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Bend Your Fingers


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Bend Your Fingers
Bend Your Fingers

If Muscovites buy a car at a car dealership in 41% of cases, then Petersburgers - only 12%, and others (on average in cities) - in 8% of cases. Moreover, if we are talking about a new foreign car, then the residents of the capital in 72% of cases take it at a car dealership.

The second most popular place to buy a car is through acquaintances (20%), and the third on the market or from a private trader (14%). The latter option is most preferred by Peter (33%) and other cities (42%). In general, among Muscovites two cars can afford 6%, while among the Surgut citizens, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and other citizens of Russia - only 2%. More than half of purchases in Moscow are made by new cars (57%). While in St. Petersburg, Chita, Krasnodar and other cities - only a third.

Metropolitan residents are more likely to buy expensive crews. Tomsk, Murmansk, Kursk and residents of other cities in 32% of cases did not give for the purchase and 3000 cu Among St. Petersburgers who joined them, 24%, and Muscovites, 6%.

Those who are definitely not going to buy a car in the next four years are fewer in Moscow than in other cities - 47%. In St. Petersburg there are 52% of them. In Kazan, Astrakhan, Perm and other settlements of Russia - 59%.

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