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As usual, the Big Three set the tone, although the local units of the Japanese distinguished themselves. The main thing - Detroit 2005 can rightfully be called serial. Crowded with mysterious concepts, the public craves to buy! That is why so many exhibits with the mark “2006 MG” on the plate came out of the American forging and casting courses.

Are flying …

… to outshine everyone. Probably, only such a goal was set by the creators of the next, fourth, generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was not easy to do this at the largest US automobile exhibition, but they succeeded. It's funny that the fast-moving coupe in the MMC exposition is again accompanied by His Hill pickup. For the second year in a row, a couple with a low-flying Eclipse has been the Mitsubishi Raider, also known as the Sport Truck Concept, and essentially Dodge Dakota in a new shell. But this is the last exit on the podium for him: in the fall, the car will go to dealers.

One cannot suspect the love of easy walks on asphalt Raider (“hijacker!”). Massive frame, dependent rear suspension with springs, two cab options (conventional and elongated), rear or all-wheel drive, V-shaped "eights" of 3.7 and 4.7 liters volume … A workhorse. However, not without aesthetics, because the exterior of the pickup was painted in the California design studio Mitsubishi, and these guys know their stuff. Look how fantasized the coupe is! Also their work. Those lucky enough to visit the Kobo Expocenter exactly a year ago will recognize the Eclipse prototype. True, then he was named Concept-E and demonstrated one of the latest technical developments of the company - the hybrid E-Boost installation. The serial coupe is much more down to earth: the wheels are driven by conventional gasoline engines 2.4 and 3.8 V6 through a 5- or 6-speed “mechanics” or the “automatic” so beloved in the New World. And local dudes will surely go broke into 18-inch alloy wheels and a 650-watt audio system with a changer and ten speakers. What sport without high-quality “music”?

By the way, Eclipse in the USA is very popular. It is there that the majority of those who can afford a second (third) car for $ 25-30 thousand live. Guessed which version these citizens would prefer?

Of all the guns

The new 2-seater sports coupe, prepared by Chrysler for display at the North American show, takes onslaught. The working name in the spirit of the company: Firepower ("firepower"). Fire embodies the design of the work of young Bill Needlerder - the very one who created the star of Detroit 2004 Chrysler ME-412. Power is provided by a 6.1-liter HEMI with switchable cylinders (425 hp), and another construct from the famous Dodge Viper, on the platform of which the car is built.

The thirty-year-old designer must have been fond of comics in childhood: it turned out to be a futuristic car. Tiny side windows that are more like embrasures (what will the pilot see through them?), A stunning glass roof and deliberately careless, chopped body lines. Firepower seemed to be carved topo … tomahawk. Decisively, manly, but neatly and with a sense of proportion.

The future of this miracle is still in the fog. Some say that Firepower will remain a concept, while others are already predicting a place for it between Crossfire and ME-412 (if last year's supercar nevertheless becomes serial). Designers claim that 100 km / h Firepower overcomes in about 4.5 seconds. The ceiling is also decent - about 300 km / h. By the way, this jumper marks a rival to the Chevrolet Corvette!

With the obligatory 5-band “automatic” and unsportsmanlike stiffness suspension it will be difficult. But it doesn’t bother to look …


Ah, Land Rover keeps his word. Less than a year has passed since the premiere of the Range Stormer concept, and we have already been shown a finished product based on the very secret technologies. Let me introduce the fifth lord in the company's lineup - Range Rover Sport. It will appear on sale in the summer, having settled down in the price and status line between Discovery 3 and Range Rover. The area of ​​his off-road interests also lies there. Simply put, before you is a tool for a comfortable, fast and as safe as possible movement in space.

RR Sport has adopted sophisticated technologies from the concept, for example, the experimental (until recently) Dynamic Response system. This is her essence. In critical modes (for example, in turns), electronic "brains" digest dozens of parameters. Not only wheel slippage, as an ordinary ESP does. The computer monitors the forces acting on the machine and optimizes the position of the body and steering settings. This thing is useful mainly on a flat surface, in case of dangerous "asphalt" maneuvers. If, by the will of the owner, the car crawls off-road, another company know-how, Terrain Response, will start to work in tandem with Dynamic Response. With it, the RR Sport will pass through almost any terrain, the driver only needs to set the degree of “roughness”. Electronics will independently choose the settings for the chassis, motor and transmission, use the necessary auxiliary systems.

Even more interesting is what is hidden under the hood. With the Jaguar 4.2 V8 supercharged engine, the SUV accelerates to 225 km / h (the limiter interferes), but the potential of the 390-strong G8 is even more serious. This is partly due to aerodynamics experts who underestimated the body, smoothed corners and tilted the windshield more.

And they also say in Land Rover that driving this handsome man is a special, incomparable pleasure. Believe (with a sigh).

Jeep, open up!

