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Weather Forecast: Rosy
Weather Forecast: Rosy


The Russian representative office of Audi AG willingly shares plans for the year. Alas, they are still silent about the fate of the healthy Q7. But by the end of January from Ingolstadt new A4 will come to us. Almost all the changes are in sight: you can’t even distinguish them from the updated Six. The list of basic equipment went up. Here are just some of the items: ESP, six airbags, active head restraints and belt tensioners, dual-zone “climate”, full power accessories, w / c c / a, CD-receiver, parking sensors, leather steering wheel. The options are the same serious - you can choose, for example, rotary xenon “pupils” (just like “adults”!), Bose “music”, order a variety of sensors or MMI in three performance levels … A4 and S4 will be imported into our country in sedan and station wagon bodies with eight different engines, there are also diesels. Prices are known: from 31, 330 euros (A4 sedan 1.6 with 5-speed "mechanics") to 97, 530 euros (S4 station wagon 4.2 with all-wheel drive and Tiptronic gearbox). Orders are accepted from the end of last year.

But that is not all. A little later, in April, we are promised the A6 Avant, and in the fall - the RS4 sports station wagon.


The launch of several new BMW products at once will take place in the spring of 2005. In March, the 5th, the world presentation of the new fifth-generation BMW 3-Series will take place. And in the spring she will come to Russia. Interestingly, BMW already has plans for the production of a new three-wheeler at the Avtotor plant, but, as in the case of the 5-Series, German cars will go on sale first, and the Russian assembly is in the plans for the foreseeable future. Judging by how quickly the preparation of the Russian production of the 5-Series took place, if they decide to take up the model of the third series … But there are no plans to assemble representatives of the X series in Kaliningrad yet.

The new flagship - 7-Series after facelift is expected in the middle of the year. Comments are redundant. Perhaps the main question is what will they do with the exterior?

In addition, the dieselization of the Russian assortment of the company should continue! The experience of selling models with diesel engines (albeit so far in a small fraction of the total volume of BMW) inspired the Russian representative office. Yes, and competitors do not shun Russian diesel fuel. Under the hoods of which BMW models will we see new diesel engines?

Finally, recall that BMW is one of the few companies that produce (and sell here!) Not only cars, but also motorcycles. In the two-wheeled BMW series, new products are also expected. In the spring, the all-wheel drive version of the 5-Series and the sports version of the M5 with directly hypertrophied capabilities will appear. You can order the M5 now, and it seems that only by prior orders these cars will be brought here (more than 100 thousand euros after all).

By the summer, we are waiting for the presentation of the even more impressive BMW M6! Especially for those who are not enough "five" with a 5-liter V10, a similar engine is now installed on the "six" coupe. Of course, the car was made different from the usual 6-Series. First of all, the “skirt” of the bumper with gigantic holes is staggering. Slicker here is not a single gram: cooling a 507-horsepower motor is a difficult thing. Behind the trained eye, four “guns” of the graduation will be highlighted - another sure sign of the M6.

Well, inside? Did the masters really not work with the interior? Worked, and how! It turns out that the company’s arsenal also has better quality leather than on the 6-Series. In Merino three shades, you can wrap any element of the decor, right down to the whole “room”.

A special chic is the carbon fiber roof. Until now, no one has put it in series: too expensive. But what a gain in weight! The sports coupe with a lower center of gravity than that of the sedan came out faster than the M5: 4.6 seconds to hundreds (M5 shows 4.9) and 15 seconds to two hundred (M5 copes worse by a second). The box, of course, is “formulaic” SMG, and the flight is electronically limited to exactly 250 km / h.


Citroen will stun the futuristic C4. The successor of the Xsara has an enviable aerodynamics (Cx = 0.28) and an outstanding appearance. That's for sure a way to stand out, and for only 13, 990 euros.

