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Flights Not In A Dream, But In Reality

Video: Flights Not In A Dream, But In Reality
Video: dream reality 2023, February
Flights Not In A Dream, But In Reality
Flights Not In A Dream, But In Reality

At first glance, this is a somewhat unusual type of tricycle - a tricycle with a closed body. But only until the driver straightens out …

propeller folded overhead. And now PALV (Personal Air & Land Vehicle) completes a short run and easily soars up! Quietly (noise level less than 70 dB) rattling a 213 liter rotary engine. with. (he brings a small pushing propeller at the back), PALV is able to rise above the bustle to a height of up to 1, 500 m and carry riders at a speed of up to 195 km / h.

Returning to earth is a simple task. After all, the landing speed is only 30 km / h, and the highway segment required for the run does not exceed … 5 m. Plus, of course, 4 meters to the device itself. However, you can take your time with landing: the flight reserve with a full tank is as much as 550 km! Only 50 km less than the range on the highway.

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