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On The Issue Of Overpayments

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On The Issue Of Overpayments
On The Issue Of Overpayments

YAMAHA FZ6 (N), road

photo by Konstantin YAKUBOV

Year of issue

| Engine

| Power

| Weight

| Top speed

| Estimated price


A high-tech liquid-cooled engine, a fuel injection system, an aluminum diagonal frame a la sport bike, a telescopic fork with a bearing pipe diameter of 43 mm - this makes you dizzy. But we are talking about a device with a 600 cmz engine. Is there a lot of this engine volume or not enough for city driving? 98 hp at 12, 000 rpm doesn’t mean anything? But only for the time being, until you sit in the saddle of the FZ6 and start the engine. Guessed - this is the same engine that for six years has been regularly racing his majesty the R6 sportbike. Now he, the motor, appears in a new quality for himself.

It has a slightly lower compression ratio, maximum speed, power and torque, but I did not feel any noticeable difference in acceleration dynamics, as well as in other driving properties. Having released the clutch lever, be ready for incredible acceleration. “Work” with a 6-speed gearbox does not cause difficulties: after 200 meters he was moving in high gear. “Short”, thought and listened: the engine worked steadily, willingly reacted to the movement of the gas handle. Meanwhile, the tachometer needle showed only 3, 500 rpm. Surprisingly, the engine does not have an EXUP control valve or a power supply system with two throttle valves. Here is the first part of the answer to the question of whether it is worth paying so much for new-fangled little things, if the engine is already completely controlled in the widest speed range, on any surface.

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