Cool steering wheel revolving around a fixed hub, a dashboard on liquid crystals and other neo-techno … it will not be boring! I wonder if the Russians will be offered the AFIL option as an option warning that the markings intersect with vibration of the seat cushion? If so, then only as a massager: why the electronic eye in a country where markup for six months is simply missing? Check all this in practice, Russian brand lovers will be able in January.


The concern will become generous with several new products at once. The guests of the Paris Salon will look at the light - a compact but spacious B-Klasse on the Ashka platform and its brilliant senior relative, the 6-seater R-Klasse all-wheel drive. We are waiting for the first in the spring, the second - in the second half of the year. Prices and specifications will be announced later. Somewhere in the summer, ML will come, prettier and revised on all fronts.

At the dealership, we were promised that there would be other novelties from Mercedes-Benz. What kind? They say a surprise. For some reason, we immediately thought about the updated S-Klasse.

Chrysler will delight with the next version of the respectable 300C. Since the beginning of the year, the 300C Touring station wagon can be ordered in company stores. Prices start at 41, 700 euros for a station wagon with a 2.7 engine and a 4-band automatic transmission. Step up is the all-wheel drive version 3.5 with a 5-speed Autostick gearbox - such a Touring is 6, 000 more expensive. The "most-most" with the famous 5.7 HEMI under the hood in a 4x4 version will cost 59, 300 euros already - this is the fee for prestige and excellent characteristics: 6.3 seconds to hundreds and 250 km / h on the speedometer for this 300C is not a problem.

Jeep. Happy Americans with might and main roll on the latest edition of the Grand Cherokee. The rest of the world swallows and licks, waiting for the European premiere. Who knows, maybe already this year we will see the Grand Cherokee New in the salons!


Following Ulysse, Doblo and Panda (1.2 + INC), a stream of Italian cars is about to flood into Russia. In any case, the Russian representative office of the concern is enthusiastic and has planned at least five new models and modifications.

Firstly, in January, the choice of transmissions for the “little bear” will expand: Panda will receive a box of MTA (“automatic” with manual shift). The medicine for excess physical education will cost 10 420 euros, almost 1300 euros more expensive than the "mechanics". In June, finally, the Panda 4x4 will arrive - to conquer the domestic abyss. Somehow take root? Question. But the start of sales of the Fiat Idea is not discussed. February! A neat compact van on the Punto platform promised us last year, but something didn’t fit together … But now for sure. Even the prices are known: from 15 220 euros. The advantages are traditional for a multi-purpose: excellent capacity, a million transformations and storage facilities. And neutral design is the perfect proportion. To everyone and everyone. The question of the feasibility of delivering the updated Multipla minivan, which is no longer as eccentric as its predecessor, is seriously considered. Now the office is just studying its relevance.

And what about Alfa? In spring, or rather, in March, the Russian premiere of Alfa-Romeo GT is scheduled. Coupe based on the 156th model - the apotheosis of sportiness and style. So they have it in Turin.


The main event for the Russian representative office of Ford Motor Co in Russia will be the start of production of the Focus II model at the plant in Vsevolozhsk. Details - prices, model range, deadline for collecting orders, production volumes - will be announced on January 19 (we have already been invited to a press conference). So far the following is known. In April, the plant will be stopped for about three weeks for re-equipment - this will mainly affect the body and paint shops. In May, the assembly itself will begin, and the first cars will go to customers in June-July. Focus II plan to produce here with bodies: sedan, 5- and 3-door hatchbacks, station wagon. They promise a wide range of engines, including diesel!

The new Focus is built on the same platform as the C-Max. A similar use in the production of Mazda3 and the new Volvo S40 / V50. A lower center of gravity than the Focus I, a 25 mm larger base and a 40 mm wider track improved ride quality, especially cornering stability and predictability. To do this, I had to reconfigure the suspension, paying particular attention to handling and vibration reduction.

Security enhancements deserve separate material. Focus II optimized the “emergency” deformation schemes, increased the body stiffness, increased the effectiveness of the brakes (larger diameter discs) and added airbags. As a result, Focus II brilliantly passed tests for compliance with the declared parameters in the Swedish laboratory Volvo Safety Center. Getting a positive conclusion from the Swedes is not so easy!

