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We Began To Live Now In A New Way

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We Began To Live Now In A New Way
We Began To Live Now In A New Way

Have you considered?

What is most annoying is the tariffs. How many copies were broken in disputes with insurers - do not count. But no use. From the very beginning, they screamed in unison: compulsory insurance is a loss-making thing and you can deal with it only for advertising reasons. In the West, as a matter of fact, everything is so, but in our country it does not even smell. The people silently swallowed the pill, and did not even touch other insurance products of these offices. Surely, the actuaries of the insurers all knew this, and therefore they laid the possible losses in tariffs.

Nevertheless, talk about the superprofits of insurers is also coming to naught. Indeed, at the beginning of the year it was said that the profits of the UK reach almost 1000%. When reporters tried to find out the truth, the leaders of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers at first patiently proved that the price of the policy was by no means overstated. But the newspaper men simply tortured the whole union with questions and suspicions. In the end, everyone got tired of it and the press conferences turned into meaningless verbal skirmishes.

Now the UK, according to them, is accumulating reserves for future payments, as analysts promise: within three to four years, the indicators of received and paid funds will almost equal. This will be the number … But for now, apparently, we can’t wait for any changes in tariffs or an increase in insurance amounts from the current income of insurance companies.

Normal human logic dictates that with the introduction of the obligation, the cost of risk “damage” should decrease, because the victim’s car will be repaired by any means. Our logic is completely different. There is CTP, no CTP - all the same, “damage” remains an expensive pleasure. Why reduce prices if those who insured on the "full" will continue to do this, and the owners of old cars will not be insured anyway?

Change and change again

The chief traffic inspector once suggested changing the law so that the inspectors did not have to "go for every scratch." Suggests using the so-called European Protocol. If the accident is not serious and its participants agree on the reasons, then you just need to exchange the coordinates of insurance companies and leave. And the victim will then go to the examination and after some time will receive compensation. Well, if you think about it, friendly drivers and smiling managers of insurance companies immediately draw in your head. Ale, the protocol is called "European", what are you dreaming about?

Even in the pre-saga period, there was confident talk that compulsory car insurance would help to eradicate such a modern phenomenon as set-ups and reduce accident rate in our country. So what? Traffic crime, as it was, remains, it just modernized a bit, based on the wishes of the “victim” to call the insurance company. The bandits always have their own “insurer”, who will be introduced to you as yours, and he will immediately inform you: “What compensation can there be when the participants left the scene of an accident ?!” But you really left, you were forced to pull over … But this is if they are not too lazy to play a performance. It happens that they are simply forced to give money back by threats. Who, tell me, can resist the hefty bullies?

With accident all is ambiguous. The number of accidents has increased over this year by more than 2%, the number of wounded has also increased - by almost 3%. But the number of deaths decreased by the same amount. There is only one conclusion: the point is not OSAGO, but the fact that cars on average have become safer. That is, frank junk is living out its life, and modern cars are replacing it.

The insurance market has also slightly changed. Since only the largest companies are allowed to engage in auto citizen, small ones gradually disappear. What is the point of insuring CTP in one company and the rest in another?

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