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Dad, Buy Me A Monster

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Dad, Buy Me A Monster
Dad, Buy Me A Monster


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The title's story is fun. It arose along with the motorcycle itself in 1992 as part of an experiment in the field of the creation of a technician to the marrow of bones - project manager of a new car, Miguel Galuzzi.

His design team created a prototype in just a few days, fortunately, there was plenty to do from - they used the frame from the 851 model and the 900 engine embedded in it. The company leaders approved the concept and suggested that the designer himself immediately come up with a name. As untitled!

Burdened with difficult thoughts (“I’m not a poet to you, especially not a PR man!”), Galuzzi went under a family shelter. And there the kids attacked him: “Tyat, tyat, but did you buy us a monster even today ?!” And he forgot to think that his two offsprings then collected a collection of little rubber monsters. They were sold on every corner, so I forgot … "All of you will be with monsters!" Miguel snapped softly, but most likely, turning not to the kid, but to his bosses … "Well done, smartly invented, " - reacted the next day the whole composition of the chefs.

The range of "monsters" in 2004 crowned the S4R, equipped with almost superbike bells and whistles. There was one drawback - it is very expensive (E17 400). And then Ducati launched the S2R on the market, the device is much more affordable - it’s cheaper by 4.5 kiloeuvres. Installed in it an 800 cc “air” motor. Yes, it is smaller in volume, but well-tested! With a “ventilator”, the motorcycle looks more built-up - the radiator does not protrude, the tank hoses do not defile the look. The lack of superbike coolness is not noticeable - externally, the car is not inferior to the flagship.

But this is not an outdoor Chinese vase to enjoy it! “What is it like on the road?” - we were going to ask Ducati when the company called on journalists from leading motorbikes to try Monster “in business,” and not just anywhere, but in Monte Carlo, a territory famous for not only a high concentration of money and super luxury for their vacationing owners, but also sports traditions. It is here that, as you know, the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1 racing and the famous Monte Carlo rally are held. And the weather in this dwarf, but great in a certain sense, state is almost always good - the sun is not cold at all, there is no snow. Suitable for the test, especially considering the claimed aggressiveness of the new items.

The distribution of the keys to the ignition keys brought to the test for brand new motorcycles took place on the evening before the test day. By the number on the keychain I found "my" "monster" - I got a little red one with a white stripe … Surprise: they immediately announced to everyone that the test begins right now: “Take your helmets - we will have a short trip through the streets of Monte Carlo. For dinner. Just do not bully - follow the rules of the movement."

In the dark, I quickly figured out the controls, except that I did not immediately notice the enrichment lever on the left handle. Oh, then there is no automatic heating system here! And this is the injection device!.. It turns out I exclaimed it out loud. The neighbors turned around: “So it's great - it's a joke!”

While the motorcycle has not warmed up, an inscription blinking on the engine at insufficient temperature blinks on a tidy with orange backlight. Well, forward to dinner!..

A small penetration through the narrow streets led to the conclusion: it is suitable for everyday use. It is convenient to ride at low speeds, the clutch lever is quite "soft", there are no "atrocious" reactions to the turn of the gas handle, the brakes are absolutely intelligible. And the landing is not at all extreme, although with an inclination forward. A smooth torque curve allows acceleration in second gear from idle speed. The light of the conservative round headlight is quite decent, in the sense that it illuminates the road quite well. That you don't have to get used to a motorcycle is a good sign.

… In the morning we were given cards (not playing - geographical: you thought, since Monte Carlo …) with a test route. Impressed: the ring is about a hundred kilometers, the route was marked including mountain serpentines. So, there will be where to “come off”. Although dumb … Once again reminded of the need to comply with the high-speed regime, especially in the city, they explained what the violations were fraught with: fines - oh-oh-oh-oh!..

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