Designers are also satisfied with the work done: “To develop the appearance of this car, our team had to solve ten thousand different tasks. But the main goal was one - to build Focus even better than before.”

General motors

In 2005, the Russian representative office will continue to attack the Russian market immediately on all brand fronts. Opel By the summer, tentatively in June, they will start accepting orders for the Opel Tigra TwinTop - a 2-seater mini-car with a convertible hard top at the base of Corsa. The tilt scheme is similar to that of the Peugeot 206 CC, this "French" Tigra and is going to compete. Most likely, an option with a 1.8 engine will jump towards the customers. Expected replenishment in a number of models Astra - sports hatchback Astra GTC with a 2.0 petrol turbo engine. We should expect new products from Saab only by the end of the year. Firstly, this is the facelift of the 9–5 model, and secondly, the derivative of the 9–3 model is the Sport Hatch. Cadillac will launch the STS sedan shown at the last auto show in St. Petersburg. Unlike the "driver's" CTS, this is positioned as a representative car "for those who are sitting behind." Moreover, in addition to the single-drive version, the STS with all-wheel drive will appear simultaneously. Will expand the offer and brand Chevrolet. Recently, Daewoo cars are sold under this name. Aveo, Lacetti and Evanda, which arrived in late 2004, will be Rezzo compact van in the first quarter of 2005. There are no plans to launch new models at the Avtotor plant yet. But the program of the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ is promised to be expanded. Traditionally, this will happen on September 23, but the data on the model may become known in May.


Immediately after the New Year, a restyled CR-V 2005 model year was approved in Honda salons. What's new? Little. The optics are now fashionable, transparent, the body kit has changed. Corrected ergonomics, optimized the instrument cluster - all the little things. The exterior colors and upholstery options were added, the basic equipment was enriched. A remake of the popular SUV is a bit late. The company had plans to begin arming the Russians with this model back in November, but now those who wish can make an excellent gift for the men's or women's holiday! But not CR-V single. Honda has something else in store for this year. What exactly, they are not in a hurry to tell, they stir up interest …


Great news for fans of Eurodesign and Korean prices: Sonata VI will appear in Russia in spring and summer! The exact amounts have not yet been announced, but the Russian distributor of Karnet-2000 promises the following: “Already, it is safe to say that the new Sonata will be offered to Russian customers at a very interesting and even unexpected price, given the traditional quality and reliability of Hyundai, as well as the class and a set of options for this model. " Are you intrigued? We, too.

Recall: the previous, fifth, generation Sonata is now being assembled at TagAZ and successfully sold at a price that is attractive for a car of this class: from $ 16, 990 (2.0 + MKP).

Land rover

Soon they will show us what a real sport is! Range Rover Sport, recently presented in Detroit, is going to Russia (read in the same issue). The most powerful LR SUV will arrive in May-June. Probably will not be left without news and Jaguar. Why did we recall the “predators” in this section? The fact is that since December 2004, the former representative of Land Rover Russia, and now Jaguar Land Rover Russia, has been leading this brand with us. Yes, there were enough concerns for the employees of the representative office before the holidays. And then there's these New Year chores …

Let's hope that in 2005 the company will surprise its fans more than once. We have plenty of them.


Mazda's premieres will begin to rain, as always, in early fall. In September, the salons will be decorated with the facelift Mazda6. Around the same time, the Mazda5, a newcomer to our official range, will come here, which is not surprising: the car was recently presented to the European public. By the number of interior settings, few are compared with it. A rare 6 + 1 landing pattern (if a seventh place is not required, it can be folded and luggage taken up), sliding doors and four engines, two of which are diesels - that’s all that is known about the Mazda5. Specifications and prices will be announced closer to the launch of the model. Another novelty is already in Russia, but not yet for sale: a pair of rotary RX-8s (not “gray”, mind you, but officially imported!) Are now being driven in a variety of tests to identify flaws and report them to the Japanese. One compartment works on daily trips around Moscow, winding kilometers in traffic jams. Another actively participates in test drives, decorating the Mazda Kuntsevo showroom during breaks. Managers study demand: they are interested in the opinions of visitors, conduct questionnaires and wonder how many dollars a Russian enchanted by the beauty of the RX-8 is ready to pay for such an exclusive. The numbers in the profiles, believe me, are rather big. So, we have a chance to notice the first “white” coupes on the street this year.


