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Video: Сергей + Алена. Свадебный клип | Wedding Clip 2023, February
Wedding Clip
Wedding Clip

Then she regretted more than once. With a modest mileage of 48, 000 km (hardly genuine), by March last year, the suspension turned into rubbish, the body was only slightly better (the terrible mirror tinting and shabby 15-inch wheels were especially annoying), the interior was far from the first freshness … And only the mentioned motor worked properly. It became clear that tuning could not be avoided. Comprehensive refinement could be a good cure for general decrepitude.

The beginning was the replacement of the rear lights with alternative ones in the Altezza style. Then they added an aluminum wing on the trunk lid, small accessories in the cabin. And a little later in the life of Oksana Roman appeared … The owner of the same car, but a little more powerful. We met, talked a little about cars, a second time staged an impromptu drag racing competition among themselves, and soon the conversation flowed to a different plane. Recently, a young family appeared in Moscow with two Mitsubishi Eclipse in the garage.

On his birthday, Roman gave his beloved (wife, not a car) a body kit. I bought it at the online auction, where from time to time there are original tuning elements for different brands. The young husband did not spare money for a gift, the bodykit came from the USA - in our country the second one is still to be found. Unfortunately, the overlay came with the kit: all 12 parts were flawed in one way or another - the fiberglass geometry was worthless. Young people have been looking for a company for a long time where they could normally deliver the kit, and as a result they turned to Gladkov-Service. It took a month and a half to install - the craftsmen had to rivet the hinged parts, so now it is impossible to remove them without damage.

This car is black! No kidding, it’s written in the documents: “black.” Traffic cops, when they stop the car, also do not believe their eyes. But Oksana cannot resist the charm, they let go … The body had to be repainted after installing the body kit - plastic did not harmonize with the old paint. Painting was very expensive, but “Klipsa” acquired an exclusive look. Now certainly there is no such second.

And for ultimate confidence, Oksana decided to paint the car. Nicknamed Rat, a casual acquaintance, offered to do the job quickly and cheaply - for $ 300. Do not refuse such an offer! The plot came up in half suitable for the Japanese sports coupe - a female ninja. Sasha was not surprised, said “okay” and demanded a photograph of Oksana in order to give the spy some resemblance to her. Three days - and the couple received the "Clip" back. A blue-eyed blonde ninja is at least original. The guys liked the drawing so much that now they plan to decorate the whole car in this way.

Riding on shabby "tag" when Mitsu began to look extremely unusual, it was, of course, completely wrong. And again, Roman went broke big by ordering Advan Racing forged wheels. Then they put the appropriate tires - Bridgestone Potenza. The suspension replaced only decrepit shock absorbers with reinforced Kayaba brands. Oksana doesn’t want to put the springs harder yet, especially since she goes only before the snow, a car in the garage overwinter. Not that it drives badly - the kit is a pity. He has already been poked a couple of times, the roads we still have. And the plans include new seats, a sportier one, an interior upgrade (now there is only a non-standard steering wheel), high-quality “music” and, possibly, a neon bottom illumination.

The novel, by the way, is not far behind - it is also finalizing its car. No, he doesn’t draw, everything is more serious here: to make the car much more powerful and faster and to compete with all the BMW M5, Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, in the company of which Klipsa of his wife on the drag racing track looked frankly funny.

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