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Take This Opportunity To
Take This Opportunity To

It was he who developed the basic concept, he also provided technical support. Andrey Tarasov and Dmitry Kornyushin from Vladivostok helped to find the device itself, and then Japanese tuning parts. Three St. Petersburg guys - Mikhail, Alexey and Alexander from the car service on Dvinskaya completed the lion's share of the work. Owner of the car out of modesty "shut up." But in vain: if it weren’t for him, a gorgeous black Japanese woman would not have appeared on the streets of St. Petersburg. But then the credits have passed, and she appears on the screen …

The Honda Integra with the B18C VTEC engine, even in the standard version, is rather naughty. This engine produces 180 hp. at 7500 rpm, and the torque is also very decent - 174 N * m at 6700 rpm. Good performance. But you want more! Long live deep tuning.

We will not detail the process of altering the motor; the description will be too long and tedious. Enough to list the improvements: Type-R camshafts, lightweight valves and Type-R stiff springs, split gears, cylinder head window bores, stroker-kit Spoon Sport pistons, Toda Racing lightweight flywheel. The long list also includes Type-R nozzles, a Type-R intake manifold, a 64 mm throttle, an Ada Racing oil cooler with an oil trap … And an exhaust manifold (classic 4-1 spider) Type-R, Trust exhaust system Power Extreme and low resistance filter. The control system is also finalized. The control unit itself was replaced by a Greddy E-manage Unit control with a wide range of settings.

The result of measurements at the stand is not at all similar to the description of the power increase in the “Cars for pumping” program. This is where each new filter adds a couple of horses. Our data is honest. Two hundred and two horsepower at 8000-8100 rpm. It would seem that the increase is small - only 22 hp, but note that the engine already received high returns from the engine, and the tuners can only remove the foam. The moment also grew - 186.7 N * m at 6000 rpm.

On paper, these numbers are not very impressive, but in real life the increased strength makes itself felt immediately after turning the key in the ignition. The point, of course, is increased elasticity (maximum torque at lower speeds) and transmission. It has been finalized in full: the main pair 4.86 Spoon Sports, Cusco reinforced clutch basket, Cusco metal-ceramic clutch disc.

Finalization of the motor has not yet been completed. The Jun Type 3 camshafts are already in the storage room, the control unit is waiting for the next firmware. There will be adjustment of split gears, fuel card firmware, VTEC switching points and other calibration procedures. The question of installing a 4-throttle inlet. The developers do not plan to get fabulous power for three hundred. The calculated indicators of Integra are 220–230 hp. But only. But with the suspension, the conversation is over. Adjustable racks Tanabe Pro.Sport, forged lightweight wheels EVO Competition (each weighing a little more than 3.5 kg), aluminum nuts on wheels. Who said the Nissan Skyline GT-R drives better than anyone else? Try to grab on this baby - and you will want to sign up for courses on contraception again.

But there is more to say in styling. While the front and rear bumpers of Bomex are installed, the thresholds and the carbon fiber 3D GT Wing are of the same company. Inside, the Type-R dashboard with a tachometer marked up to 10, 000 revolutions, and aluminum "mats". That's all for now. Already somewhere on the road, a carbon hood and plastic doors. Manipulations with rear optics are not ruled out.

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