In January, the Mitsubishi family will replenish the Outlander Turbo with a motor from the Evo VIII. It will differ from the rest of the Outlander externally - with its own lining, bumpers and “matching” moldings, slightly altered optics with darkened diffusers, slightly different body panels (rear door, wings), new wheels (17 ") and colors. Still, of course same, the air intake on the hood and the sports exhaust system. Something has changed in the cabin. Here is another weather control knob - much more convenient than the previous one, leather and Alcantara trim. A supercharged 2-liter engine with an intercooler accelerates the Outlander Turbo to the cherished mark of everything and 7.7 seconds is very good result even for a sports sedan, but not cheap and appreciated Turbo:.! $ 38, 590.

Of course, the charged Outlander is not the only guest from Mitsubishi. In the spring, the 3-door Colt should come - as the press release says, “something more than just a Colt without two doors.” And in the fall we will have an event of the year - the brilliant Evolution IX.


Nissan has prepared thoroughly for the new year. With the first spring sun, new Pathfinder will come to Russia - we traditionally love such cars. The new boasts a solid frame, permanent all-wheel drive and independent suspension of all wheels. There are dozens of seating options, like a minivan. In addition, they can be folded in order, making room for cargo. The Pathfinder will join the recently introduced Patrol and by the end of the year should report for a substantial share of sales. As soon as it finally gets warmer, the shiny Nissan 350Z Coupe will roll out onto the streets, this should happen in May-July. The main "prize" is the long-awaited Murano. The crossover will be distributed through the official Nissan network along with repair and maintenance services. The first visit of the so-called “gray”, but beloved by many wealthy citizens “alien” will take place in early autumn.


Remember the baby with the index 1007? So, the presentation of the glorious baby in our market is just around the corner. Prices and other arithmetic will be announced shortly before it, in the second half of 2005. What about the Peugeot 107? At least until the Geneva premiere of 107, C1 and Aygo representatives declined to comment. Good luck, after all, is a capricious lady who will not frighten away for long.


In March-April, Porsche will make solvent offers to the Russians, which cannot be refused. Porsche 911 Carrera Cabrio, the dream cabriolet! 285 km / h top speed and 5.2 seconds to a hundred - "just" indicators of the usual Carrera Cabrio. But there is a top S …

Classical forms are mesmerizing, but prices can enter into an even greater stupor. Carrera Cabrio on the basis of the latest generation coupe offer to order for 109 900 euros, Carrera S - already for 122 700.


In terms of the number of new products per capita, Renault is probably the record holder. This year the company will officially unveil about a dozen new models and modifications. Not pampering for the time being with details, we were promised commercial Trafic (beginning of the year) and Kangoo (autumn).

In spring, civilian “containers” will appear - Grand Scenic II and Megane II Break (station wagon), in the summer they will be joined by the compact Modus. Renault Espace Evolution will be brought in the second half of the year. Then we meet the updated Laguna and the new incarnation of the "aristocrat" Vel Satis.


The young representative office of Skoda is full of plans to strengthen the image and position of the brand in Russia. The main event of the end of last year was the launch of the Octavia II model on the market. The car was offered with a hatchback body and three engines to choose from (gasoline 1.6 and diesel 1.9 Tdi and 2.0 Tdi). In addition, Skodovtsi reorganized the dealer network. The task for 2005 is to continue optimizing activities and updating the assortment. And Octavia II will again be a novelty. In March, they will start producing a version with a petrol 2.0 FSI, and by April the cars should appear with us. In April, they are going to present the Octavia II Combi station wagon and its 4x4 version. Why is the wagon offered with all-wheel drive? The representative office explains that according to their calculations, just such a combination - utilitarian and passable - is more precisely aimed at practical people. We'll see. But first, let's evaluate the sporty versions of the RS - the same Octavia II and … Fabia! By dates - February-March. But! This is really a significant revival for the Skoda lineup in Russia! So, set to asset.


