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By Berry Places
By Berry Places

In the spirit of “Driving,” it was, of course, appreciated the “berry” from the point of view of service. What we are doing, taking the well-known "top ten" as a starting point. So, we serve "Kalina": it is executed for the first time. As you can see, the laboriousness of servicing Kalina at first glance is noticeably lower than that of the dozens long mastered by consumers. However, these are only preliminary conclusions, since we had a pre-production sample in our hands. On cars that will go off the assembly line, something else may change. We hope for the better.

It is very convenient to monitor and replenish the supply of coolant 1 and “anti-freeze” 2. But to check the oil level in gearbox 3, you will have to remove the air filter pipe or stick your hand to the elbow in the narrow gap behind it. The air filter housing 4 is still visible.

As with other VAZ injection models, the throttle position sensor 5 and the idle speed regulator 6 are easy to dismantle without removing the throttle tube. After all, the first wears out pretty quickly, the second has to be washed regularly.

On a new sixteen-valve engine (1600 cm3), each spark plug has its own ignition coil 7. The benefit is obvious - if it burns out, you will not have to change the expensive module assembly. It is also good that there are not too reliable high-voltage wires.

To check the fuses and relays, it is enough to open the panel. True, the part responsible for the engine control system cannot be found here. They were hidden in an uncomfortable place under the center console.

Obviously, a new way to close the oil filler neck with a threaded plug with a reliable O-ring seal will allow you to get rid of drips.

The sound signal 8 is fixed in the lower part of the bumper - “on seven winds”. It is easy to remove and install, but, unfortunately, it will have to be done quite often - after every winter.

Finally, the tension of the throttle actuator cable began to be regulated by rearranging the staples 9 instead of the uncomfortable nuts “by 13”.

The cabin filter is now a standard part. It will not have to be changed too often, the operation will not cause difficulties.

The adjusting screw 10 for the tension of the generator belt moved, which, however, did not affect the usability.

The wiper motor “came out of the shade”. For replacement, now you do not need to disassemble the half-machine.

The fitting for checking the fuel pressure 11 was removed from under the shield of the gas distribution mechanism. Now you can connect the pressure gauge directly, without an L-shaped adapter, which had to be purchased separately.

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