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The Less, The More?


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The Less, The  More?
The Less, The More?

Hyundai Getz

In the spring of 2002, a five- and three-door hatchback debuted.

Engines for Russia: 1.3 and 1.6 liters (85-105 liters. From.).

Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic.

Options: GL, GLS.

Price: $ 9, 990-15, 290.


Fiat panda

In the spring of 2003, a 5-door hatchback was introduced in Geneva.

Engine for Russia: 1.2 L, 60 L with.

Transmission: 5-speed manual.

Options: Actual, Active, Dynamic, Emotion.

Price: $ 12, 150–20, 500 (Є9135–15, 424).


Opel Corsa

In autumn 2000, a 3- and 5-door hatchback are presented. Restyling in 2004.

Engines for Russia: 1, 0; 1, 2; 1.4 liters (60–90 liters. From.).

Transmissions: 5-speed manual, automated mechanical Easytronic, 4-speed automatic.

Options: Essentia, Enjoy, Cosmo.

Price: $ 10, 990-15, 455.


Volkswagen POINTER

It is made in Brazil since 1981. The last, third generation introduced in 2000. Restyling - 2004 year.

Engines for Russia: 1, 0; 1.8 liters (65–99 liters. From.).

Transmission: 5-speed manual.

Options: Basis, Safety, Safety +, Safety +.

Price: $ 9, 499–11, 938.

There are a lot of people who want to drive a modern car, but car prices, especially from Europe, bite. Maybe confine yourself to a compact B-class? The benefit of new products here is enough. Chevrolet Aveo and the winner of the Automobile of the Year 2004 contest, FIAT-Panda, enter the Russian market. Volkswagen Poynter, although not a beginner, really only now became available to the mass buyer.

I would like to once again look at the recognized favorite of the market - Hyundai Getz. Its sales this year are expected to exceed 10 thousand. Well, as the “stove” in our test, the once again updated Opel Corsa, now with a liter engine, could serve. It will prove to be an interesting Volkswagen-Pointer pair with an engine of the same volume.

However, the wedge did not converge on the dynamics. The landfill roads are covered with snow, and the instrument measurements will have to be postponed until April, when the asphalt will again come out from under the white winter bedspread. But more attention was paid to the headlights, interior heating and "winter" handling. After all, you can glide on ice and snow as much as you like without much harm to the tires. The announced base prices of these cars are 10 thousand dollars or a little higher. But this is in advertising, but in reality …


The General Motors concern is huge; the history of its brands can be read not even a lecture, but a whole course. Perhaps the most “global” of the brands is Chevrolet. Now under it there is a Niva, a Corvette, and … a former Daewoo Calos. However, this name has now been replaced by a completely harmonious one. And then the people we have, you know, sharp on the tongue.

True, nothing can be said about the appearance. Aveo sedan looks fresh and quite original. His appearance in this company is partly a necessary step: at the time of the test, there were no commodity hatchbacks yet. However, the trunk of the five-door car was still measured, and the driver’s impressions, presumably, will not be so different.

Naturally, the sedan is larger than the fellow in terms of trunk space, but the hatchback also looks good, with a minimum lead in the top five in this parameter.

Compact car - cramped car? This is not about Aveo. The size of the cabin, albeit with a slight advantage, bypasses the “Getz” and “Corso”. In addition, the measured ruler does not always correspond to the sensations. And having traveled from salon to salon, we were convinced that the “feeling of spaciousness” is stronger precisely in Aveo. At first, not bad in his back seat, but the poor shape of the back and its strong tilt do not allow you to take a comfortable pose.

The owner of the most powerful engine, Chevrolet Aveo confidently accelerates in any gear. In the city, this allows you to start in the forefront, on the highway - confidently overtake, since with "long" IV and V gears, you hardly have to switch to third.

Chevrolet is confident on ice, it does not react very sharply to snowy ridges and ridges - even a tired or inexperienced driver will have time to take action. Want to be smart? No problem: Aveo is doing its job the same way - with sense, with feeling, with alignment. True, she does not like outright hooliganism - skidding is permissible only to a minimum. And it’s better to ride without slipping. Rating is good.

Finally, we measure the clearance. A pleasant surprise - 155 mm, however, without protection.

Hyundai Goetz

An old friend participated in many editorial tests. True, only in the warm season. What are the differences in winter? The climate is fine - warm and dry. If it’s wet, you can call the air conditioner for help - at zero degrees it still works. I would like to evaluate the head light, but it’s bad - the dealer installed bi-xenon (!) Headlights on the demonstration car. It turned out brightly, and if you remove the protective screens from Plexiglass - and it’s absolutely magnificent. But our story is about the serial "Getz".