Korean manufacturer continues to pick up pace. Throughout the year, the general distributor of Cort Ltd. It will present two new participants to luxury-oriented buyers at once. One of them will replace the Musso, shot in December. And, of course, a new Rexton awaits us, but already in Russian production. An agreement was signed between SsangYong and Severstal; in September, the first Rexton car kits should arrive on assembly lines specially built by then. If everything goes according to plan, dealers will receive the first lots of the SUV at the end of the year.

Toyota / Lexus

Toyota intends to slowly continue updating the lineup. The real sensation is the Lexus RX 400h. Representatives of the company announced the start of hybrid sales at the autumn auto show in St. Petersburg. Toyota Chief Engineer Osamu Sadakata, a man undoubtedly keen, then proudly declared: “We moved the four-wheel drive car to a new dimension”, which immediately hooked the audience. There was no end to those wishing to take a closer look or photograph the installation (Hybrid Synergy Drive): such mechanisms are still out of the ordinary. The base is a gasoline 3.3 V6 (211 hp), two electric motors accompany it. The total capacity of the installation is 272 hp, which is enough even for active driving (fits into a hundred RX400h in 7.6 seconds). Toyota invites to visit the “new dimension” in the second half of the year.


In the coming year, Volkswagen will arrange for the Russians several premieres. First of all, this is an absolute novelty of the Golf Plus mini-van lineup, sales of which will begin in the first half of the year. Plus, created on the basis of the fifth generation Golf, surpasses it both in size and in usable volume and functionality. In addition, the next generation of Polo will appear in Russia, and at the end of the year - the new Passat. Planning the delivery of a supercharged Golf GTI. “Of course, in 2005 we will make every effort to further develop the Volkswagen dealer network in Russia,” they promised us at Volkswagen Group RUS.


With optimism enters the new year and Volvo. In January, the dealer price lists will be enriched with the S60 with a 2.4 engine (140 hp) - high-torque (220 Nm at 3300 rpm) and at the same time lean. Until now, the company sold in Russia only the S60 with engines from 170 hp. and higher. A month later, welcome the XC90 with a 4.4-liter V-shaped figure eight. A unique motor with excellent traction and dynamic characteristics was created specifically for the American market. Therefore, one of the most powerful production engines fits into the strictest requirements of ULEV II / Euro 5. The G8 was placed laterally so that in case of a collision the unit would not cause harm to passengers. For the same reasons, the motor is made as compact as possible, with a camber angle of not 90, but 60 degrees. Дисбаланс компенсировали балансирным валом. Появление XC90 с мотором 4.4 действительно событие, ведь Россия входит в десятку крупнейших рынков сбыта Volvo и закупает немало больших и мощных авто. Кстати, квоту на модификацию 4.4 мы получили одну из самых больших…

Конечно, это не все гости из ближайшего будущего. Будут и другие - от российских заводов и СП (в Калининграде уже загорелись идеей собирать Kia Sportage II). Кстати, число таких предприятий совсем скоро может увеличиться: Nissan и Toyota давно подумывают и теперь уже близки к строительству в нашей стране собственных заводов, далеко идущие планы у Volkswagen…

Увы, новинки отечественных производителей, куда более интересные большинству россиян, учету не поддаются: слишком уж планы зыбкие. То ли дело иностранцы! Хотя аналитики и предвещают на рынке новых иномарок временный спад, общая картина остается оптимистичной: графики продаж старательно тянутся вверх, а к нам привозят все больше новинок - перспективных и не очень. Глядишь, и родной автопром подтянется.

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