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XIN KAI SUV X3. From Hacienda To Hacienda


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Video: XIN KAI SUV X3. From Hacienda To Hacienda
Video: Тест-драйв Xin Kai 2006 2023, February
XIN KAI SUV X3. From Hacienda To Hacienda
XIN KAI SUV X3. From Hacienda To Hacienda

So far, carefully, but persistently: the prices are very attractive. We already presented an all-wheel drive car (ЗР, 2004, No. 9), the next in line is a large station wagon prepared according to a Chinese recipe.


According to Sin Kai, one can clearly see that the car builders of the Celestial Empire are still studying and are not at risk with design refinements and cutting-edge technical solutions. They make extensive use of the experience of Japanese colleagues: the car is built on a licensed rear-wheel drive chassis of the Toyota-Hilux pickup truck. The engine and automatic transmission are also tailored in Japan and cloned in China.

But the appearance of the car can be called original … although no, originality is something more, rather, there is no direct analogue. The front end is decided in the current Asian-American style: something from the Land Cruiser, something from the Grand Cherokee. Huge headlights, “turn signals” in the mirrors (a recent squeak of fashion) and … a strange emblem on the grille.

On the side - like a large SUV, but the narrow rear door is clearly from the pickup, and the tall roof alludes to a minivan. In short - a hodgepodge of almost five-meter length and two-meter growth (with an upper trunk).

Inside, at first glance, the wealth is even too much: an automatic transmission, leather seats and a steering wheel, wood accents, climate control, a video player and a rearview camera, a CD radio and a central mirror with a parking sensors display. Alas, fair skin - not too high quality.

This average equipment can be enriched with cruise control, heated seats and other amenities. Or impoverish, going down to the basic version: there will remain a power steering, air conditioning, four power windows, a central lock and a five-speed gearbox.

“Sin Kai” provides seven passengers with luggage - half a meter behind the third row of seats. In the cargo version, luggage weighing up to half a ton was given 1.8 m in length and at least 1 m in height. An intermediate option is perhaps the most popular: the folded third row of seats forms a flat floor. By the way, the second row has a longitudinal adjustment and is “cut” in the ratio of 1: 2.

The car does not shine with the build quality, but it is also impossible to say that it was poorly assembled. Gaps walk in places, the interior plastic is very hard and does not fit snugly everywhere, but if domestic cars were to be done like that!


The low-powered power unit did not disappoint the city too much. Acceleration is smooth, but does not seem sluggish. Shifts very softly. Maneuverability and ability to stay in the flow generally suit. Comfortable fit (unfortunately, accessible only to not very large people), excellent visibility, easily noticeable dimensions - in short, a good impression.

On the outskirts of a country highway, the mood deteriorates: the car responds to the gas pedal mainly with sound, but not with action! Under the loud roar of the engine to the declared 120 km / h we accelerate incredibly long. Its range is 80–100 km / h.

But along the lane, where on the "Lada" and "Volga" cross at a speed of 15-20 km / h, protecting the bottom and suspension, we drove with a breeze. All-terrain features - a frame chassis, high ground clearance (210 mm), suspension energy consumption - is what we need for our roads. Before a full-fledged jeep, there is not enough front-wheel drive … and, of course, power. Such probably will appear in Russia, but a couple of thousand more.


Xin kai - if the cargo volume is important to you, but not the speed of its delivery, this large slow-moving station wagon is for you.

+ It looks more expensive than it costs. Large capacity, good equipment, significant ground clearance.

- Weak dynamics, very noisy motor. Underdeveloped dealer and service networks.

Xin Kai SUV X3

The Chinese company Hebey Xinkai Auto-mobile Manufacturing Co was founded in 1984, in 1999 the production of cars and bodies was established. Xin Kai SUV X3 on the licensed Toyota chassis has been produced since 2003.

The car is offered with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Motors are gasoline under license from Toyota or Mitsubishi or diesel (Isuzu). The list of options is very diverse: from the leather interior to the rear-view video system.

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