Another monster from Chrysler Group. Impervious fashion seems to force the conservative Jeep to return the Gladiator pickup truck to the lineup. There’s even Hummer, the eternal rival in all-terrain and indestructibility, rolled out a mini truck based on H2! So, iron is hot, not to be late.

Gladiator will not be late (unless, of course, it will be put into production): in the USA this brand is loved. The concept will be rolled in a completely new “vehicle for active” platform (lifestyle vehicle platform) and several fresh layout notions. For example, an unusual loading scheme. In the normal position, the Gladiator body will take a 1.7-meter load, but if you fold the rear sofa and slide the cab partition forward, then long meters can be pushed inside. Total almost 2.5 meters. There are no problems with access to luggage either: the doors swing open by almost 180 degrees, and on the driver’s side instead of the door they provided a hatch.

Motor - diesel 2.8 from Cherokee / Liberty (163 h.p.). In the transmission, only a 5-speed manual gearbox, all-wheel drive plug-in - Gladiator will beat the price. And style. The “fighter” looks plain, in the spirit of the new Renegade (stylistically the concept was decided precisely with an eye on the “apostate”), but this is where the idea lies. Outward simplicity should attract true Jeep fans, of whom there are many among Americans.

Whether the car will reach the conveyor is still unclear. The fate of Gladiator will be decided by public reaction and marketing considerations. And it sounds! Do not find?

Rio delivered

This is not a typo. Sedan Kia Rio really updated and recently presented in Detroit. Even on a sketch, it's easy to recognize the mischievous features of the Kia Sport (remember this blatantly orange Parisian ball?). But then the prototype hatchback, the production version of which Kia Motors will show a little later, in Geneva; Americans welcome the sedan.

Bright, youthful design is great. And what else does Rio New outperform just Rio? Driving qualities! The new has a longer base and wider track, improved ride. And most importantly, Rio now claims to be the most spacious in the class. He was swollen like a pie! It’s probably a pleasure to draw attention because of pleasure … And the prospects for Korean bakers are excellent: even here, in the States, the demand for inexpensive Kia is only growing.

In addition, Rio has a couple of surprises in store. Firstly, a more powerful engine - for the American market, only gasoline 1.6, the oldest in the range (there will be 1.4-liter on our side of the ocean, and Europeans were promised a 1.5-liter diesel engine). Secondly, no less than six airbags (two front, two side and "curtains"). This is for the base amount, which is hardly too far removed from the current one.

The dough for the new Rio will be kneaded in the spring, and by the middle of the year, those who wish will begin to grab the lush product.

He feels his back

Fifth episode? Take it higher - 5-Series 4x4! Until now, the advanced xDrive transmission was only used on BMW X3 and X5 SUVs. Since spring, fans of the fifth series will be able to join the all-wheel drive. Russian including.

The passenger version of xDrive almost completely repeats the “off-road”, but some structural elements and software had to be adapted. On hazardous surfaces, the system “feels” slippage even before it begins, redistributing the moment to the wheels with maximum traction. The transmission is designed in such a way that “safe” electronics hardly enter into business, only securing xDrive. The price of these miracles is quite reasonable: the 525xi and 530xi will give 2500 euros more expensive than rear-wheel drive.

At the auto show, the Bavarians did not have a simple, but a double premiere. Simultaneously with xDrive for 5-Series sedans and station wagons, the audience was pleased with the new 6-cylinder gasoline engines with light alloy blocks - they will replace the previous units for the 520i, 525i and 530i. They promised to expand the list of basic equipment: for example, there is already a Servotronic power steering. For an extra charge - an improved navigation system and a Bluetooth interface for a mobile phone, while "especially sports" customers will be able to order seats with active adjustment of the width of the back. The car itself will decide when to “relax” the lateral support or, conversely, squeeze the driver’s back properly, - the lateral acceleration sensors and the angle of rotation of the wheels will tell.


Here's a rival for Nissan Murano brought to Mazda Motor Co. While MX-Crossport has the status of a concept, but the conveyor is not far off: such cars do not develop an image for the sake of. The MX-Crossport has a clear eye on the growing luxury all-wheel drive market - the Japanese openly sharpened it under the Americans. They are still silent about the characteristics: the exhibition car is a designer, not a technical concept. But at this stage, it is precisely the style that is important for Mazda - the newcomer will be accepted for clothes and nothing else. And by the way, how is she, clothes?

I succeeded. The MX-Crossport immediately recognizes the features of the sports RX-8. It seems that the company has found its “DNA”: bright, dynamic, solid. The Japanese sometimes call this design concept advanced frontiers (new horizons). Of course, for a company that had previously bypassed the world of SUVs, a bold move. But Mazda understands that after a successful landing of the Tribute, a crossover would become a logical continuation - it hurts too smartly they go in countries like Russia and the USA. And the filling will not slow down …

Hiroshima has already hinted that the future MX-Crossport will be packed with myriads of purely Japanese stuff. One of them was even announced. This is a folding screen, which, at the request of the driver, shows either a movie, or a virtual instrument panel, or transmits an image from external video cameras.

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