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It seemed that in the huge arches of the Porsche Cayenne you can place arbitrarily large wheels. But for the installation of 10 x 22-inch Formula skating rinks, TechArt masters had to expand the SUV from Zufenhausen by a good 8 centimeters. And still the wheels stick out a little.

Want to find out the size of tires suitable for such huge wheels? This is the ContiSportContact II 295 / 30ZR22. If you still remember that the Cayenne is sometimes called an SUV (albeit formally), forget it like a bad dream: there is almost no speed ceiling for these tires - more than 300 km / h. And they are standing here not only because of beauty.

In the black democar hides the most powerful engine provided for this model, the V8 with two turbochargers. Maximum power - 600 hp, peak torque - 865 N * m. Acceleration of a large all-wheel drive to hundreds takes 4.5 seconds, the maximum speed on the highway is 292 km / h. Of course, not everyone needs such a potential. Therefore, the tuning studio has other programs that increase the power of the V8 to 360 and 380 hp. The TA 048 / T1 kit consists of a reprogrammed control unit and an intake system with increased throughput. The power of a 4.5-liter turbocharged engine after installing the kit and general tuning increases from 450 to 510 hp. Torque reaches 720 N.m at 3300 rpm. After this operation, the Cayenne Turbo becomes very fast: 5 seconds per sprint to 100 km / h and 274 km / h maximum.

In set TA 048 / T3 for cooking 600 hp includes two oversized turbochargers, a cooler, a low-resistance air filter, a reprogrammed Motronic injection system, and a TechArt exhaust system that includes a tuned exhaust manifold. The best sound and look is provided by a stainless steel and four chromed pipes with engraving.

Changing the width of the car, TechArt took up its growth. Now electronics allows you to adjust the ride height on the go, lowering it to 60 mm for high-speed driving on asphalt or increasing to 70 mm for off-road. Air suspension instantly obeys computer commands.

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