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Guardian Angel For The Driver

Video: Guardian Angel For The Driver
Video: Driver: Parallel Lines ► Guardian angel(Ангел-хранитель) №10 No Commentary ! 2023, February
Guardian Angel For The Driver
Guardian Angel For The Driver

"Bosch" claims: electronic assistants will reduce by 90% (!) The number of accidents such as "caught up-moved." The main role is given to the CAPS (Combined Active & Passive Safety) project, which combines the separately existing active and passive safety systems that were planned until 2009.

The so-called "Predictive Safety System" will be implemented on production cars in three stages. At first, already in 2005, the car from afar learns a possible obstacle in its path, tightens its seat belts, pushes the brake pads to the discs, and prepares a “break essist” for possible emergency braking. So the driver will be presented with a few fractions of a second. At the same time, an alarm will sound in the cabin.

The second generation should go into series in 2006. The car will not only squeak displeasedly with a buzzer, but will also make a warning sharp push “on the brake pedal”. Then only the dead will not react. And, finally, for 2009 it is planned to master automatic emergency braking without the participation of the driver.

Existing systems will be improved. The Distronic, which maintains a safe distance, will learn to work in the entire speed range.

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