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“Ode” went to Sergeyich, a skilled uncle, avaricious, cynical, but at the same time, an amateur of an ideal order. Of course, Izha, he remade for himself a little or, rather, brought to mind. The exterior of the machine was left untouched, since it treats all kinds of external changes of the machine with great skepticism. His favorite comment on this subject: “It does not affect speed! For fuel consumption, too.” Anyway, why, they say, spend money if you can not spend it?

Following his logic, you can understand why the rare scratches of the Ode are smeared with anticorrosive, and not painted over in color.

Sergeyich usually rides slowly, calmly, without the slightest fuss, with the sad arrogance of a camel. In the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, he argues, you still can’t get more than a couple of minutes. It's easier to check out these two minutes earlier. But there are times when he breaks off coils. And then on a suburban narrow but perfectly asphalt road, he with a finesse of a professional goes through a series of favorite turns. Well, man knows, why not rock the old days, remember the rally?

And so, based on his own tastes and passions, he took up the car.

First things first, a complete audit of the garage for inventory of spare parts and engine compartment for blemishes. There were enough spare parts for a complete alteration of the engine in the 1.8-liter. But Sergeyich, on reflection, decided to get by with a little blood and not touch the piston yet - and 1.7 liters is also a lot. He decided to eliminate the eternal misfortune of the Ufa engines - a lack of traction at low speeds *. The price of the problem is the tuning camshaft.

Sergeyich had one, along with a set of rockers, a “grassroots” from MasterMotor. With it, the maximum engine power will not increase, but the moment at low and medium speeds will rise more than noticeably. In a word, he removed the head, replaced the camshaft with rocker arms, and at the same time removed the steps between the cylinder head and the intake manifold.

Sergeyich eliminated contact ignition as a relic of the past, but nevertheless hid it - on the far shelf. And from the bins I fished out a long-stored system with a Hall sensor. And the sensor, and the coil, and the controller in the kit are “nine”, only the original distributor. Sergeyich adjusted new details, calmed down: now both fuel consumption will decrease and there will be no problems with winter start-up.

The engine worked smoothly, just rustled at idle. And on the fly, the character has changed, as if the power in the range up to 3500 rpm has grown by almost a third. Now “Ode” in dynamics will give odds to the “nine”.

And also our neat man replaced all the clamps to which he could only get - flowing, damned. Delivered screw, German, convenient and reliable. I changed the alternator drive belt to German, the worn “wipers” brushes to French. I installed a voltmeter, a clock on the dashboard, and on the dashboard I brought out a control lamp for turning on the fan. So it is more familiar and more convenient for him: to take a look for a while, check the voltage (does the generator work?), Check the fan - it is still an unreliable switching system on our brands.

It turned out simple and effective - everything is in place, everything is with dedication, everything is on the case. True, there is one excess in the asceticism of this "Ode", namely, xenon light. A year ago, Sergeyich got a bright box with a set of biksenon as a gift - a pair of lamps and electronic components for them, from St. Petersburg, from Soyuz-96. The old driver could not resist, he decided to try what kind of thing. It took half a day, I had to cut holes in the headlamps (sorry!), Look for a place for the blocks, pull the wires. But when I turned it on, I realized: I tried not in vain.

On this Sergeyitch finished alterations. Some kind of "music" went to the load along with the machine, and the alarm also. Of course, he will not stop there, in IL there is something to improve.

But in general, he is satisfied with the machine, and believes that in terms of stability, controllability and cross-country ability, the IL is the best domestic "classic", and in terms of the interior space it is second only to the Volga.

The owner of the "five" - ​​Kolya - is young, with ambitions and not without complaints. There is, of course, no money; there is no special consideration either. But this at his age only aggravates desires.

The guy approached the improvement of the car specifically. The first thing I asked for was a substantial amount from my parents and collected “loans” from my friends. But easy money - it’s easy and wasted: Kolya happily slammed everything to the music (so that it blinks multicolored!), Seats and pretty women. I bought VSMPO alloy wheels and a solid "seven" steering wheel. Blue lanterns are scattered throughout the Colina "five", from the dimensions in the headlights to the rear number. Even at the tip of the antenna is a blue light. Glass tinted deaf, taillights - too.

The pride of the student is the real Rider sports bucket seats, bought at half price from her older sister's husband (how's his brother-in-law? Brother-in-law?). Now he regrets that the glass was darkened - people do not see such beauty!

Kohl replaced and mirrors - with a small full-time ride around the city, he simply got lost. Chose for a long time, from ours, not ours, with and without frills. I wanted it in a painted case, with anti-reflective coating, with heating and electric drive. But there was enough money for the usual "polytechnical." But then - with the turn signal repeater and a gold dusting on the glass. Beauties!

But then one of his friends dropped a longing for Cole's 5-speed gearbox. Sergeyich only boiled: “Well, why? The fifth gear of the Five is comfortable, the motor is loaded by almost 20% more than in the fourth. You can’t save gasoline or add a resource. Well, yes, the fifth speed is less, so the load is bigger!”Nikolai did not heed, changed the box in the service. Grandfather would understand - this is cool! I didn’t guess one knob to change - to put from the five steps …

For a long time Kolya was not harassed by the xenon light of the Sergey Ode. It would be great to turn on the headlights in front of friends (and so Masha saw!) - they light up very distinctively, with a bright flash and a smooth set of brightness. I decided, however, I bought Korean biksenon at Stopol for a lot of money. I almost died of joy …

With shock absorbers, springs, brakes, the engine, Kolya did not bother - they are still not visible. But the body is monitored passionately: it will hardly happen where the scratch - look, is already painted over, so much so that you will not notice it.

Colin’s efforts were not in vain: the girls willingly get into his car, especially in the evening, when the “five” appears in all its glory. And most importantly - they invite to visit, feed - Kohl is now not up to the classmates, he is giving out debts …

Oka got the least. Hope almost everything suited. Replaced only mirrors - regular "five" are clearly not enough. I bought new ones myself, a little larger in size, and Sergeyitch adjusted. With the advent of cold weather I had to go broke for winter tires, at the same time I bought wheels, alloy, very nice. Decorated the machine with soft pillows - the little son is more pleasant to sleep on the road. And the husband filled in the engine additive ER. He says he began to work quieter. She, however, did not notice the difference.

Meanwhile, our Nadezhda got used to driving, began to drive bolder and more confidently, and found out that the car lacked power. Especially on a suburban highway, when overtaking and on the rise. Sergeich advised installing RX valve followers and a modified camshaft. Not hoping for her husband, Nadia bought a couple of tuning magazines - read about these same pushers and the shaft. I didn’t find … Okay, I decided, I’ll buy a new coat - I’ll think …

* The reason for this is the extended valve timing, due to which at low frequencies the air-fuel mixture is pushed back into the intake pipe.

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