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Blue Light


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Video: Jorja Smith - Blue Lights | A COLORS SHOW 2023, February
Blue Light
Blue Light

So why is blue light so attractive?


Now, to decorate the car is allowed to use any improvised material. Do you want - a plexiglass knob on the gearshift lever, certainly with a plastic rose inside, you want - a wooden steering wheel for a "penny". And why is there a funny fringe around the perimeter of the rear window cut off from five pennants to the “Five-Year Drummer”? With the development of small business, “turbo” stickers, “don't overtake - it's a shame!” Calls and signs with indecent profiles came into play. But all these cute pranks are zero without a wand compared to marker lamps of a soft blue hue! You look - cute and at home, and the price is affordable even for those who are listed as "temporarily idle" in all kinds of polls.

The seller of the auto parts store nearest to the editorial office told us that one such light bulb costs 60–70 rubles, but, unfortunately, “there aren’t such ones on sale now - they’ve taken it apart: there’s a great demand for them!” He could not explain the reason for the hype. And we decided to interview the capital's drivers ourselves.

So, the usual Moscow evening after a hard day, Garden Ring. Together with the inspectors of the 6th department of the traffic police of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow, we “catch” the “blue” (in the automotive sense of the word).


Not even ten minutes had passed before the blue “five” came right at us. Mom dear, this is the device! Two yellow stripes throughout the body with many stickers emphasizing its belonging to the world of Formula 1. Blue bulbs instead of “dimensions” crown the finished look of the “highway eater”. At the wheel of the device - a young man of unexpectedly intelligent appearance.

To begin with, inspectors check documents (everything is in order!), Then my turn comes: “Excuse me, why did you put blue bulbs?” The guy hesitates, rolls his eyes up before saying “Probably for beauty.” Well, everyone has her own concept about her. The ancient Vikings horned on helmets, and modern Papuans stick hefty bones in their ears … Apparently, the young man read all this in my eyes and began to convince that in fact he didn’t have light bulbs, but LEDs, but "they consume noticeably less electricity". Probably because they are blue. Okay, let's write it down.

The next "blue" was the driver of the Quartet, a middle-aged man. For some reason, when asked about the color of the “dimensions”, he began to make excuses: “This is not my car, but my younger brother; mine broke down, so I had to get behind the wheel of the Quartet … and I myself hate neither dull tinting nor blue bulbs!”Well, excuses are accepted!

After a few minutes, slightly freezing, we stop the black Volga. Fog lights shine as expected, but the main ones are playfully colored in blue. “Oh, and what, it is impossible with blue bulbs? And we didn’t know!”- the driver and passenger answer almost with one voice. While the traffic police inspector reproachfully explains why it is impossible, the driver suddenly “remembered”: “We bought one at the factory!” So, it turns out, who introduced this suspicious fashion to the blue “dimensions” - gazovtsy! We are not going to blame the auto builders from Nizhny for such a strange and completely inexplicable violation of GOST, but actually it's in Russian: “It's not me, it's Vasya!”

Meanwhile, the traffic flow is increasing, and in it "blue" flash flicker. Here is another black “Volga” - a natural “flying Dutchman”! In the dark, a faint blue light of “dimensions” barely breaks through - if it weren’t for the streetlights, the car would completely merge with asphalt. “But I don’t know anything,” the driver, uncle of what is called an age, answers the traditional question. “A car depot machine, I only work on it. The mechanic released the line - it means that it is working.” - “So you can’t see you at all on the road!” - “I see everyone, but if anything - ask from the motor depot!” Yes, this is calm … Probably, he served in the army as a tankman - he’s not afraid of anything!

In about ten minutes we slowed down a funny little such “ninety-ninth”. It turns out that she’s not just like that, but “at execution”. "War paint, " apparently to be seen from afar - the customs officer is going!

That evening, nobody really could explain to me why it was necessary to change regular light bulbs to blue ones. Over the evening, we heard numerous variations on the theme: “I already bought one,” “there were no others in the store,” and, in the end, “now the fashion is like that.” Fashion is fashion, but everyone tried to stop the blue ones as one who initiated the installation of new bulbs for someone else, but not themselves - brother, boss, manufacturer … What kind of fashion is this that is followed, but it’s very embarrassing ?

A silver “Nissan” with red diplomatic numbers (!) And blue “dimensions” completed the picture of our evening duty. Judging by the license plate numbers, the car belonged to the Embassy of Argentina. Interestingly, but they can travel around Buenos Aires in this form?


How to deal with such a strange habit? I have no clear answer. From the standpoint of the law, a fine or warning is the maximum that their traffic police officer can punish. But something we did not even hear about such attempts. A familiar inspector, to my naive question, why didn’t they stop, do not punish, sincerely surprised: “What are you doing, fell off the moon? Can't see what is going on on the roads? You don’t have time to stop everyone who flies on the “red”, but here some “blue” … Like it - let them go, they themselves are worse off. " In fact, it’s worse for all of us, and if the traffic police constantly turns a blind eye to the “little things” - will the employee be able to see the “big” one? Is not a fact…

So what to do? How to explain to “blue” drivers that they have a perverted sense of beauty, that they provoke emergency situations? To prohibit blue light bulbs in stores? Or rejoice that a fashion has not appeared in the country to wear a helmet with horns and hefty bones in the ears?..



SIC DOBDD Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Blue lamps in the side lights are by no means as harmless as it seems at first glance. The main thing here is lower brightness compared to conventional lamps. This means that other road users will discover such a vehicle much later than safety requires. We will not discount the dangerous "fun" of some: wanting to show off longer with blue lights, they do not turn on the dipped beam to the last. What is it, when going on an unlit road to overtake, to suddenly stumble upon such a "blue-eyed" idiot?

From a legal point of view, the installation of blue lamps is also unacceptable. You won’t pass inspection with such “beauty” - according to GOST 8769–75 “External light devices for cars, buses, trolleybuses, tractors, trailers and semi-trailers. Number, location, color, viewing angles,”the color of the front position lamps, as well as the dipped and main beam headlamps, must be white.

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