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Grandfather Is That You?


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Russian Folk Song - My grandfather is a Cossack (Мой дед казак) 2023, January
Grandfather  Is That You?
Grandfather Is That You?

Grisha was in a festive excitement. Firstly, he went to meet for the 5th year on a visit, and even out of town. Secondly, with a girlfriend. Thirdly, he had a clear feeling that something would happen to him that night. Something extraordinary! Just in case, he checked his “tag” in advance, especially the headlights, wipers and washer. Everything was OK. Himself sober was like a glass. A little girl, too.

At the ninth hour we set off. They quickly got out of the city, there are few cars - people have long been sitting at home, drinking.

The first kilometers slipped quickly along the highway, but then the lanterns ended, I had to slow down, staring into the dark distance. The situation around was becoming completely unrealistic: the road spot in the headlights turned a little blue in front, and around it was black, only white flakes of snowflakes twisted cobwebs behind the glass. And so already half an hour. Girlfriend quit tweeting and quietly cried on bumps. Before another leap, Grisha slowed down. Suddenly, it seemed to him that someone on the left in the oncoming lane had overtaken him. And either a wagon or a sled. "ABOUT! Glitches …”- Gregory thought timidly and rubbed his nose.

The strangeness was almost forgotten, and the long-awaited intersection loomed ahead. It was left to go quite a bit. The headlights highlighted the sign “Intersection with a secondary road” ahead, and the “tag” slowed down. On a visit - to the left. The car was already slowly fitting into the turn, when red sleighs and horse sides appeared out of the darkness in front of Grishin's elongated face … A friend howled. The horses, fleeing from the blow, shied in horror and turned the cart over. From there a strange-looking bearded pensioner in festive clothes fell out. Some bags fell on the snow …

“Grandfather … grandfather,” Gregory jumped out, his words stuck in his throat. Is he really?

A friend, sobbing and tangled in luggage, also rushed to raise the character. He was leaned against the sleigh, felt - his head was whole, his beard … fell away. Erysipelas are kind of creepy. Masquerade? Breathes, thank God. A brown brick fell from a torn bag. “Tro-tylo-va sha … Leave to yourself !!! Valentina, hurry!”Having dragged the girl away, Grisha caught his breath and, without thinking anything, called the traffic police. They chuckled and cheerfully advised to sort it out …

Commentary of the lawyer “At the wheel”: “The fact that Gregory caught the terrorist is wonderful, but be that as it may, a traffic accident occurred, the reasons for which must be addressed.

The terrorist who controlled the sleigh violated paragraph 24.4 of the Rules: “The driver of a horse-drawn cart (sled) must drive the animal under the bridle when leaving the road from an adjacent territory or from a secondary road in places with limited visibility." In general, the driver must be very careful when driving on public roads.

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