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Reason To Give Gifts
Reason To Give Gifts

In November, the results of a survey of the research holding ROMIR Monitoring with the participation of 1, 500 people from 102 cities of Russia became known. Everyone was asked the question: “If you had $ 6, 000 to buy a car, what would you prefer?” More than 60% of respondents chose a domestic car, with 62% in the Central Federal District, 64 in the Volga Region, and 68% in Siberia. Accordingly, the choice in favor of a used foreign car in these regions was made by 23, 22 and 20% of respondents.

Conclusions were not long in coming. In November alone, the weighted average prices for cars of the “tenth” VAZ family in Russia as a whole increased by 3.5 thousand rubles - by 1.6%. True, it is difficult to say what caused this growth - whether the increase in demand or the transition to more expensive 1.6-liter engines. Selling prices for the "tens" with the new engine eventually became 4-6 thousand higher than the one and a half liter, and in early December, the cost of "Lada-110" was already 229.7 thousand rubles against 225.7 thousand at the end of October. Only in Tolyatti with a great desire could one still find the “top ten” for 223 thousand rubles. (8-valve sedan 21102 with an engine of 1.5 liters). By the way, the most expensive car of the family is the Lada-111 station wagon with a 16-valve 1.6-liter luxury engine. Its average price in the country is 248 thousand rubles.

Incidentally, the price difference between Togliatti and Moscow that has disappeared in recent years has suddenly manifested itself again this season, and it is very noticeable: 4-8 thousand rubles! No matter how Muscovites would again stretch to the Volga for "frets" and the profession "distiller" would not come to life. In early December, the weighted average price of VAZ 2105 3 cars in Togliatti was 116 thousand rubles, and in Moscow already 120 thousand, the Lada-114 hatchback - 183 and 193 thousand rubles, respectively.

But let us not rush to conclusions. Specialists are inclined to consider this phenomenon as temporary and explain it by the difference in incomes of Muscovites and Volzhans: in the “rich” capital, sellers try to offer customers more expensive equipment, often with additional equipment. In addition, in Tolyatti they react more quickly and flexibly to changes in factory selling prices.

The main surprise awaits customers immediately after the New Year: AvtoVAZ is going to increase selling prices by 2-3%. Most likely, as has already happened, the price increase will affect the “tenth” family of cars most demanded by the market. "Classic" is unlikely to go up in price - dealership platforms are already overstocked with "fives" - "sevens" even today. The same thing at the Izhevsk plant: even a three-week stop of the conveyor allowed to sell only half of the accumulated unsold cars. Apparently, buyers of the cheapest Russian cars will only be active in the spring.

You must admit that Oda is not very suitable for the role of a New Year’s present for your beloved woman. Not like any fashionable foreigner such as the Nissan Micra. Here, to encourage generous men, Russian dealers of the Japanese company offer discounts of $ 300 and above, depending on the configuration. With attractive discounts, customers are also attracted to Renault salons: the “Symbol” in the “base” could be bought for 7850 euros (minus 1000), and the “Scenic” of the new generation could be bought for 15 400 euros (1200 cheaper).

The Swedish Volvo dealers generally made a tempting offer for the holiday - the sale of a batch of “inexpensive” S40 sedans with a 1.8 liter engine and a manual gearbox for $ 26, 300.

Not all sellers went to lower prices, but at the same time actively offered customers discounts, bonuses and gifts, even set their preferential exchange rates. For example, the company Daimler-Chrysler Automobiles RUS announced: for all buyers of Mercedes, the euro is equal to 1.25 dollars (although in reality it has already approached 1.3).

With the advent of the winter season, almost all dealers of foreign companies offered a variety of programs: from presenting a set of winter tires (Hyundai, KIA, Nissan, Opel, etc.) to fully preparing the car for the season for ridiculous money (to for example, 25 euros from all Ford dealers). There were quite unexpected options.

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