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My Beautiful Witch

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My Beautiful Witch
My Beautiful Witch

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Having plenty of talk with the products of the motor industry, I realized that I wanted (especially since I could afford) to transfer to the "Japanese". Walking through one of the motor shows, I saw her - Yamaha Virago 400–2. This is how she saw a woman - and her eyes, legs, hips were fascinated … And what is in her - in the two-wheeled “Witch”? Got it: of course, the air-cooled V2 engine. When they told me that it had 40 hp, I completely went nuts and said to myself: “It will be mine!” And he continued to “paw” it with a look: a thick rear wheel, plentiful luster of chrome, steep steering lines … This sheer bitch "American"! (He named it that way because Yamaha made the motorcycle in the American style.) I have long liked this type: a strong, arrogant bastard! Such a bridle - you respect yourself. Let the “Witch” be a little smaller than the “classmates”, but it looks like a “big” chopper.

And the store consultants kept everything on fire: this paw is not like everyone else: two gas tanks - the upper and lower, the exhaust system with a common resonator. The engine is also not in itself, it is a bearing element of the chassis. And it’s only worth it - 2000 “killed raccoons”.

You can’t say that she came to me shabby. Although the “Witch” wasn’t young (she took 12 years a year ago), she only ran 20, 000 km, and even then - along the “ironed” Japanese highway. The engine worked without extraneous noise, the box clicked clearly. But anyway, if you want to be sure of things (like a woman), prepare, educate her "for yourself."

Before starting a life together, I undertook to change all working fluids. And he did right what he took: there was almost no oil in the rear axle gearbox, and a disgusting substance flowed out of the engine crankcase, very remotely resembling motor oil. Oh, my dear, how everything is started in you!.. Replaced the oil and fuel filters, brake fluid, front brake pads, installed a new rubber, battery. In order not to run into failures during a sudden opening of gas, he replaced the air filter and vacuum membranes in the carburetors - they were decayed.

Look like that's it? So no, after the first 50 km of movement, the “relay” regulator “grunted”. But I most likely killed him myself - when I tried to start the engine with the help of a charging and starting device. On the collapse of parts pretty quickly found a new one for fifty bucks. Well, witch, did I bring you into a divine form?

In the city, she is like a fish in water, like a witch in a swamp: a relatively small weight and size, low center of gravity allow you to successfully maneuver at any speed in a dense stream of cars and in traffic jams. Confidently “stands” on straight lines and easily enters turns. Manageability at ultra-low speeds is a separate issue: it does not “scour” and does not break in the direction of rotation, like many of its “classmates”. The high-torque and “nimble” V-twin (you can even start in 3rd gear) accelerates to “100” in 6-7 seconds, which makes me feel like a king and a god when overtaking, starting from a traffic light, in the left-most lane of the highway. The engine is quite resourceful, but it does not overheat even after hours of driving along traffic jams or on the highway when you rush at full speed. The sound of the exhaust system is not loud, but it cannot be confused with another: it is the sound of a V-shaped “two”. Gearbox - class! The last two gears are “long”, the fourth “covers” almost the entire range from 40 to 90, and on the fifth motorcycle continues confident acceleration to 130 km / h. And here she showed her bitchiness: driving a Witch in a standard configuration faster than 100 km / h - it blows away! But I tamed the obstinate: I installed a “vetrovichok” - and comfortable speed rose to 120-130 km / h. “Maximum speed” of my partner was about 145 km / h.

The front brake slows down the motorcycle effectively, but do not forget that it is still with a single-piston caliper: at speeds above 120 km / h, and especially after several intense braking, it will noticeably “wither”. We have to help the rear drum, and he is enough chains so that even on a dry road not to pluck a wide rear wheel to the south. There is a nuance: after replacing the pads, they must rub themselves against the drum, and until this happens, the rear brake is disgusting.

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