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Do Not Want A Fiasco, Think About Casco


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Do Not Want A Fiasco, Think About Casco
Do Not Want A Fiasco, Think About Casco

Ode to Joy

In the end, Sergey settled on the AutoCASCO policy (this term, as many know, means insurance of the car itself and usually involves two risks - “hijacking” and “damage”). Of course, you could buy it directly at the car dealership where you purchased the car, but then there was simply not enough money. By the way, some believe that in a state of euphoria when buying a car, it is better to refrain from other serious expenses. You can hardly read all the clauses of the agreement carefully. Whether it is so or not - I can’t judge. In addition, we have another task - to collect information. And in this case, you need to keep your eyes open. There used to be one Gosstrakh, but now how many of them are insurers? And everyone wants to offer the conditions one another sweeter. Here, “home delivery policy”, “holiday discounts”, “any form of payment, plus a gift”, “professional approach”, and much more.

But how to choose a company where everything would be cheaper, but also more reliable? First you need to learn only the most general.


There are no more companies involved in frank swindle on the market today. They were survived by more far-sighted insurers, so that the weather would not be spoiled. The package of services for all is virtually the same. So the number of candidate companies for your money is better to immediately reduce to two or three, known personally to you, your friends and already verified. Have you decided? Now you can count.

All this we did with Sergey. They opened the Internet, where now all major insurance companies have their own pages, took a calculator and figured out how much the insurance would cost.

Initial data: 2004 KIA Magentis (2 liters, 136 hp, automatic transmission, and all for $ 20 thousand), its drivers are the owner himself (30 years, 10 years of driving experience), wife (25 and 3, respectively) and father (55 and 28). The car is stored in the garage. And here's what happened: to sleep peacefully, in the RESO-Garantia company, according to the RESO-auto policy (as they call it AutoKASCO), $ 2066 should be paid for the year

In another insurance company, Neftepolis, the same will cost less: about $ 1800, and in Ingosstrakh, if you believe the electronic calculator, it will be $ 2100. In any case, it’s not cheap … True, all companies have their own small “lures”. For example, RESO is ready to give a 5% discount if you place a sticker of an advertising company on the rear window (for $ 100? With great pleasure!). The discount is also given to those who set the alarm with a radio beacon.

Gamblingly clicking on calculators on the websites of different companies, we came to a disappointing conclusion: the size of insurance premiums (including discounts) is practically the same for everyone. So, in order to make the right choice, you must still carefully read the insurance rules, where the insurance conditions should be clearly spelled out, what risks it is and the conditions for settlement of insurance cases.

As a rule, cars insure against theft, damage, accident, fire, glass breakage, theft of parts. Additional equipment installed on the machine can be insured separately.

In some cases, when determining the insurance amount, insurers require you to submit the car for inspection. Incidentally, despite the fact that the average insurance premium is 7–10% of the price of a new car, in some cases this brand and model may affect this amount (both ways). This is because some people steal often, but do not pay attention to others (the most stolen cars in Moscow, for example, are the “tens”, “Chevrolet Niva” and “Toyota RAV-4”). Be sure to pay attention to whether the contract obliges you to store the car only in the garage (in a guarded parking lot) or not. It is very important!

If you choose a full package of insurance services, including OSAGO, in most large insurance companies offer at least two presentations - an emergency commissioner in case of an accident and a free tow truck if the car breaks down. Do not miss another important point of the contract: what set of car elements and how much is paid in case of damage without any reference.


Surely everyone remembers a hilarious ad where a rocket is stolen from astronauts. As a person who has gone through the loss of a war horse, I highly recommend paying attention to how quickly and by what means compensation is promised for AutoCASCO. Some insurers repair “their” cars only at their own service stations. This is not always convenient. The best option, when the choice is left to the client: to make repairs at his own expense and report with checks; introduce the car to the insurance company, draw up a calculation and repair as you wish; Repair at the service station of an authorized dealer is entirely at the expense of the insurer.

Now about the saddest thing: the car can not be restored or it was stolen completely and irrevocably. Pay attention to how long the insurance company will compensate for the loss. According to the law - two months. But, of course, the sooner the better.

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