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Frg: It Is Profitable To Ride Without Accidents


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Video: Frg: It Is Profitable To Ride Without Accidents
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Frg: It Is Profitable To Ride Without Accidents
Frg: It Is Profitable To Ride Without Accidents

Despite the legal reliability of the auto insurance system itself, it is very confusing and it is not easy for the ignorant to understand its details. Yes, this is not necessary - hundreds of insurance companies are ready to offer you their services. Having made a purchase decision, you will not be able to bypass the insurance agent. He is the first instance with which you have to communicate even before the completion of the desired transaction. From him, the car owner receives the so-called "doppel card" - a certificate of contractual relations with the insurance company. From this moment, she is obliged to conclude an agreement within two weeks. There can be only one reason for refusal - if it turns out that the client has not paid the premiums to the previous insurer.

So, the contract is signed. This means that the insurance company assumed responsibility not only for possible errors of its client, but also expenses for compensation for probable damage. Like us, in Germany it is not the beloved car that is being insured that is considered only as a source of increased danger, but the civil liability of the owner. At the same time, damage is considered not only a damaged car, but also a broken window or a bent lamppost, a crushed pet or medical expenses of the injured pedestrian, including the cost of medicines. Do not hesitate, all this will be reimbursed by the insurance company within the limit established by the state. And this is a considerable amount - up to 50 million euros! True, there are many reservations. For example, if a driver has made a drunk accident, he will not only not be paid the damage, but will be fined and deprived of his driver’s license.

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The question of how much insurance costs in Germany cannot be answered unambiguously. For me, even after several years of living here, this is not very clear. The amount depends on a lot. From, say, how “fresh” your car is, whether it is equipped with an anti-theft device, who will drive it constantly, whether the owner of the car has a garage, whether the fees will be charged to the client’s account, or each time he will have to remind him of payment, etc. Sometimes, upon successful completion of all conditions, the contribution amount may decrease by 30–40% of the initial one.

In the German law on compulsory insurance there is such a thing as a car accident class. Each type of car corresponds to a certain class and there are fifteen of them: the higher, the more expensive the insurance. For example, for any BMW with a high accident rate, you will have to pay more than for Volkswagen Passat, and for Mercedes more than for Toyota. True, there are cars that are initially classified as hazardous. For example, Volkswagen Golf belongs to them, and the reason for his fate is popularity among young people.

The amount of insurance depends on the region in which the car is registered. Where more cars are registered, higher and regional class. In addition, it depends on the average accident index in this region. But still, the main thing that is taken into account in the cost of insurance is the duration of the accident-free ride. Here they are guided by a special indicator, expressed as a percentage. A beginner with an experience of up to three years starts with 230%. If during the first year he did not have an accident, the percentage drops to 140. The next year of accident-free driving is already 100%. And so up to the lowest threshold - 30%. In monetary terms, the amount of insurance for different companies differs slightly, since it is determined according to a special table. For my three-year-old Volvo S60 car in the 85% class assigned to me, I pay 1236 euros per year. When concluding an agreement with an insurance company, I took into account my general driving experience, how many years I have been traveling without accidents (here the agent had to take my word for it - I couldn’t figure out how I traveled in Russia), the model and year of manufacture of the car, as well as the presence of a garage. For a 2-liter Nissan Primera of 1993, a friend of mine, having 70%, pays 924 euros per year.


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