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Type "pipe"
Type "pipe"

JBL introduces new chassis subwoofer

In a 12-inch GTO-1200T subwoofer, type “tube” with a bass reflex, JBL engineers installed a GT4-12 head with a polypropylene diffuser. Such a diffuser is characterized by high returns even with a modest output power of the amplifier. Mounted on a rubber suspension - it is reliable and dampens vibrations that could lead to distortion.

The subwoofer rms power is 250 watts, and the peak power is 1000 watts. Such high rates became possible thanks to the use of 2-pound magnets with ventilated pole pieces. The basket design provides linear movement of the diffuser up to 12 mm. A special centering washer contributes to this.

The sensitivity of the system (at 2.83V / 1m) is 94 dB. The stiffeners of the basket are made so that a large supply of space remains, and this gives a noticeable effect at the very bottom of the sound spectrum. The impedance (complex resistance *) of the head is standard - 4 ohms, which means that the subwoofer is suitable for a huge number of amplifiers. The frequency range for which the JBL "tube" is designed is from 23 to 450 Hz.

* Acoustic impedance - the ratio of the complex amplitudes of sound pressure and volumetric vibrational velocity of the particles of the medium.

On land and at sea

The Dutch presented a real gift to lovers of multimedia. The first DVD player from Caliber with an index of MVD 170 saw the light. The device works with disks of all formats: VCD, S-VCD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and is reliably protected from moisture and vibration, which allows install it not only in the car, but also in the boat. In addition to the supplied one, you can purchase another monitor - MVD 170 A - and hook it to the same video source. The package includes: 220 / 12V adapter, two pairs of headphones, a remote control, installation kit with cables and fasteners.

Of the nice bonuses you can note a special bag for transporting the device. And the amplifier from the new Racing series will help reveal the full power and capabilities of modern cinema. This type of art is still the most important for us.

$ 12, 000. This is the end

Now any reference series kit can be upgraded. Since 1999, Rainbow has launched the Reference Series for high-end enthusiasts. Components from this line of speakers have won prestigious car audio competitions around the world. The perfect sound is an equal merit of both developers and manufacturers: all components are assembled manually and thoroughly tested, which reduces the percentage of rejects to zero. In Europe there is even a club of fans of this series.

Now any Reference kit can be upgraded to a three-way and even four-way system. The delivery set for acoustic tuning includes a mid-range speaker with a phase equalizing body and a low-frequency speaker with a copper dust cap for a dual midbass. The cost of the most complete set is $ 12, 000. This is a High-end, a world of big money.

Rally raid

In the summer, Caliber expanded its already significant product range. The changes affected the Rally series more. Now Rally is almost an independent brand, combining speakers, subwoofers, head units, as well as decorative elements of the car.

Of the musical innovations, the most interesting are the case subwoofers, which are especially elegant with mirrors, bent plexiglass casings and aluminum fittings.

For fans of street racing and just night partying, subwoofers with neon illumination of red pulsating and constant glow appeared - BC 110 NB, BC 112 NB, BC 210 NB. A lot of all kinds of options for exterior and interior lighting cars.

Models BC 110 RK, BC 112 RK - with a bass reflex, with a volume of 25 and 39 liters, respectively, with a capacity of 450 and 600 watts. There are also options in the design of the bandpass - BC 110 RB and BC 112 RB with a power of 600 and 800 watts. With such power, you can even voice the Lookout.


The subwoofer is a powerful striking gun. Having accepted this postulate, MTX Audio is pleased to offer the Russian market a new line of Sledge Hammer (“sledgehammer”) chassis subwoofers.

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