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Equation With All Known


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Video: Equation With All Known

Video: Equation With All Known
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Equation With All Known
Equation With All Known

The editorial career of the black Volga has come to an end. In recent months, the machine has not bothered much with malfunctions, which has led to a quiet debriefing. I will try to maximally objectify the pros and cons - elements of the equation that needs to be solved for those who are thinking about purchasing a Nizhny Novgorod car.


So, the Volga is, first and foremost, a spacious lounge and a roomy trunk for a relatively low price. A plus? Yes, but with reservations: there is no place for a spare tire in the trunk of a modern car (they promise to solve this problem on the GAZ 3110 7), and it would be nice to make the back of the rear seat folding in parts, or at least make a hatch for long-length ones.

The next plus I put for the power steering. In terms of informativeness, it is far from ideal, and noisy, but after a long drive in the city on other domestic cars, you even begin to appreciate such a power steering. Moreover, on our “Volga” he never failed. At the next MOT, the factory oil was replaced by Dexron for preventive purposes.

For the engine - also a plus, however, again with a reservation. “Iron” did not cause trouble, which cannot be said about the sensors of the control system, including the most expensive one - mass air flow. The ruble account exceeded 10 thousand. And how much trouble in the diagnosis!

Oil consumption is acceptable: in the city it is close to zero, tangible only with long driving at high speed. For interservice 10 thousand, on average, 1–1.5 liters was enough.

A notable plus of the current “Volga” is the pivotless front suspension. The character of the car has improved (ЗР, 2004, No. 6). And if you still intelligently choose shock absorbers, then the nickname "barge" can be forgotten. After the test (ЗР, 2004, No. 10), the Monroe kit was left on the machine. The new suspension has worked out 20 thousand km - no complaints. I forgot about syringing with joy: it’s better to talk about it in historical materials than to spend time and energy yourself.

Finally, the most important and expensive is the body. Our Volga was painted and processed on an import line. After three years (and most importantly, winters) of operation, it looks pretty decent compared to earlier machines. There are few chips on the body, some affected only the paint without damaging the ground. Let me remind you that only the left side of the body was covered with an additional anticorrosive. The result of the experiment: it was quite possible to do without processing the bottom and wings. But hidden cavities - doors, thresholds, side members - need good protection, they are shed mediocre at the factory.

For 53 thousand GAZ 3110 spent on average (excluding winter tires) 2.64 rubles / km. This is by no means small, but the lion's share nevertheless is gasoline. Maintenance and repair ate 1.09 rubles / km.

So, solving the Volgov equation, counting the pros and cons, we summarize the three-year operation of the GAZ 3110. By the standards of the domestic automotive industry, the current Volga works pretty well, breaks no more often than other “our cars”. But, buying an inexpensive car for its class, it’s worth it to “invest in money” and time to fine-tune it.

First of all, in addition to thoroughly processing the anticorrosive hidden cavities, I advise you to install imported sensors for mass air flow and throttle position (the rest are usually viable), adding imported ignition modules and an aggregate drive belt to them. It would be nice to sort out the cooling system: remove all hoses, clean and level the pipes, collect everything on sealant with sound clamps.

Of course, you can ride without it. But, let me remind you, the main task of our Volga was a test: assessing the durability of the standard components and assemblies. Most buyers, you see, have different goals.



The most painful place in the cooling system is a short hose under the thermostat: there are always traces of smudges. And in the cold season, after a night's parking, treacherous moisture also appears. Broaching the clamps is useless, imported sealants help for a short time.

There are chips of paint on the body, especially on the front, but there are not many of them. Bumpers look ugly: paint peels off no less intensively than chrome rusts. For the simplest ways to repair expensive and impractical bumpers, I refer to previous publications.

About 40 thousandth replaced the computer engine management system. Diagnostics revealed that he is the culprit of increased (up to 16 l / 100 km!) Fuel consumption, poor start-up and high idle. The new block cost 4, 200 rubles.

The fourth (!) Brake master cylinder is already installed for 50 thousand. The first, after only 700 km, began to pass liquid into the vacuum amplifier. The second one eventually got the same malfunction. And the third "soriginal": did not pass fluid to the front wheels.

The clutch master cylinder began to leak to 40 thousand. The new unit, bought in a fashionable-looking store, had to be sorted out: it was not possible to screw the fitting of the tube going to the working cylinder into the main one. Collected from two nodes one.

Ignition modules are unpredictable: between 20 and 30 thousand mileage replaced several. Symptom - jerks during acceleration in higher gears. It is more difficult to determine which of the devices failed. The last 20 thousand modules do not fail. Apparently lucky.

The idle speed controller began to seize when the mileage barely reached 10 thousand km. It was possible to replace it for free under warranty, but on the advice of experienced repairmen they installed an import one. It is about three times more expensive - 2000 rubles. But you will forget about the possibility of refusal.



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