Its interior is stingy only on the base model - in the GLS version, the front panel is decorated with a silver insert. Although the main material of the panel and steering wheel looks rude, there are no other complaints about it - it does not creak and is pleasant to the touch.

We measured the driver's seat - visibility and the range of adjustments are not bad. But any car of the five "limits" the growth of the driver. Of course, thanks to the high ceiling in Goetz, Corsa or Aveo, a two-meter-long baby will fit, but already at 190–195 cm the landing will not seem comfortable enough. Adjusting the seat height is included in the GLS, but it doesn’t help much, only raising the front edge of the cushion.

Reseeding from any other car of our five into the Getz interior, we were convinced: at idle, the engine is hardly audible here. But do not hope that silence will accompany you the whole trip - above 3500 rpm the voice of the motor becomes very persistent. Fortunately, with the increase in speed his character does not deteriorate - he is lucky enough from the very “bottom”, significantly adding after 3000. In combination with “long” gears, this makes the car convenient not only in the city, but also on the highway, in addition, the economy improves.

On a slippery road, the Hyundai Getz demonstrates good stability, reacting poorly to uneven pavement and rutting. However, one should be on the lookout for the latter: the ground clearance is small, and one often hears how the protection of the engine compartment scratches in the snow. Not bad "Getz" in icy turns, but only to a certain limit. Go into the turn faster - and with a sharp skid of the rear axle is no longer so easy to cope.

In addition, the power steering is clearly tuned for asphalt - on the ice you can only guess the position of the wheels, and therefore it is not recommended to intercept the steering wheel once again.


Do you like pizza? No - it doesn’t matter! It is round, yellow and looks like a little sun. The Panda that got to the test was also sunny yellow. Perhaps this affected our estimates: on cold and dark evenings there is not enough heat … In other cars, everything is standard: gray and black plastic, sometimes with light inserts "for revitalization". Practical and non-marking upholstery - no, this is not about the Panda.

You can eat only spiritual food, as doctors say, for two months. Then - a kayuk. So it is with cars: no matter what emotions the crew caused in the parking lot, they value it on the road …

In the city "Panda" makes only a positive impression: it easily seeps through tight alleys, easily parks in any yard, the wheel spins literally with one finger, even without the City mode. Thanks to the high landing, the road is at a glance. The short gear lever itself falls into the hand, and not too powerful, but the high-torque motor confidently carries from the “bottom”, without forcing to switch again …

City streets are replaced by a dark and dirty highway, then snowy roads of the landfill. The fun ends at the same time as the sun sets. Heater fan to the second speed - otherwise it's cold. Gasoline from the tank decreases suspiciously quickly. Ah, there is only 35 liters, and at high speeds the Panda demonstrates a healthy appetite. When it's dark, I want the headlights to shine further and better illuminate the curb. He came out, rubbed - it didn’t help … The road surface changed - now the ice rink on the snowy coast - the Panda hesitates uncertainly, trying to break free, and when one of the wheels breaks through a five-centimeter snow parapet, one must act confidently, clearly and in no case to dump gas. Have fun on the court? Everything is in order: the car responds well to the steering wheel and gas pedal, but the developing skid needs to be countered quickly.

And to determine what happens to the drive wheels, “touch” does not work - the steering wheel is “empty”. The result - errors, excessive compensation for skidding and “buildup”. Is it fun to fly sideways at the training ground, raising snow whirls, and on the track in front of the oncoming one?

The fluid in the washer reservoir has run out, where is this capacity? The thumb-neck is hidden away from the eyes. You’ll shed half without a funnel …


Bright red is the color of speed and optimism. Of course, knowing that under the hood there are only three cylinders, and the working volume is less than a liter, it is unreasonable to make high demands. But I would like to approach the interior more critically.

The radical black color of the finish is solid, but you expect at least a little frivolity from a compact car. The modest dashboard is diluted with the traditional Opel central display; It displays receiver settings and outdoor thermometer readings. The latter, as usual, will promptly remind of ice.

Although the Korsa was born when the concept of a “high hatchback” did not yet exist, it is not easy to compete with the interior volume. And thanks to the large, almost square openings and the adjustable backrest tilt, the German compact is perceived as a micro limousine.

The driver's seat is characterized by a modest but comfortable seat with intelligent height adjustment, excellent reach of the controls and the ability to choose a comfortable fit for almost any height and figure. Even a short seat cushion does not spoil the impression. It is worth turning the ignition key, the interior is filled with the characteristic chirping of three cylinders. At high speeds, the noise becomes “more noble” - and noticeably louder. The character of a combat motor is “all or nothing”. Therefore, the speed range of the Corsa is divided into segments in accordance with the capabilities of the engine. If you “twist” it to a limiter, the dynamics will pleasantly surprise not only you, but also those around you. However, one should not deceive oneself - on the highway the comfortable "ceiling" of Korsa is 110-120 km / h, there is no dynamics above the reserve, and the engine noise from the invigorating one becomes annoying. But fuel consumption remains pleasantly low.

