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Lada Denso


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Video: Свечи Denzo TT на гранту fl, косяк от Автоваза. 2023, February
Lada Denso
Lada Denso

0 And why in Russia candles? Good question, right? What can you do - the Japanese still know about us as much as we about them. Cool sumo wrestling (not to be confused with sake!), A complete misunderstanding of the advantages of forks over chopsticks, and in addition - Chio-Cio-san, deceived by the American Rambo. In response, the polite islanders chuckled at the Europeans - they say, barbarians! - and continue to ignore all languages ​​except the native one. Get lost in the street - do not get out!

But at the end of 2004, an unprecedented thing happened - the company Denso invited a Russian journalist to visit. For the first time in its history …


In terms of production and sales of automotive components, Denso is second only to the American Delphi and the German Bosch worldwide. But for all that, we really don’t know her … I think this is what caused the unexpected invitation. On the far islands, they realized that the Russians had driven the bears out of their streets, started driving cars and smartly buying spark plugs …

The eastern candle is a delicate matter. Even very thin - with a central electrode diameter of only 0.4 mm! No other company in the world can put spark plugs with such thin electrodes on the stream. And “Denso” - could: laser welds the iridium electrode in a circle. Moreover, she learned to attach the same thin rod to the side electrode: this, too, no one else can.

What for? According to the official statement of the company, the use of Denso iridium candles in ANY car will necessarily lead to lower fuel consumption, less harmful emissions, higher power, higher maximum speed and better dynamics! Of course, we are talking about fractions of a percent - but where are they from?

I will express my personal opinion: when creating spark plugs, practice is always ahead of theory. Nevertheless, we will try to work it out together.


In Japan, life is expensive. For a liter of gasoline you will be required to pay a quarter and a quarter euro, and for a plot of two hundred parts (without buildings!) You will have to climb into bondage and pay a six-figure amount. Therefore, the desire to save is understandable.

For spark plugs, it looks like this. An iridium alloy electrode alone can turn a candle into a long-lived one - from 100, 000 km and above. The side electrode is also being finalized - for example, a patch of platinum is welded to it. And the “coolest” solution shown on the screen saver is to use the same iridium alloy. This allows the owner of a brand new car, in fact, to exclude candles from the list of consumables - this is the first source of savings.

And where are the extra kilowatts and others like them? At Denso, it is believed that it is not enough to set fire to the mixture - it is also necessary for the flame front to move at the highest possible speed. In "ordinary" candles it is difficult for him to "crawl out": a thick central electrode interferes. You can, of course, simply increase the gap in the candle in a simple way - they say the path is clear! - but for this you will immediately have to pay extra kilovolts, but where to get them? But if you make the electrode as thin as possible …

At the same time, two Japanese birds with one stone are killed at Denso - they clear the path to the flame front and reduce unnecessary heat removal through the central electrode. Recall - its diameter is only 0.4 mm. However, we will make a reservation right away - Denso supplies candles with an electrode thicker (0.7 mm) to conveyors of car factories. There, the priority requirement is put forward a long service without replacement, and therefore the candle should be "long-playing", such as long Life. But if the client wants to save money, he will buy “thin” candles: the mileage will be less (reduced from 200 thousand km to 100 thousand), and the power will be more.

And another source of savings. Other things being equal, a candle with coaxially arranged thin electrodes requires less breakdown voltage than its full-length colleagues. And if so, then in the most adverse conditions (sharp acceleration, etc.), such a candle will not complain about the lack of kilovolts from the ignition system.


“But there are no candles for you …”

I expected this and was not offended at all … The fact is that the polite Japanese sent a questionnaire in a circle - say, indicate the brand of your car, and we will select the right set of candles so that you can personally experience the benefits of the thinnest “iridium” in the world … Well, read the truth - GAZ-3102 with the engine ZMZ-4062. The next day, all invitees receive branded bags - everyone except me … The Japanese are upset - there is always something wrong with these Russians … Nothing, nothing - both GAZ and WOLGA are on the catalogs of other manufacturers … The embarrassed owners carefully rewrite the contents of the data sheet and promise sort out in the shortest possible time.

However, spark plugs are just a test snowball, which should tear down on us an avalanche of other equipment - air conditioners, generators, controllers and other things. In addition, “Denso” primarily relies on the owners of foreign cars - they have no problems with identification. But if not Volgovody, then the owners of Samar and other VAZs, Denso already provides - what kind of business with Russia, if you do not know about Lada?

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