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Male Modesty

Male Modesty
Male Modesty

The textual spy phrase “Do not want to shine - buy Opel” in modern Russia finds a new sound. In Moscow, it’s easier to get attention when driving a 2004 Opel Astra than driving a non-standard BMW 7-Series. And the best thing is to hide in a representative SUV. Not too new, but not trophy. Say in the five year old Gelaendewagen. Here is the opinion of the hero of our story.

G-Klasse suits his image - a serious car, male. Moreover, the seller at the dealership said the key word - tuning. Sacraments take place in a special setting - status is binding. The manager in the studio vividly reminds a hairdresser:

- Will we finalize the motor?

- And what is necessary?

- Not necessary, but possible …

By modern standards, engineers at the AMG atelier touched the car purely formally, slightly raising power and strengthening the suspension. After increasing the piston stroke from 84 to 92 mm, the displacement of the motor increased by half a liter. Power grew by 50 hp. - up to 354 hp, and torque - up to 525 N * m. Acceleration to hundreds decreased by 2.5 seconds and now takes 7.4 seconds. The maximum speed increased to 210 km / h.

But the most important thing is armor. Will the cost double? It doesn’t matter, life is more expensive, especially when you have to be afraid of bullets. Well, re-registration of the cabin, of course, does not hurt.

- The body will be ennobled quite a bit, just refresh and refresh!

And so the Moscow-based Armortech company installs a set of AMG trim plates with illumination on the thresholds, mounts a spoiler, safety arches, headlight protection, and other “sparkles”. Then he sets up double xenon headlights: a Gelaendewagen with halogen light has long produced an ironic smile.

To delight the owner’s hearing in the car, a Hi-End music system appears based on components from the Swedish company DLS and the Japanese Pioneer. The composition of two impressive subwoofers, expertly hidden in the luggage compartment, and as many as four amplifiers. Everything that is possible was covered with leather, even the subwoofer enclosures and the dashboard. All seats - front and rear - received inserts from Alcantara, she sheathed the ceiling. What is not packaged in leather and faux suede is finished with wood veneer to match the color of regular inserts. Reworked door handles, handbrake lever, door buttons and even ashtray covers.

Front seats - anatomical Recaro. And the regular seats moved back, taking the place of the sofa. Between the front seats there was a console, borrowed from the latest generation of the S-class. It seems to be a trifle, but adjusting it was not easy. For greater passenger convenience, the space between the backs of the front seats and the rear pillows was increased by a dozen centimeters. In the course of the redevelopment, the benches had to be thrown out along the rear sides, but they were not used anyway - the paratroopers in the luggage compartment were not transported and are unlikely to be.

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