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Sport And Tuning. With Racing Accent


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Video: Sport And Tuning. With Racing Accent
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Sport And Tuning. With Racing Accent
Sport And Tuning. With Racing Accent

… This has not happened before: the entire central part of one of the pavilions of the All-Russian Exhibition Center was occupied by stands devoted to races. Viewers could see the equipment of all classes of the domestic “ring”: the one that started in the National Racing Series, and the one that was presented in the Honda Civic and Formula Rus monoclasses. Among the new products is the domestic Artek-F1605 formula with a carbon fiber monocoque, designed at ART-Line Engineering.

Among the diverse rally vehicles, the attention was attracted by the U-Service + exposition, where along with the Subaru champion of Russia there was a debutant - the sports Citroen C2, which should replace the Saxo model.

The traditional curiosity of the audience is caused by off-road vehicles. This time, however, the jeeps, participants in all kinds of 4x4 fights, were in the shadow of the triple winner of the World Cup in off-road rallying and the five-time winner of the Paris-Dakar. The huge stand of the KAMAZ-master team, where the legendary truck was presented, involuntarily overshadowed the others.

Nevertheless, Togliatti made a decisive contribution to the sports exhibition. For the first time in five years, an AvtoVAZ stand appeared at the exhibition. Yes, what - fourteen race cars, starting with the historical cross “penny”, “Lada-Niva T3” and “Lada-Samara T3” for rally raids. What can we say about modern technology. It was represented by the Lada-Revolution ring sport prototype, all kinds of rally, cross-country and ring fireballs based on the "tenth" family.

Not without its premiere. Since 2006, the FIA ​​has been introducing the Super-2000 new test group into the World Rally Championship. And so, the all-wheel drive rally “Lada-112VK S2000”, which meets the requirements for this group, made its debut at the salon. It is possible that in this way AvtoVAZ will demonstrate its desire to return to the international arena.

At the exhibition, a place was found for sports components. At the stands of manufacturers and suppliers, one could see engines, gearboxes, various spare parts for racing and sports cars. It is significant that firms that previously specialized only in tuning are turning to this topic. So, the Russian manufacturer of seats, UNP, introduced a line of sports “boats” of the “Fast and the Furious” model of three sizes.

Let's turn to tuning closer. A few years ago, not every such company could afford to contain a demo car. Now at the vast majority of stands - domestic cars and foreign cars, “charged”, as they say, to the maximum. Their execution attracts many, but the price, rather, scares. The amount of five to six thousand. E. In addition to the cost of the machine itself, it is almost the minimum bar even for Russian tuning models.

However, the main task of the samples is to attract attention. Indeed, nearby the shelves are full of accessories for a more or less affordable price, which you can buy right here: springs, shock absorbers, reinforced bearings, etc., without which there will be no tuning car.

The exhibition has finally demonstrated the close relationship of sport and tuning, which is good news. Here, often modified and racing cars stood side to side on one stand, and sports and tuning components lay on neighboring shelves. And this is the guarantee that sooner or later in tuning cars there will be proven technical solutions.


Vladimir GUBA, the chief designer of AVTOVAZ OJSC - Vladimir Ivanovich, the plant previously belonged to the Sport Motor Tuning exhibition with some coolness. The current AvtoVAZ exposition is the largest in all years. What changed?

- We are developing a qualitatively new attitude towards motorsport as a powerful advertising tool and a catalyst for technical development. In addition, we really have something to show: this is, first of all, the national racing series Lada and several new cars created with an eye to the future. Along the way, we wanted to introduce our glorious racing history to young Russians.

- AvtoVAZ has not appeared on the international scene for a long time. Rally Lada 112 VK S2000 - a step to return to European tracks?

- VAZ is still the largest car factory in Europe and therefore must already have a factory team capable of fighting other brands. The Super 2000 credit group, introduced by the FIA ​​in the rally since 2006, is very suitable for us - all-wheel drive, a 2-liter engine without turbocharging. There is a suitable homologated model - the “ten” with the Opel engine.

- With access to the international arena, will not domestic races be forgotten?

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