The ECOTEC three-cylinder engine seems to have the same cooling system pump as the four-cylinder ones. In winter, at idle, it never warms up to operating temperature, but in motion it is a matter of a maximum of two minutes.

Electric amplifiers “like a class” weren’t kicked only by the most lazy journalist. It is incredible, but true: the reactive action on the steering wheel of the Korsa remains at low speeds and on bare ice.

Today, General Motors offers Opel with both adapted to Russian conditions, and with a European suspension. The experimental "Corsa" was with a European package - 125 mm without protection.

Quite confidently, Korsa coped with both the ice ruts and the small snow parapets left by the cleaning equipment, all the drivers of our five rode it noticeably faster.

But the most pleasant surprise was handling in an ice turn. The third gear is barely enough to rip the studded tires into a slip, and the Korsa continues to podzuzhat: faster, faster! This confidence is easy to feel: the car is perfectly controlled not only by the steering wheel, but also by gas, allowing you to change the trajectory already on the arc of rotation. In general, for fans of an ice "figure" - that is what is needed.


The guest from Brazil for the first time got on a comparative test. Not to say that the company’s representative was happy about this. It is understandable - against the background of European models of Volkswagen, for which, in comparison, any place except the first is unacceptable, Poynter looks faded. A small cabin, modest equipment, noisy and unsuitable for dynamic driving engine. We already knew all this. But winter and bad roads equalize the chances of different motors, and completely different features may come to the fore.

When you have to change gears frequently, you are demanding of the convenience of this process. A short lever with long strokes is not very convenient - in extreme positions it is too tilted. And yet - desperately vibrates when slipping. Colleagues driving the Poynter did not like the steering wheel shifted to the side - if you put your hands “at fifteen to three,” the difference becomes noticeable. But the widely spaced front seats create the "illusion of a big car."

But the more kilometers they wound, moving away from the metropolitan lights, the fewer criticisms remained. The cabin is warm and there are no problems with ventilation, the ground clearance allows you to ignore the snow blocks and dumps, the brakes without ABS confidently work on the verge of blocking, including on ice. Even the power steering does not steal information about the road. Only the yaw of the car, noticeable thanks to the soft and long-stroke suspension, creates tension on the winter road. However, it has little effect on the accuracy of control - you just need to get used to it …

Icy turn was a simple obstacle. Due to the good directional stability of the Poynter, it is necessary to “break” it at the entrance quite roughly, but it easily maintains the desired drift angle and allows changing the trajectory. Even a novice behind the wheel will easily regain control of the machine after a sharp maneuver. Reseeding then to the “exemplary” Corsa, you get used to “piloting” with more precise and precise movements for a couple of minutes.


A foreign car for 10 thousand dollars - this trick will always attract a buyer. But is it possible to purchase such a car? Theoretically, yes. Although it is generally incorrect to discard compulsory insurance and tax. In the price lists of Chevrolet and Hyundai there are Aveo for $ 9900 and Goetz for $ 9990: they really can be bought in the basic configuration with one airbag and without air conditioning. However, the Chevrolet in the "base" noticeably loses: it does not have a power steering and electric windows. But they cost not 90, but 900 dollars. Volkswagen Pointer for $ 9, 499 is also real - but only with a three-door body without airbags and power steering. Five-door “Poynter” in a similar configuration costs $ 9841.

The basic price of the three-door Corsa performed by Esens is $ 10, 990. A five-door car with a liter engine costs $ 11, 290 - with one airbag and without an electric power steering.

“FIAT-Panda” looks the least advantageous in this company for 9400 … euros. That’s all said, because in more familiar dollars on the day of the test, its price was $ 12, 500.

Test car prices are in the captions for the photo. Two of them come close to the 15, 000th mark. Of course, the “experimental” Hyundai Goetz ($ 14, 739) was stuffed with additional equipment, like a Christmas goose with apples - from the “tricked-out” parking sensors ($ 340) to bi-xenon headlights ($ 695). The package meets the preferences of the Russians - all the “bells and whistles” with a single airbag. Without the "extra", its price in the performance of GLS will be $ 12, 550.

The Chevrolet Aveo sedan looks modest. Of the "excesses" it boasts only a leather steering wheel, but at a price of $ 12, 950 it is equipped with two pillows. In a richer set, the upper bar prices $ 14 150 - for side airbags, ABS and alloy wheels. A hatchback in a configuration similar to the Hyundai Getz GLS will cost $ 12, 750 - also with one pillow, but a much more powerful engine.

