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A Show Off?

A Show Off?
A Show Off?

The owner of this “ten” is a respectable and wealthy man. However, when tuning came to our country, he decided to play this game. Other entertainments became boring, only a new hobby and exciting. I bought a car, went to two of the most popular St. Petersburg ateliers - first at RRT, and then at K-Art. Decided on a budget that should not exceed half the cost of the car (each game has its own rules), and a month later received a “packaged” car.

I rolled for half a year, got used to the toy and … gave it to my wife. (Someone still had an SUV, big and expensive.) That, in turn, also did not drive very actively, because sports cars and the like were "not for girls."

The car was once again driven into a tuning box, a couple of stylistic elements were added, it was rolled, new clothes were appreciated and … finally put the “ten” in the garage. Hmmm … Financial solvency definitely has its charms …

But what car? The tuning program as such is not here. There are only the main "things", on which, like meat on a skewer, smaller modifications are planted. The first of these is the motor. The sixteen-valve VAZ is quite suitable for boosting to the full, but the owner of the car considered the excess power destructive, therefore he limited himself to trifles. They included: a change in the injection control program, a low resistance filter JR and a full-fledged Powerful exhaust system. The tuners promised a "gain of 20" horses ". In general, nothing, but nice.

The second "skewer" is much more "meat". It is called - a set of plastic linings "Courage". Aero kit, popular even in our time, several years ago was included in the lists of the most popular in many tuning studios from Togliatti to Moscow. It was stylish plastic that made many ten owners take up the wallet. The kit includes bumpers, large sills and wide moldings on the door, popularly called "foliage". Appears obligatory wing. Rear headlamps are optional. The aesthetics of the element is controversial, but if the customer wants … And the front bumper at the same time transforms the silhouette of the car, contains additional optics and serves as an overlay for the standard optics. It also has a new radiator grill and a coarse mesh built in to which the bottom slot is taken.

In addition to “Courage,” a Sparco gas tank sports hatch, pedals with the same label and a more expressive instrument panel were installed on the car. To enhance the sense of individuality, the “top ten” was painted with non-standard paint, including mirror housings, door handles, and even the grille in the front bumper. But the middle pillar was made black. Together with tinting, it looks very impressive.

After the second visit to the tuning studio, the car appeared struts front and rear struts, Koni shock absorbers and KW springs. In addition, the tuners improved handling and, having finalized the injection program, increased power by another 5 horsepower.

And such a nimble beauty misses most of the time in the garage … Eh! But nevertheless, funny days also happen in her life. For example, in the winter. When the owner gets bored with snowmobiles and skis, he rolls out the "top ten" and goes to the nearest ice rink (or orders to organize an ice rink near the house), where he flies with rapture for a couple of hours in the lateral slides. According to him, you can get vivid emotions from driving on ice from the front-wheel drive.

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