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Asian Braking

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Asian Braking
Asian Braking

Manufacturer - ALLIED NIPPON

Estimated price - 700 rubles.


Allied Nippon pads also comply with GOST requirements, and they also have a “nuance” - a tendency to change frictional properties during operation. After the first high heating, the braking efficiency increases and stabilizes for the entire service life. The price is also a plus - more than two times lower than the original ones.

They say that the quality of domestic cars is steadily improving - how else to explain the almost monthly increase in their value? Prices of "naschen" cars are gradually approaching the cost of a budget foreign car, even assembled in Russia. For example, some 2, 000 dollars are shared by Lada-112 and Hyundai Accent …

“Accents” have been running around Russia for a long time, but a significant part of them are still under factory warranty. But sooner or later the "fairy tale" is over - then they remember the spare parts shops and ordinary car services that are closer to home, and cheaper. For example, it's time to replace the front brake pads - which ones to choose? Entrusting the master is a sacred thing, but having an opinion is not harmful. Moreover, very often servicemen send the owner to the store - they say, we do everything in the best possible way, but if you please, bring a part that you choose.

Let's say right away - the choice in the shops is small. At the Hyundai Motor Show, we bought an original kit for 1, 600 rubles, and Ellide Nippon pads, also suitable for Accent, cost more than half the price of an ordinary parts store for 700 rubles. We looked, appreciated the appearance, thought and … went to US - without the experts of the brake laboratory, the true quality of pads cannot be recognized.

It turned out that the pads of both manufacturers significantly change their frictional properties during operation - and exactly the opposite. For example, in the original pads, the braking efficiency from a speed of 80 km / h (roughly speaking, the friction coefficient) decreases by 19.5%, and after the second heating - by 27% relative to the initial level. These indicators are stable throughout the life of the pads. Under the same conditions, Ellide Nippon pads increase braking efficiency by 20% after the first heating, and it also stabilizes. Note that this GOST indicator does not regulate, therefore, in this case it is incorrect to draw conclusions about which is better.

In terms of wear resistance, the original Hyundai pads are slightly inferior to competitors, which, according to experts, is due to negative changes in their friction material at high temperature loads. But there are no differences in the strength of the connection of the friction lining with the base of the block! For both manufacturers, it is the same and meets the requirements of GOST.

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