes straight in a different way, turns in a different way … It even sounds different,”Dmitry, owner of the 1992 Audi S4 Avant, shared his observations.

The attachment of a young man to this model should be clear to everyone who has ever ridden on any “live” “esque” - from S2 to S8.

Despite the success of the Audi 100/44, in 1990 the concern began updating the lineup, creating a new 4A body. On the basis of this generation, the first S4 was made, which became the successor to the Audi 200 - a sports version in the 44th body. The new model inherited from the old main units, slightly modernized, - a turbocharged 20-valve 3B engine (AAN), suspension and quattro all-wheel drive transmission. Note: the 2.2T engine is a pretty deformed motor for the S1 sports series. The designers created it based on a power of 630 hp. Accordingly, in the "civilian" version it has a large resource and reliability. The 4HP-18 box, developed by Porsche, is capable of remembering the manner of control. The brake system with specially designed discs during emergency braking gives the impression of a parachute thrown behind the car.

Competitors of the Audi S4 are Subaru Impreza WRX, BMW 330Xi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV and V, but still fans of the Esok say that their cars are more comfortable, their engines are more elastic.

Most S4s on the Russian market are sedans. Station wagon (Avant) is not very quoted among connoisseurs and therefore is very rare. But Dima was looking for him - it looks better.

And the main value of Dima’s car in tuning. Many owners Esok familiar with the possibilities of finalizing their cars. The most radical programs turn sports Audi into terribly powerful and terribly fast. But is there any need for such modifications, if in the basic version the engine power of the S4 is already 230 hp, and acceleration to 100 km / h takes 7.1 seconds? At the same time, most of them travel only in the city … Apparently, therefore, the Germans, who no doubt knew a lot about tuning, did not overdo it here with revision. The engine replaced the control program, raising the power to 270 hp and shifting the “cutoff” to 7000 rpm. The owner of the car writes off this modification to the presence of an “automatic machine” (usually the “esoks” of the same years have a mechanical transmission). The automatic transmission, of course, is more thoughtful than the “handle”, but you don’t want to lose in acceleration …

Yes, Dima bought his car in Germany, for the most part due to the non-standard appearance. A set of mounted elements complemented the stylish look, gave it a pronounced sporting character. And silver color was found three years ago much less frequently than today. This shade suits the station wagon much better than others. It goes well with non-standard rims. For the summer, the car has 18-inch Largo wheels (BBS factory) with wide low-profile Yokohama tires, and a smaller “shoe” is stocked for the winter. But Dima says that even in the snow, a car with a summer kit is easy to control. Did Ingolstadt know that Russians would love the “eski"?

The Germans also worked with the car. Seat trim, steering wheel, selector knob replaced with a combination of blue and gray. Decorative panels on the dashboard and doors painted aluminum. The combination of blue and silver enlivened the austere interior of Audi. Of course, not everyone likes this tuning, but Dima is delighted. A good sound system is prepared in silver S4 (also tuning, because the “music” is completely different in the standard configuration). No, you won’t be able to compete with caraudio, but it sounds pretty good. Includes: Pioneer CD receiver, JBL rear speakers, Infiniti subwoofer.

In the trunk, under the raised floor, we found another interesting device - a gas installation cylinder: we have not seen such a thing in sports cars. Dmitry explains the presence of a “gas canister” at times with frightening fuel consumption: in the region of 10-12 liters on the highway and about 15-16 in the city.

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