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From Russia - By World Standards

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From Russia - By World Standards
From Russia - By World Standards

Jean-Michel Jalinier, General Director of Avto-Framos OJSC, Renault representative in Russia and the CIS. Born in 1953 in France. Engineer, Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 1975-1985 led research and teaching at Metz University and the National Polytechnic Institute in Grenoble. At Renault - since 1985, began in the management of research. 1995-1996 - Deputy Director of the Flan Factory, 1996–2003 - Head of the Renault Trafic production program, awarded the title of 2001 Van in Europe. Since July 2003 he has been working in Russia.

- A year and a half ago, you came to Russia. What personally impressed you most in our country?

- Winter. I was surprised by the ability of Russians to quickly adapt to low temperatures. I also tried to learn this as quickly as possible and now I find winter a very pleasant time of the year. Winter adorns Russia and Moscow.

- How adapted is Logan to our winter, to what extent can it be considered a Russian car?

- “Logan” was developed on a joint platform “Renault” and “Nissan” with a proven power unit. A number of technical and aesthetic changes were made to the design. The style corresponds to Renault, because in Moscow we will make a car under this brand. And the equipment was improved to guarantee engine starting at low temperatures and to increase the corrosion resistance of the body, for which we provide a 6-year warranty. We also strengthened the protection of the bottom, in particular the brake and fuel pipes, installed mudguards. Big and small changes are gaining enough. We relied on our experience with the Renault Symbol model, which has worked well in Russia.

- How will your car digest Russian fuel?

- We offer engines for Russia with an original, different from Western European, setting. Such engines can be operated on gasoline with an octane rating of 90 and the characteristics inherent in Russian fuel.

- Renault pays great attention to safety. The latest models receive 5 stars in the EuroNCAP classification. Will Logan look convincing?

- As you know, as applied to Logan, the main task was to reduce its price. Therefore, they decided not to achieve the highest absolute indicators. Accordingly, he will not receive 5 stars, like other Renaults. So far, Logan has not participated in such crash tests, but we can definitely say that he will be among the best in his class.

- In the summer, in the “C” segment there will already be at least six different cars of the Russian assembly: “Lada-110”, “Hyundai Accent”, “Chevy-Viva”, “KIA-Rio”, the new “Ford Focus” and “Renault” -Logan. " What place do you put your car in in this line of technical level?


- As I already said, the car was created on the common platform of the Renault alliance - Nissan, on which, for example, the latest Renault Modus is produced. Logan has incorporated all the best in terms of comfort and road behavior for a car of its class. We occupy a leading position in the class in terms of interior and trunk space among sedans. Therefore, the car is comparable to any other of the segment, but the production price is such that Logan outperforms classmates. For example, in the cabin - a solid front panel, which is noticeably cheaper than composite ones. Thanks to such decisions, we were able to achieve cost reduction without compromising performance. It is on technical equipment that the car is at the highest level.

- Where will it be cheaper to produce Logan - in Romania or Russia?

- Clearly cheaper in Romania. Firstly, labor in Russia is more expensive. Secondly, Renault would like to develop the production of components in Russia, we are making great efforts for this. We expect that in 2005 localization will be 20%. However, this means that the remaining 80% of the parts will have to be imported. Customs costs are the second reason Russian cars will be more expensive. After all, transportation over long distances also adds value.

- In what currency will the prices for “logans” be determined?

- We always said that this car will cost 7-10 thousand euros. We are constantly working on our commercial policy and decided in 2005 to switch to prices in US dollars.

- Back to the topic of localization. Reliance on Russian component suppliers seems utopian …

- The first agreement was signed with ZIL on the supply of stamped body parts. It is about protecting the pipelines on the bottom. Tooling for dies - the Russian company Interkos from St. Petersburg. Mud flaps will be supplied by another Russian company - Elast, also from St. Petersburg. All car glazing - from the Borsky glass factory. The seats will be manufactured at our factory by one of the international manufacturers with whom negotiations are ongoing. And the filler will make the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise Sotex. Here are five contracts signed by us.


We are also negotiating with a number of potential partners and are ready to invest in re-equipment of their production and training, if the level does not reach our standards. We plan to produce 60 thousand cars a year at Avtoframos, possibly more, that is, our contractors will be provided with large orders. We have serious ambitions regarding integration.

- Are you in favor of reducing duties on the import of components?

- That's right. I stand for low customs duties, or even for the abolition of those for certain types of products that do not have strategic importance. This will serve the development of automobile production in Russia. The reduction in duties should be linked to what investments are made in the industry, whether they really serve the creation of car factories that need these components. And local suppliers should be competitive in comparison with importers, winning on transportation costs. This is how national industries of the international level are formed.

By raising duties by 20%, you help reduce the competitiveness of local products by exactly these 20%. Perhaps a certain network of suppliers will be formed, but not one can compete in the international market, export their products! This is not very good for Russia, which has everything necessary to grow world-class manufacturers.

- When you talk about Russia there, abroad, do you assess it as a country with a high degree of risk financially, administratively?

- Here and there, in France, I have always said and say that Russia is a country with high economic potential. Renault is aware of this, since it began to work here and develop this potential. I must admit, in Russia it is rather difficult for investors. Despite the ongoing reforms, the burden of administrative dependence is too heavy. Due to the large number of reforms, the legal framework is constantly changing.

- Mr. Jaligne, you have worked in many countries of the world. Where do you breathe easier?

“Where I am today.” You cannot feel happy thinking that it is better in another place.

- Could the neighboring Moskvich devastation be cast a shadow on the dynamically developing Avtoframos brand?


- It’s enough to have a quick look at our factory to understand the difference. For me, the story is as follows: once there was a famous brand "Moskvich", now it is gone. There is a new enterprise, Avtoframos, created by the Moscow government and Renault. It has nothing to do with Moskvich, but it is trying to revive the automotive industry in the historical place where it existed. It seems to me that the residents of Moscow will be happy about the emergence of a new, dynamically developing enterprise in this territory. We do not have any share in Moskvich’s property; we have neither the right nor the desire to use its trademark. We only release Renault.

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