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Saraudio: All Or Almost All

Video: Saraudio: All Or Almost All
Video: Базовая грамматика английского языка - БОЛЬШИНСТВО, ПОЧТИ ИЛИ ПОЧТИ ВСЕ? 2023, February
Saraudio: All Or Almost All
Saraudio: All Or Almost All

The ceiling will not collapse!

The new Prology VX-1500 ceiling monitors, despite being multi-system (PAL / SECAM / NTSC), are ultra-thin, which means they are very light. Read: safe and easier to install. The large screen - 15.4 inches diagonally, created using the latest TFT-matrix, is perfectly visible from any angle. Brightness and resolution are beyond praise. The video signal can come from a DVD player, VCR, game console, or TV tuner. The device is equipped with an infrared sound transmitter to wireless headphones.

You can control the monitor and adjust the settings from the remote control or buttons on the console. Brightness, sharpness, contrast, color and volume are adjusted using the on-screen menu. New Prology monitors can work with on-board voltage of 12 or 24 V.

Precious Sub

Iridium as a precious metal for jewelry began to be used relatively recently. But in technology, including automotive, this metal has been used for a long time. And the word Iridium is associated with high strength and high cost.

DLS has created a new high-end subwoofer. It belongs to the Iridium model line. This equipment is for the most demanding users.

Sounds Iridium 10 just amazing, despite the small size. The volume of the closed case is only 18 liters.

There are other options for "deep bass", for example in a 22-liter case. A car with such a subwoofer became the champion of Europe, and the judges noted the flawless reproduction of low frequencies.

All or almost all

The range of Videovox head units is replenished with the new PAV-1000 multimedia center. In the case of the 1DIN standard, several devices are assembled. The first is an electrically powered TFT LCD monitor. The screen size is 7 inches (178 mm). In the unit is a DVD / CD / MP3 receiver. The tuner operates in two bands - AM and FM. It can store up to 120 radio stations (60 in AM and the same in FM). The device reads laser discs in the formats DVD, Video CD, CD, MP3. The PAV-1000 also plays back images recorded in Jpeg format. The multimedia center has a 5-channel line output, a high-speed PLL tuner and built-in decoders Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG. You can connect a rear-view camera and a navigation system to the device. There is an audio / video output for connecting an additional monitor. In short, the Videovox PAV-1000 can replace a whole set of devices.

Few? - Armada!

The company ORIS Electronics presents on the Russian market a new series of amplifiers Armada. The first to go on sale is the AD-2000. The golden case of anodized aluminum is decorated with elements coated with 24K gilding. The device is very compact and easy to install.

Professionals and amateurs of caraudio will like not only the spectacular look of the device. He has excellent technical specifications. The power of the amplifier with a resistance of 4 ohms reaches 700 watts RMS, and with a resistance of 2 ohms - 1200 watts. At the same time, the device is able to work stably under a load of 1 ohm. Its power reaches 2000 watts.

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