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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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No Fools
No Fools

For the answer we went along the favorite route of motorists - the small Golden Ring. The vehicle is the editorial GAZ 3110 with the “406th” engine, and the rear service is the Niva.


The ancient city turned out to be quiet and underpopulated - not a season. This suited us quite well: it would be impossible to miss the lonely Volga in distress in the central square.

The first passing one responded to the call. A couple of funny "gazelists" promised to send a mechanic without fail, "if he did not go home." After half an hour it became clear - he left. Again, a wave of the hand - and an equally instant reaction. The driver of a well-maintained UAZ immediately set to work. Not hearing a characteristic buzzing, he quickly “calculated” the idle gas pump and, taking out a probe from his pocket (!), He began to examine the electric circuit. When he reached the relay, he did not try to “click” it (note, this is not an optimal path, since the relay might not work for a variety of reasons - say, due to the lack of “mass” or power), but rang the winding in the old-fashioned way - on finger. Here is the essence of it. Leaning the probe tip to the finger, the master closes it through himself to the “mass” - the globe. If the legs are not in dielectric galoshes, the probe lamp will light up - there is contact. Now you need to take in hand one terminal of the relay winding, and apply voltage from the probe to another. No contact - there is a break. Q.E.D.


This time - a large industrial center. Residents of the metropolis reacted sluggishly to the SOS signal, as it should be in status. So in Moscow you can stand with outstretched hands for more than one hour. Here for the first time they sympathized in twenty minutes. The driver of the “loaf” explained that there was no technical assistance in the city, so everyone can get out as best he can. He suggested we tow to the nearest service if we indicate (?!) The road. A further survey of the movable part of the population confirmed that there are service stations in the city, but it is not known exactly where they are located. Obviously, paid services are not particularly popular here either … We went for reconnaissance: a fairly large and well-equipped outbreak of technical culture was found in three kilometers. True, it was not possible to warm up near him - they categorically refused to accept the Volga. But they gave the address of the specialists. Without a tip, we would not have found this dirty hangar, because it was hiding in the depths of the area fenced off with a barrier on the territory of the fair center. Tariff - 5 rubles per entry. Due to the lack of a queue, our Volga was immediately rolled inside, parked near a rickety wooden chiffonier. When the master opened the sash, we could not believe our eyes - on the shelves there was a whole diagnostic complex with a computer! The outcome, of course, was a foregone conclusion: having paid 400 rubles, within half an hour we moved on our own to the base. On the bumps in the “glove compartment”, a spare relay, carefully laid out by the master (you never know!), Was rumbling.


The people, as in Uglich, are sympathetic - everyone offered feasible help, but there were no injection specialists among those passing by. Hope sowed a passerby. His words sounded like a fairy tale: “Three hundred meters on a mountain cafe. Nearby is a gate without a sign. Behind the gate is Armen, who can fix any car in five minutes!”Soon, the legendary master was already leaning over the lifeless engine. True, he didn’t have his tool, so he turned off the pliers from the fuel line happily found under the seat of the Volga pliers. And after a second, a tough jet under a residual pressure of about two atmospheres hit the removed hose, dousing the company with high-octane fuel. As soon as the flow dried up, the specialist issued a verdict - replacing the gas pump!

Timid hints at a certain break in the power circuit, the master resolutely rejected - the sentence is final. However, he never started to replace the defective part: in the shops of the city the necessary spare part was not found.

“In vain, you muck,” the peasant at the G8 commented on the economic situation. - Drag to Kashin, there are only twenty-five kilometers. Ask for service at a winery. And nobody will help you here.”


The glorious town is small in size, so a car repair branch was immediately found. I must admit, the vodka kings did not stint on arranging their own service station: wherever you look - an abundance of imported equipment. There is even an electronic stand "descent disorder" with a powerful processor. It is a pity, a similar plant is one in the district.

While we were packing profile products in the company store (10% discount), the master, using a computerized tester, found a malfunction and, digging around for order in the controller’s memory, closed the hood with satisfaction. The price turned out to be familiar - the same 400 rubles.


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