Against this background, the price of the test "Opel Corsa" ($ 14, 900) looks overpriced. Nearly 15 thousand for a car with a continuous rear seat back and power windows only in the front? Yes - for full-size airbags (the base is small “European” only for the driver), an air conditioner and an electric power steering, the Opel asks for $ 1700!


It exists, and in our case it is not difficult to derive it. A car that fully satisfies everyday transportation needs is doing better in Korea today. The lack of individuality has been eliminated: after all, the appearance of “Getz” and “Aveo” was created in Italy, recognized by Mecca of artistic design.

The European approach: “a minimum for reasonable money” is in many cases justified, but with careful calculation, the cost of additional equipment often outweighs all the advantages of the machine. Save on everything - from the upholstery and hood seal to the engine: a small volume - a small tax. We will not, however, step on the corns of the European Union. God forbid, we will introduce such taxes - we will transfer to bicycles!

Nevertheless, attempts to create an inexpensive and quite modern car continue. FIAT Panda is a good example of this. We have no doubt that his high praise by European journalists is fair. The problem is that our operating conditions, to put it mildly, differ from European …

Is happiness possible with a liter engine? It is, if he has an acceptable characteristic, and gear ratios are well selected. Naturally, the dynamics behind a hundred leaves much to be desired, and each passenger in the cabin is not at all felt with a “sixth sense”. The problem is that only moderately boosted motors have the necessary flexibility - and the inexperienced consumer wants more “horses”. It is not easy for designers to solve this problem: if Korsa deserves a solid “four” here, then Poynter hardly earned “satisfactory”.

So, Hyundai Goetz and Chevrolet Aveo will fight for the sympathies and wallets of Russian motorists, the first one still has a good positional advantage, and the second one is ready to compete, providing equal prices with more powerful engines. The rest, despite all the advantages, has the role of dancing.


Being the first is not easy. Sympathy motorists can not buy only brochures.

Thousands of “getts” sold in Russia convince that he finds his buyer. Korean perseverance and Italian design made a successful pair. An attractive price also played a role - in two years, the base Getz went up by only $ 500. They say quality does not fail either. With the current euro exchange rate, the competition of the "Europeans" does not threaten him. But Chevrolet Aveo can bite off a solid piece of cake that Hyundai already considers its own.


Appearance is not the last thing. It is she who determines the first impression of the car.

It is difficult to remain indifferent to FIAT-Panda. Even making not the most flattering assessments, you feel a strange attachment to a charming, but a little awkward car. These are chosen by heart, not by reason. You can probably improve stability and comfort. But let it be as it is. “Panda” cannot be grown up - if it grows up, it will turn into “Multiplu” …


Volkswagen Poynter is a leader in terms of geometric cross-country ability. Large ground clearance, long-stroke comfortable suspension, a spacious trunk are useful primarily not on the capital's highways. Simplicity of design and decent behavior on a slippery road will be appreciated there, even to the detriment of acute reactions. The car is quite competitive … outside the metropolis, if it works as a "workhorse."


Chevrolet Aveo - wants to be a solid car, and he does it.

+ Powerful and high-torque engine, spacious interior, large trunk, high ground clearance, comfortable suspension, a sense of spaciousness.

- Скромный диапазон регулировки руля, неудачное заднее сиденье, недостаточно четкое переключение передач, «отстраненность от водителя».


Hyundai Getz - золотая середина: эмоциональный выбор рациональной идеи.

+ Запоминающаяся внешность, трансформируемый салон во всех комплектациях, тяговитый и экономичный двигатель, хорошее качество сборки, низкий уровень шума.

- Малый дорожный просвет, небольшая энергоемкость подвески, посредственная информативность рулевого управления, неудачная посадка для рослого водителя, высокая цена с двигателем 1, 6 л.


Fiat Panda - кусочек Средиземноморья под хмурым московским небом. Опять не там…

+ Запоминающаяся внешность, удобная характеристика двигателя, отличная обзорность, приятный интерьер, высокая маневренность.

- Тесный салон, неудобная посадка назад, неинформативный руль, слабый отопитель, маленький багажник, числа на ценнике ниже, чем у коллег, но… в евро.


Opel Corsa - немецкий порядок и бережливость в одном лице.

+ Удобное место водителя, отличная управляемость, точный руль, хорошо подобранные передаточные числа, экономичность, просторный сзади салон. - Маленький дорожный просвет, шум двигателя на высоких оборотах и слабая тяга на малых, скупая базовая комплектация, дорогое дополнительное оборудование.


Volkswagen Pointer - друг человека.

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