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A Dozen New


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A Dozen New
A Dozen New

So, let's take a look at a dozen new products in 2005 …

Surely, more than a dozen new products will appear - you can’t tell about all in one sitting. Yes and whether it is necessary? Agree, surprises, especially New Year's, are very pleasant.

New Year is always presents … What will make automobile companies happy in 2005?



After updating the A3, A4 and A6 families, it is logical to expect a change in the Audi TT coupe, which debuted back in 1998. In Ingolstadt, they are really preparing a new car on the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 platforms. Outwardly, it will resemble the concept of “Nuvolari” shown a couple of years ago. The base will be a 2-liter engine with direct fuel injection, there will be a modification with a diesel engine of the same volume. And the top version, which will appear later, will be equipped with a 3.2-liter VR6 engine. TT premiere is likely to take place in September in Frankfurt.


The spectacular LF-C concept car, which at first glance is far from life, is hardly accidentally driven to car dealerships: the debut coupe with a retractable roof took place in Tokyo 2003, and in the fall the car visited Paris. This is a 4539 mm rear-wheel drive car with a V8 engine and six-speed gearbox. It will serve, like the LF-S concept sedan, very close to the convertible in stylistic and constructive solutions, the basis for creating the updated IS family and SC coupe cabriolet.


Spacious, 4505 mm long minivan celebrated its premiere in September in Paris and will go on sale in Western Europe in the spring, in Russia at the end of the summer. Mazda-5 with three rows of seats (landing formula 6 + 1, one seat for children) is going to be equipped with gasoline engines with a capacity of 115–145 hp, as well as 110- and 143-horsepower diesels. The latest modifications are unlikely to reach us.


It will happen! The famous "Gelendavagen" - a combat vehicle of NATO soldiers and one of the most prestigious vehicles in Russia, which went off the assembly line for more than a quarter of a century, will finally resign, obeying the dictates of passive and active security. The new Mercedes-Benz G will look civilian - less severe. Obviously, designers will refuse some structural solutions, for example, rigid bridges and dependent suspensions. It is curious that they are going to do and … a pickup truck on the basis of "Gelendavagen". Of course, for the American market.


The Nissan Ton concept car introduced in Paris is conceptually close to the French Renault Modus. However, the Japanese minivan is larger: length - 4055 mm, base - 2600 mm. Looking at the Tone, you can imagine what the next Nissan Almera would look like. It was updated in 2000, and the world premiere of the next version in 2005 would have looked quite logical. Structurally, the car is unlikely to change much. You can expect a wide range of modern powertrains from the Renault Nissan Alliance.


Following the Peugeot 407 sedan, the station wagon under the "company" designation SW became serial. In 2005, the family will complement the coupe. It, following the example of "four hundred and sixth, " is likely to be created jointly with the Pininfarina firm. Among the engines will be a new 2.7-liter six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of about 200 hp. It, of course, will be put on other Peugeots, as well as on Citroens. The debut of the pre-production model “Peugeot 407 Coupe” is possible in the spring, in Geneva.


Created a few years ago, the concept of the Citroën C6 Lignage has not been forgotten by designers and designers. In Geneva, the flagship of the lineup should be debuting - the serial Citroen C6.

A car with a proprietary hydropneumatic suspension will undoubtedly be spacious and richly equipped, because it will have to compete with popular, primarily German, business-class models. A 2.7-liter diesel engine will appear in the range of engines.


A compact all-terrain vehicle draped in black covers already drives European roads. This is the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Little is known about him so far. In the basic configuration, the car will be generously equipped with anti-slip and other electronic systems, as well as six airbags. Current motors are being upgraded. The base, apparently, will remain a 2-liter gasoline engine. Most likely, the “six” volume of 2.7 liters, which is now equipped with the XL-7 version, will also be installed on the Grand Vitara.


This premiere of next fall is one of the most anticipated. "Passat", like most new models, will be larger than its predecessor. Of course, designers will not dare to change the style dramatically; most likely, the car will gain a noticeable resemblance to the prestigious Phaeton. He also borrowed a 240-horsepower six-cylinder engine. So at first they will equip the most expensive version of the Passat; even more powerful modifications will appear later.


Together with the serial "Ford Focus" in Paris, they showed an elegant concept - the now fashionable coupe-cabriolet. The elegant Focus with retractable hardtop was created in conjunction with the bodywork company Vignale.

It was announced that the car will become serial (like her every year more and more), and pretty soon. The concept, of course, will once again be shown in the spring in Geneva. To produce it in series was entrusted to the Italian company Pininfarina.


As you know, Korean “Daewoo” is now sold in Europe under the American brand. Creating the Chevrolet-m3x concept, the designers did not try to hide that it was a modernized Matiz.

Of course, it is richer finished, equipped with a four-cylinder 1-liter engine rated at 47 kW / 64 liters. with. Will such a Chevrolet Matiz appear in Russia? We believe, yes, having competed … with the Uzbek namesake of the previous generation and at the same time becoming a full member of a huge family of diverse Chevrolet cars.


In the twenty-first century, eight years is a long time even for a prestigious sports car. In addition, the HC Coupe externally falls out of the current corporate style of the Jaguar. The new one will surely be similar to the recent Jaguar-R-D6 concept car.

By the way, on this elegant car in the style of the legendary post-war Jaguar-KhK120 there was a 2.6-liter diesel engine, which is already equipped with sedans and station wagons of the X family. Will there be a Jaguar sport coupe with a diesel? In the twenty-first century, it is quite possible.


Domestic manufacturers will also try to please the premieres. Of course, they are not really (rather, not at all) surprises, but closer to most of us.

The long-awaited Kalina finally became serial. In 2005, in addition to the sedan, the VAZ-1117 station wagon and the VAZ-1119 hatchback should go on sale. Gradually expand the range of motors (ЗР, 2004, No. 11).

Presented at the Moscow Volga motor show GAZ 3110 7 (ЗР, 2004, No. 9), in addition to the modified rear part, it features a spring rear suspension and another gas tank, which made it possible to hide a spare wheel in the trunk floor. But the deadline for starting production is still unclear.

In June, dealers will have presentation copies of the UAZ-3163, and sales will begin in August. They promise a completely redesigned interior and upgraded units. The base engine is the familiar ZMZ-409.

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